ALERT Rottweiler of Rome: Ends Ban on Gays, Cardinal Relationship Exposed

The head guy of a church is under world-wide contempt for fresh exposure. After receiving notice, letters, evidence, results of investigations, he failed to take action against priests who sexually assaulted children, which was his job before bump to head of the church that employed those pedophiles.

Perverts who hid behind priestly robes: molested deaf children in the US, church-goers, choir boys in Ireland, Mexico, across Europe –for decades. As reports of the crimes –destruction of childhood, piled up with the german now known as G-d’s Rottweiler –turned over the evidence to police in each country –quietly slipped to prosecutors –defrocked, banished the destroyers of lives?

Naw, not his ‘style.’ It’s been reported letters from various church leaders, parents, victims, even the pedophiles themselves: ignored, effectively. They all got oceans of No Reply.

One pedophile hiding in church clothes knew how to work the angles: he pulled in large donations –for the church, then spent much of it, wisely apparently: he popped for lavish gifts –on the powerful hierarchy above him –who should have been guarding children, against him -delivering him to nearest police station. But oops, his largess worked: not defrocked, booted, busted, convicted or exposed.

Pedophiles in US, Mexico, Europe: merely pulled outta
‘problems’ –churches they polluted, then crammed into churches far away, with new innocent trusting children. Total pedophiles turned over to police, in any country? Zip.

Meanwhile the church’s guy in charge of Los Angeles– Roger M. Mahony

Ric Francis, Associated Press

got reports of the church’s local pedophiles and their un-churchy stuff, and did his own musical chairs bit: stuffed them into ‘rehab’ claimed them ‘cured’ and moved them on –and on and on, but with no ‘heads up’ notice to parents, children, police –anybody, anywhere.

While the sick sex two-step continued in private:  the religious cult ‘renewed’ its condemnation –publicly, of those born homosexual, as though such condemnation could alter reality, like say Ku Klux Klan or hitler could order ‘change’ –‘stop being black’ ‘stop being Jewish.’ –Declare ‘un-white’ skin -homosexuality a sin –viola, change, through the magic of “religion.” That tactic on all those putrid pedophiles –who swore an oath to G-d –to the cult? Well hey, that’s in the “Past.”

In the Past
LA ‘church’ guy raised millions and used the money not to feed, house, help working poor or destitute, some of the poorest in all of the US, but to build: spanking new church, marbled-clad to the garage, smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. –Where it could be seen, get attention, halt traffic for like when the famous need a funeral.

But if you ask about the marble monument –the roving pedophiles –the pension to the pervert who raped over 200 children and promised silence for air fare to Ireland, well: the “cardinal” will just scamper off to bed –in the nearest hospital, to ‘rest’ –until the questions and the questioners go away.

Before ‘frail’ church guy built the marble monument to his ego: he ruled over an old church that, he decided, too small for his act; decided to rip down. The Old: elegant, historic, beautiful, much-admired, designated national monument.

The egoist, too ‘frail’ to own up -bust pedophiles -protect children, didn’t care: on a mission, he ordered the wrecking ball, on a Sunday sneak attack, and found the energy to fight –thousands, in -outside Los Angeles who joined LA Conservancy and preservationists to stop the loss. Old church won. Oh well.

Magic Money
This author called ‘frail’ church guy’s office to ask:
Why –money not to build housing for home-less, working poor, destitute, but to build another church???

“If donors all want to specify their money goes to build a new church, the cardinal has no control over the money or the donors, we will comply.”
Hmmm, lucky him to somehow get those donors, too bad for the home-less.

Stuff(ed) in the “Past”
After the ‘frail’ LA ‘builder’ admitted there were, uhm, some probs with, oh, sodomy, priests going to ‘say goodnight’ to the children of parent-hosts who had just fed them dinner, surprise moments in confessionals, pregnancy, sexually transmitted stuff and more and more stuff, and all his ’employee’ house-shuffling: the guy got a promotion! Now we get why.

Now: all makes sense
The Rottweiler of Rome bumped up the “cardinal” of the City of Angels because they were ‘kindred’ spirits, ya know, doin’ the same stuff: telling cops they’d ‘handle’ it, keeping parents in the dark, shufflin’ the sick beasts hither and yon.

Then one day: tada! The “cardinal” gets a big pink hat –to go along with his new marble digs, his lawyers, his limos, his big fat budget –his control of local media… and swell times to look forward to, with his good pal, the Rottweiler in Rome. That’ll make it right with the raped, right?

Oh well, since all the little boys, all the little girls who were raped are all grown up now, most of the parents, some predator “priests” are dead: it’s time to forget –the letters, the reports, the scars, the pain, the loss of faith, trust, the lives destroyed, the investigations and Look Forward.

But: the police -City Attorney -DA -State Attorney General??? Interpol -International Court in the Netherlands??? MIA –why???

But hey– ‘daVine Remedy’ they don’t want the foolish faithful to forget –to send donations– ‘we got a business to run –the ‘good’ priests, who didn’t tell, still gotta eat, live off your charity.’

–‘Just slam those nasty nosy reporters, those vicious media who keep bringing up “old” news.’ The raped, in the past, waiting for justice -arrests -more than just “sorry” won’t mind….

And like, ya know, ‘we’re sorry –we got caught’ –‘we won’t hide -lie -jive -shuffle any more’ –‘if it happens again we’ll call the police, for reals’ –‘it’s OK to be gay.’

Oh look: it’s April 1st.

Pricey prizes, perks, pensions, privacy, pals: only go so far… destroyer of a child -a child’s soul… what does a pervert -abetter of perverts say: facing G-d?

Mahony Shuffle: Church Sexual Abuse Denied, Paper Trail Reveals 126 ‘Priest’ Predators

Mahony Defense: Insurance Money Stops Trial, Protects Church, Employees From 500+ Victims Settlement

* * * * *
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