Those Who Lost Job, Home: Make Things Worse?

Millions of people have lost their home, no thanks to corrupt practices that began on Wall Street and spread to greedy mortgage lenders, bankers.  Others lost their house -condo -apartment when they lost their job.

What do those who have lost their job and their home have in common? One way and another: they salvaged what they could and put their property into rental storage.

Furniture and photographs –bed, bath, and play things –dishes, stove and baking tools –treasured letters and books –shoes and clothes –garden tools and games, yearbook, hats, pillows, covers, tools, treasures….  All the things that makes a home, and the homey, all that is left of plans and projects, hopes, intentions –of long ago -of just last year:  bundled into rented storage space.

If a person gets a kidney –then looses their insurance, or has some other calamity after the surgery: neither the surgeon nor the hospital are allowed to take back the kidney to get reimbursed.

If a renter gets behind in the rent, the property owner (–I refuse to call the laziest of all groups “landlord” –we don’t have lords in America; people who ‘earn’ such passive income way don’t qualify for that archaic title) isn’t allowed to seize the renter’s property, before or after eviction and hold it for ransom.

But the owner of rental storage: is allowed to seize the property in a storage unit –and sell it to pay for rent due, thanks to their lobbyists. Local and state government allow such seizure, such loss of what’s left of one’s home.

Owners of storage property: break open the locked door and auction the property. New copier, old antiques, sealed boxes, personal property –the owners don’t care what’s in the space or what it means to its owner. They only care about auctioning it off to the highest bidder, about getting money.

Those who show up at such auctions, ‘bidders’ on other’s personals:  don’t care about what it means to the owner, they scan the assemblage of a home like vultures circling a carcass. They make things even worse for those who are working, hard, to put their life back together again.

Don’t make life even worse for those who are already up-side-down: don’t be one of the vultures –don’t go to such auctions.

Don’t make money off others’ grief –then go to religious service, listen to the sermon –pretend you are spiritual, ethical, moral.

Buying others’ property: why is it allowed by “president” Eric and his cohorts in LA City Council –in states across the country? Why isn’t there a moratorium on such sales, until the REAL recession, for the 99%, recedes?

It isn’t daVine Remedy –to cause grief for money –to accept ‘campaign’ “donations” and pretend ignorance, look away while someone’s entire household is sold off, to line the pockets of corporate storage owners. It’s immoral. Don’t make things worse for those who have already lost plenty.

Do you want such karma –to make money off of such strife, such grief?  Don’t show up at such auctions. NOTHING good will come to you.

Do you know someone who goes to rental storage auctions:  e-mail them this post.  If nobody shows up at those ugly auctions, they will stop doing them.

LA City Council members: WHERE are your ethics? WHAT are you going to do about such “sales”? When?



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2 responses to “Those Who Lost Job, Home: Make Things Worse?

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  2. Poppy

    Thanks, Stanley. People buying from flea markets, eBay, etc., should ask: ‘where did you get this’ –and not buy from people who snatched others’ still-wanted property. Thank you for popping in, commenting. You’re welcomed back.

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