Hey Hey, Control Freak Gopher ‘Playboy’: How Many Women Did You Screw Today?

A man wanted to “Be Somebody” so badly:  first he disrespected his race, his heritage –married a woman from another country, another race.

Then when he was extremely lucky to have a child:  didn’t revel in the good fortune, enjoy or allow the child to Just Be.   He Thwarted that which makes each unique, human, he fashioned the child into a parody of a Person. 

The child didn’t have the usual –‘terrible twos’ –natural curiosity –rebellious teens —natural exploration of life; too busy Performing, becoming freak –narcissist.

The off-spring/daddy’s alter ego:  acted the part laid out for him, signed money-making papers, cultivated public persona.  When it was good for his image: he picked someone –others could admire, to marry; rejected both parents’ race.

It’s not hard to guess The Parody of a Person, the ultimate Narcissist: wanted to Feel Something and Felt Entitled –to have sex with any woman who passed by -said ‘hello’ -served a drink. He excelled at one thing, one sport –so his partner –his vows –his children –his contracts –his promises?

Did it matter –that his wife was loyal –loving –supportive –turned her body inside-out, twice, to make him a father? Silly questions.

Ethics, Honor, Loyalty?  NOT for the one-trick gopher who buried into any female who turned his head.

Now –that smashed car, tell-tale tips –sunshine exposed his trail, he will come up out of his hiding hole: to mouth ‘Sorry.’  But: ‘sorry’ to whom?

The Narcissist: can un-print the headlines –his children will find, someday; repair the heart he broke –carried by the woman he humiliated in front of the world; take back the wrenching searing pain –borne by the woman who bore him?

Can he ‘Sorry’/ un-ring the bell –for any in the looong line of women he strung along, manipulated, abused, used, pitched into public view -subjected to male envy and ridicule?

‘Sorry’ –to whom? TV camera face-time Man-on-the-street:  98% say ‘Go Back to the One-Trick, do it some more.’ –They want to make more money off the ‘trick’ –revel, indifferent to how un-attractive the gopher ‘hole.’  The other 2%: what’s to like –don’t want any part of the ‘trick’ -the hole -the narcissist, he’s used dirty goods, nor do they want their children to admire such a rodent. Will “Sorry” –make Any Difference –to either group?

Women? There are NO women who would admire –accept –take ‘sorry’ –just move on –not have some kind of conversation/conveyance to their children that ‘one-trick rodents who catch on the fly are to be looked down on’….

You?  Did the One-trick –make you richer –improve your life –impart a thing for you? Will the oh-so-public ‘Sorry’ matter?

WHY apologize –to the public???

Why oh why…WHAT is the Point of Public ‘Sorry’?
Public Groveling –for Image repair –for crawl out of the ground, back up to the pinnacle –for the media. They will prod, poke, sniff, snap.  If the Groveling, the Genuflecting, the ‘entrails’ examination Good Enough:  fresh contracts –The Real goal of public ‘Sorry’ –to follow.

But: Will You be wiser -better off -know more about Bills in Congress -acquire low-cost medical insurance -job -address where you, your family, your neighbor can get groceries, shelter, peace? –Will you give up your money –buy balls -clubs  -hats -soda slapped up with rodent graffiti, afterwards?

Once when my sibling was about three years of age, she had some kind of small calamity involving my father and one of her toes.  It’s etched in my mind and photo album because immediately after he patted her, my father hoisted her back up on the stool to photograph her, but fat tears rolling down her adorable cheeks, sobbing, holding her toe she said: “sorry’s no better” —daVine . . . saying ‘sorry’ didn’t make it not hurt, changed Nothing, no Remedy.

If you get Up-close & Personal with a married someone, you want that person to leave their spouse –marry you, but: Will that person do it –to you?  You WILL think about that: non-stop, day & night.  Why would you want to be with –marry someone:  who had no ethics?

What can you learn –watching a rodent run?  Ignore the manufactured televised sight –find some thing Good to do with your valuable time…daVine….

* * * * *
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