KNBC ‘News’: Bare Arms on Boobs

UPDATE  –“News” ‘director’ resigned  Tuesday 5-18, after three months* daVine Remedy for broadcast boobs: Booby-hatch just got cleaned up

Did you want to Know what’s going on –Los Angeles politics –government –ballot issues –up-coming election?  –-You turned on channel 4 this morning to catch Conan Nolan’s show? oops, you didn’t catch it last Sunday.

Conan Nolan announced:  his program covering state Legislature, LA City Hall, City ’Council’ –politics, governance –what’s going on and not in Southern California not important enough –-for station pin-heads.

For the next two MONTHS:  KNBC will be showing No, Not stuff that Matters –but Gambling & Games.

Not bad enough that drug-dealer KNBC shoves self-promoting ‘teases’ into ‘Nightly’ network news ––twit inserted into breaks to ‘remind’ the dumb to watch softball junk –-and go to gambling casinos.

Though they get weekly Invitation –from LA County Board of SupervisorsCity ‘Council’, School Board: WHERE are KNBC cameras –Commentators –Coverage?  duh, Focused on jocks –on card sharks –on drivel.  Invitations:  straight into the round file –every week.

EXCUUUUUSE me, HOW did ‘Council’ spend my –Your money this week? WHAT did LA Controller do with it?

SOMEBODY is Supposed to be In Charge of ‘our’ utilityAKA Dumb Wasteful Pukes.  –DWP:  They’re fighting City Hall and our 15 “reps”–their bosses –just Sitting on $73 Million, of $1 BILLION surplus, they OWE the City –City about to hit Bankruptcy boards.  EXCUUUSE me, WHY isn’t THAT worth KNBC coverage???

LAUSD bored Board: appear to “Educate” fewer and fewer every year, more drop-outs –“graduates” who cannot Think –read, speak, write proper English, yet They want EVER-more money to put down bottom-less pit to do it some more.  Their marble-clad monument deemed ‘necessary’ at the time –Quality teachers Vs union that’s preserving 150-year-old ‘education’ system to appease long-dead farmers –Something Real, New about education…???

Drug-pusher KNBC? Un-examined, un-reported –NOT on investigation To Do list –why??? oh well.

I heard one Ah-mazingly stupid ‘mother’ on camera:
“my kid already went through school, so no, I don’t want
to pay any more [taxes] for education.”
The boob:  hadn’t figured out –the real reason to oppose ANOTHER LAUSD bond –if Everybody had THAT view, HER kid would still be playing in the dirt, too un-educated to do more than flip the next order of fries into the fryer. 

Oh well, she, KNBC got what THEY want –don’t demand the bored Board DO the Job they have gotten BILLIONS to do.  Best of “luck” for anybody else’s kid.

KNBC? They don’t wanna waste any money-making time examining people like her –the bored Board –irresponsible DWP under-matched with 15 ‘pea-brains’ who Also aren’t doing their job.  WHY not?  It’s WHY they have License to USE OUR air waves.

KNBC will be showing:  Contempt for people in Los Angeles –Sunday mornings, nightly.

Put another way:  YOU, to the pinhead money-lovers who ‘manage’ local version of GE’s bloated corporation, NOT worth coverage –not smart enough –respected enough to air Hard stuff, when there is Money to suck off –throwing up gambling, sports and such pacifying gar-bage. –You: don’t mind the diss, right?

Only KNBC?
Why slam drug-pusher KNBC?  I monitor all local stations, even sly Fox ‘it’s-all-news-to-them’ gaggle –except the truly lousy “KCAL” 9 –for which I don’t have the stomach.

KNBC: local news Past several years I’ve noticed, watched, defended because they were The Standard –Journalistic ethics –quality –depth, Reported Without Pandering -Giggling –inane Chit-Chat –Car-crashes.

No more.  Bobble-heads reign supreme now.  The Pandering has commenced at KNBC: gooey chat, giggling, cocktail dresses, bare arms –on bobble-head boobs.

Male ‘Reporters’???
Do you “need” to see bare arms –on a bobble-head –KNBC needs to strip decorum, professional garb –display bare arms on a copy-reader to get you to watch?  Colleen Williams –in a two-piece to Inform you??? THAT will improve your knowledge of what the hell is going on in Los Angeles?

