“Clean” Energy: Obama Just Paid Off His Bill, Americans Get the Shaft

Today, few minutes ago, President Obama announced: a nuclear power plant Will Be Built, in Georgia. Americans: to get the shaft.  Still happy, Oprah? Mr. Obama just paid off –big time, for one of those who gave him money to run for election.

Left-overs: spent rods from nuclear fuel –uhm, WHERE do those GO –WHERE do they Put them, for the next 10,000 -20,000 YEARS?

When Barack Obama started to make news during the campaign, I had already been working for two years to elect a different candidate. No head-in-the-sander, I looked up his bio, his record, his website, his donors. By the time Ms. Oprah informed the masses/pronounced her ‘decision’ we all should ‘get in line’ for him:  Mr. Obama had already engendered some contempt from me.

His two largest donors: medical-connected industry and nuclear power industry.

When Barack Obama was running for office: he accepted campaign donations, big ones, from nuclear power industry leaders. As the ‘noise’ got louder, I got more nervous. People who ‘donate’ vast sums: expect to be Paid.

“Clean” energy? On hearing today’s announcement, The Republican Robot on MSNBC financial channel (–name escapes, will fill in later) said: ‘that’s just a ‘taste’ –to build only one, I wanna see a big blop like 50 -60 power plants.’ Then punctuated with his usual trademark/smirk. Okey dokey. But can ANYbody tell me: WHAT happens to the Left-overs?

When The Thug, who illegally occupied the White House for eight years, was running for office, he went to Las Vegas and vowed –promised potential voters: he would NOT ship spent rods there. How do I know? I knew someone who was in the room, heard him make the promise.

AFTER he got to the Oval Office
he signed “executive orders” to both expand and finance shipments of spent nuclear rods –to Nevada. Everyone who, foolishly, voted for The Thug:  betrayed; livid. –Didn’t vote for him second time.

Does America need to STOP throwing toxic life planet-killing carbon emissions into the atmosphere? YUP. Do we Have To poison future generations of humans to do it? NOPE

Please, somebody: explain WHY we “cannot” Have Actually CLEAN energy? Where is the pollution, residue –‘left-over’ from
–WIND power
–SOLAR power
–What the hell is “wrong” with using the resource WE, the US, has more of than ANY OTHER country: natural gas?

I listened to Pres. Obama make his ‘announcement’ –I haven’t heard him sound like that before. –Not smooth, not polished, way not eloquent. –The words choking his throat? Even he didn’t, I strongly suspect, believe what he was saying. It is putrid proposal.

WHY should a PRIVATE business GET $8 BILLION bucks “loan” –to do what they already want to do –to make money off, to give Americans the shaft? 

They hate ‘entitlements so much: WHERE is Republican Party outrage –at WELFARE for a corporation?

You –Mind –if future children cannot survive because of what happens now? Believe It: the FRENCH, building all those nuclear power plants, Don’t have Clue One what to do with spent nuclear rods, either.

If You DON’T mind nuclear power plants fueling US energy, and you’re a “patriotic” American:  please list your home address in COMMENTS below, send it to power plant operators –nuclear industry would LOVE to build in Your neighborhood.

WHAT are You gonna do about it:  if you DON’T want a nuclear power plant in your back yard?

daVine Remedy –for ‘energy’ destruction of life?
Write –to your rep in the House, to your Senators
Write –to Pres. Obama
Tell them “Hell NO” to nuclear power plants
Tell them: You are watching
These people GOT into office with OUR vote,
no matter how much money they get from corporations —YOU pay their salary, perks, pension
with your taxes.
Find an organization working for: campaign finance REFORM –sign up, volunteer, send a donation
–Send this page: to at least five people
–Rent: “Three Mile Island” with Jack Lemon –it’s a hoot

Americans HAVE TO take back control of our government; we HAVE TO go with Public Finance of candidates, of elections —stop the ‘fund raising’ from corporations, who use people we vote for –to represent them, and not ALL.

The BEST daVine Remedy 
tell your representatives to change laws so OUR airwaves are used to benefit ALL: free campaign ads on network, on local TV.  Candidates could/should Focus on government, not on raising money, not on prostituting themselves. daVine….

Reuters – news report

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