Everywhere That Laura Goes it Snows –Why???

The ex Mrs. First Lady is running all over the country –from radio to TV station flogging a book with her name on it. I don’t care.

Extreme red lipstick –Newly-nipped, tucked face –I don’t care.  Wants books sales –her version of life behind closed doors –I don’t care.

But Everywhere she goes people doing “interview” appear –to be snowed –somehow gaga:  Not One has asked the ONLY two questions that Matter –best believe I give a damn.

Ms. Laura, ex White House occupant married to person
–forever known in this blog as: The Thug, who occupied the Oval Office –illegally for eight years, with his trusty rusty side-kick The Dick.

Why has every ‘interviewer’ been So SNOWED not even one has asked the wife: about the Rights The Thug stole?  The Thug and The Dick used fear –and their loathing, to Steal rights of Americans granted in the Bill of Rights –swept away in devious acts, sleight of hand.  –Doesn’t Bother her?  He stole HER rights also.  No problemo?

So Snowed Nobody has Ever asked: “Why –how can you stay married –to a crook –liar –bum –thief?” –A roof for HER head more important than ethics??? –To hell with everyone else???

Illegal Squatter?
The Thug and The Dick:  NOT “elected” into the Oval Office the first time –hot-putted there –by no-longer supreme court. –They started a clock to re-count votes –then stopped the clock, claiming: ‘there’s not enough time to re-count’ –and picked THEIR choice. –Pay-back to those, Republi-cants, who gave them their ‘supreme’ jobs; forever Disgraced.

2nd “Election” Electronic “vote” machines –“counted” by hired hands, ex FBI, pals, etc. –“notified” precinct workers of ‘security threat’ –that pushed them out the door, locked behind them –then ‘sorted’ the votes.

oops, hired hands: “counted” MORE votes for The Thug –than the number of Registered voters –in SEVEN states. Oh well?

How is it I know all that, from other side of the country?  –Documented: “US Census Bureau Report to Congress 2004 Election.”

oopsy: The Thug and The Dick ‘campaign’ didn’t come up with the scratch -the payola to the hired pals: NO check in the mail. Livid, they started talking –to members of Congress -to writers/authors –Their part in “election” 2004: blabbed all over.

Night before the “election”: 38,000 contracts sat on OUR desk in Oval Office –signed –ready to go –to ‘administration’ pals –contracts for OUR natural resources. Extraction: oil -gas -coal -minerals -water –into pals’ pockets, pay-back for ‘support’ dough. If you get that deal: how much would you pay a thug –for un-limited extraction of wealth?

After working on another presidential candidate’s campaign for two years, I wasn’t a Barack Obama supporter. BUT I voted for him, the Democrat, for two reasons.

Important reason: arrest -indictment -conviction of The Thug, The Dick for Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, spying -lying -greed –stealing our natural resources -rights/violating oath he swore –Uphold the Constitution, delivered but Patriot theft of Rights Act.

–You didn’t mind AT&T syphoning your e-mails -phone calls into the ‘administration’ –without ANY warrant -court order -judge watching?

AT&T ‘management,’ bought by Texas pals, who also ‘body-snatched’ once GREAT California Pac Bell, got very very scared when they got exposed –for illegal spying –lying. AT&T: spied on ALL Americans. But their greed –insider machinations, no problem: they ran to members of the Senate –got themselves ALL cleaned up with
“immunity” from prosecution. Thanks heaps, Sen. Feinstein.

AT&T punks, that’s over. But I still wait. The one who RECEIVED the stolen property: he ain’t covered in anything –but shame, and should-be pending charges. Until, unless Pres. Obama has The Thug arrested: I believe the ‘fix’ is in –The Thug and The Dick will skate –to hell, hopefully.

Right-wingers –Also got rights ‘tazed’ –WHERE are they? When will Snow storm end? WHEN Mr. President will The Thug be arrested?

Was 2004 Election Stolen?, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. –Editor, Mainstream media -on that storytotal silence (–all screwed up, can’t get page to load, have to go recover from fall- use link to reach story)

* * * * *
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