Bare arms important???
IF bare arms suddenly Matter to KNBC, like at sly Fox: Why –female copy-readers dress in sleeveless clothes, but not the males?  Racing to barrel-bottom?

Joel Grover investigations:  will ‘mean’ more –reported in biceps-baring ensembles?

While I’m at it:  WHY are males allowed to wrinkle –sag –age –‘bag’ –get pasty on camera, but females have to get pinched –shot –‘tightened’ into
‘twenty-something-hood’ to be on ‘news’ shows?  –Why Laurel Erickson got ‘poofed’ cuz she ‘aged-out?  SHEESH What passes for newsroom in LA:  Last vestige of 1950s. 

Hey ‘news’ jerks
Grow Up –Wise Up –newsroom AIN’T Calendar-Pin up time.  I don’t know even ONE teen -twenty -thirty-something who watches news, so your diss:  Dumb.  –And useless, they AIN’T gonna watch the bare arm parade.

Drug-dealer KABC?
They get dummies to send them photos for free, save on actual reporting. oh well. 

I loathe the bobble-heads at KABC, but: They Have a Reporter in Sacramento, reporting on Legislature.  –Not long, deep, way not summary of the week’s activities, but since no other Los Angeles TV station has ANY reporter –unless a scandal to ‘cover,’ they’re way ahead of all the others.

Past few weeks:  KABC, KCBS morons, even sly Fox have all done coverage of local politics –government –DWP -City Hall –LAUSD fights better than KNBC –actually resembled real reporting.

Drug-pusher KTLA?
How is channel 5?  I dare you:  to find trash masquerading as “News” worse than the vile DIZ-Gusting collection of crap thrown up by owner Zell’s crap on once-fine responsible KTLA. 

Not crap?  –You Need to know about pole dancing lessons?  –You want weather –cute fuzzy animal, crime –traffic jambs –in Other States paired up with Entertainment, gossip –recipes -contest???  Why do they call it “News”?  Why do You watch?

Public Television –???
Once Upon a Time:  a female journalist, a right-wing WASP commentator and a Hispanic reporter delivered local government, politics news on KCET
.  Sometimes it got the viewer as hot as the heated exchange between the three, but nobody went away –or could feel un-informed by it.

Then ditched—Why?—for format:  superb long-respected TV reporter anchor paired with Genuine Moron female, about the time she, somehow, got through Yale.  He’d ask interviewees what elicited a Full reply –depth –discussion; she:  the dumb –the irrelevant –the embarrassing questions. KCET viewer’s teeth had to be guarded lest she cause severe grinding.

Then the guy “earning” millions at KCET doing “CEO” imitation –Al, put her in charge of current incarnation.  Now:  ALL the Important-to-Hispanics stuff you can stomach from Val Zavala –at $3 Million bucks a year –on facile, Thursday-repeated ad nausea weekly show.

Why does a show with a microphone, a camera and one questioner COST $3 MILLION a year to “produce”?  Oh well, till viewers –and KCET donors wise up, we in LA won’t get the answer –or local government, politics coverage from KCET.

So what’s up with Drug-Pusher KNBC
It started last October: First a new person showed up, dressed in a cocktail-type outfit, bare-armed. uhm, why?  Two nights later:  dumbest broadcast maybe ever on their 11 pm news.  That was odd.  –Then lots of ‘slippage.’

Then I read announcement: well-respected News Director -‘retired’ for real –quit –got booted –or just Had Enough and left KNBC.  It showed. Two months ago: they hired a Twit –to play “news director.”

When I called him a ‘twit’ to various KNBC staff I got on the phone:  they said he had worked at KNBC before, ‘doing a great job’ –‘takes time to get new things going.’ Really?  The Twit didn’t go somewhere to get “TV Pandering 101” –‘Marketing as Substitute for Quality’ down cold? 

So when does Reporting begin? –Chit-chat blather, pandering stop?

Is it Important?
Which Wannabe Aspiring to ‘B List’ of “stars” danced last night –Which karaoke hick sang –Which Airhead Walked on a piece of carpet –How many tickets latest Hollywood trash movie sold BELONGS CRAMMED INTO “NEWS” program???  Really?  How come they don’t report:
 how many washing machines -cars -shoes -hats -burgers sold over the week-end?

Does it Matter
–if local TV stations pander to base reptile-brain ‘instincts’ –evade Responsibility to Report the stuff that ACTUALLY affects life –IMPORTANT in the community?

duh, News “directors” DON’T Get:  IF they throw up Who Got Shot –What Burned Down –Crashed ––if a Congressman goes on House floor to criticize Media for wall-to-wall “coverage” of a nut-case who made sexual overtures, instead of on Two WARS –on reforming health care – Treasury deficit –and actually Laugh on camera at that, then:  WE, the people who pay ALL the bills, DON’T/WON’T TRUST THEM.

–WHY should KNBC –any local weasels fulfill their obligation to cover local government, politics?  Uh, duh Because:  THEY are using OUR air-waves –get to have a license to broadcast because they are Supposed to be OUR eyes, ears to WATCH government.

But Instead of eye-balling government:  use OUR air waves –to watch
‘celebrities’ -gambling -jocks –solely to make money.

WHY does it matter if Local stations fill the air with crap instead of substance? When The Story is Serious –genuinely urgent –Matters:  residents of Southern California WON’T/DON’T trust Bobble-heads –Gigglers –Cleavage queens –Weather-pushers.

We:  look to PRINT/Real Reporters –to tell the Truth –the Whole Story –to Report. THAT’S why the ‘marketing’ “news” Directors who Pander are not to be trusted –or Employed. 

NOW do you get it?  –WE AIN’T gonna watch stinking commercials/buy advertised crap –we Won’t even SEE if THEY aren’t DOING their Job.

*daVine Remedy –for bomb-makers –media-giant –amusement park owners who FAIL to meet their obligation?  We get what we deserve.  Write:  to the weasels –demand hard newslocal coverage of government, politics, issues.  –Skip the bare arms on dumbies.

DON’T write –Don’t whine when you Can’t park in front of your home –get socked with surprise taxes –your ‘Council’ “rep” gets $191,000 bucks a year salary –free car, gas, rent, staff, expenses AND fat pension AND Term Limits extended 12 years.  You:  pay for it, don’t mind your ‘rep’ highest-paid of any in the US, right?

daVine Remedy:
WHY:  Conan Nolan’s program only half-hour long?
–Adrian Alpert:  lobs soft-ball questions at the Mayor –once a month –without hard follow-up, and for only half-hour –why?  Why don’t we rate: Hour-long examination of Local issues?

drug-dealers KNBC –KABC –KTLA –KCBS –sly FOX –KCAL
“news” ‘director’:  Why Not a Whole hour out of the 168 hours they broadcast every week, for in-depth HARD coverage of government, politics?

WHERE is –Examination
–LAUSD, once one of US best: now competing for 49th worst school system?
–Investigation:  bloated LAUSD bureaucracy –rolls, rules, paper –but not Break-up –not community control over LOCAL schools?
–Money wasted –on bureaucrats –in City agencies –boards –‘oversight’ committees, LAUSD –illegal/criminal contracts?
–Money spread by those who want to do biz with the City –spread to which ‘Council’ reps –how much –what did they get for it?

Can anybody build a hotel in LA –or do you have to hug ‘Prince’ Eric, king of the ‘Council’ and/or stuff bills in his bank account?

Bernie-baby (Parks) knows how stay on ‘Council’ –and spend plenty pitching out-of-state to get a football team, but MIA pitching for:  jobs –textbooks –scholarships for his constituents.

–No time for TV look-see any of that either?  REALLY?

daVine Remedy: IF you think it’s shameful for LA City ‘Council’ to make that kind of money –NOT take serious pay-cut in a City on brink of bankruptcy:  demand KNBC Do their job –investigate, ask, report.

daVine Remedy Call local TV stations:
Ask them When
Hard News coverage begins?
Serious examination of ‘Council’ cronies begin?
Deep peek –‘management’ -staff clock-punching – money-hemorrhaging CRA practices?

Don’t ask:  don’t whine
when LAUSD pays for more PR to get more bonds passed; graduates the stupid –when you get socked with more taxes, parking tickets to pay ‘Prince’ Eric and his ‘Council’ cronies –when gangs are LA’s only growing business.

–Un-examined by ‘local’ TV stations, pushing drugs and drivel at you, but not investigation -details -facts -Hard new information –their job.

* * * * *

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