Hey, Drug Dealer-NBC: Olympics???

Dear Suits at NBC:
I’m a little confused, can you help me out?

I get that there are a LOT of drugs you want me to get, since every break of every program has drug ads.  Well, sorry I’m not keeping up on which drugs to buy/ask my doc about, specially cuz ever since the day after New Year’s, the breaks are so long now, I can watch two -three other programs in between, sometimes I don’t even come back, so I’m not up to speed which ones you want me to get.  Oh well.

I know you’re very busy, what with all the drug selling and the shifting around of the un-funny, But maybe you can take a break and help with my problem: 
every program on your network, ads on other stations –and my local news, KNBC, your people keep talking about “Olympics.”

Now I try, really hard, to focus –on those “Olympics” news flashes, especially during my local news, when I’m trying to learn stuff.   Like, ya know, what happened at City Hall, at school board, how City Council spent my money, what checks they’re writing; why Water & Power Co. keeps raising rates and why the guy who was in charge quit –but got $90,000 bucks for two months of ‘work’ filling in the new guy, through the holidays (?), while street lights on my block are still out, long before I called about it in December.

No news on:  pot holes everywhere, making good mud puddles and ‘chewing’ tire rims; your news readers also didn’t mention how the Mayor lied to voters on a new 10% tax on  ALL  phones –forever, oops, on the Chief of Police he used to make TV ads you ran, that convinced voters to vote for it; praise, but no deep report about the Chief quitting the day after the fed-appointed monitor lifted the court order to watch LAPD –then took a job with the monitor’s company; no news reports on the things “Chief” didn’t do while he was chief, like the May 1 riot where cops went nuts –shot women, children (cuz they used rubber bullets?) while he was outta town, again, and on no cops arrested. 

All ‘newsey’ quiet on the City front –services and employees going on  ‘vacation’ alternate Wednesdays, etc., etc., no reporter look-see how $400 million-buck pot hole in City budget is gonna get ‘filled in’; nada peep on the 15 City Council reps who repped themselves to lift their Term Limits and pull down higher salary than any other US city at $191,000 each, plus $2 million a year each, for cars, gas, rent, “expenses” and stuff.  I’m just curious why not.

But on the important news about “Olympics” well, to be honest:  when you do those stories I get so excited I lean forward –or tilt my head, and, gulp, the stuff falls out.  Since you run those stories so often, it’s hard to keep my head from tilting.

It’s embarrassing, I know.  I try Really hard, to keep those stories in, but they just fall out (–through my ears?).

So could you tell me: is there an “Olympics” coming up? When? Where will it be held? Will we, in Los Angeles –be able to see the important “Olympics” –on your network? 

If so, I’m wondering:  will you be sharing the money you make –on drug ads and other stuff with anyone, like the athletes you’ll be showing –or their fund-raising groups —or the individual Olympic people who like “voted” to give you the contract to show the athletes in the Olympics, like they got from people in Utah? 

Or:  do you keep all the money?

Oh gosh, I just had a bad thought:  is it too late –are the Olympics over –did I miss it? Let me know, soonest.  I’ll try to keep my head on straight, waiting for your reply.
Byebye, now.

daVine Remedy –for greedy media weasels –who believe you, me, Americans, too dumb for them to deliver hard news, do their job, but use OUR airwaves to pander –deliver trash –self-promote, to line their pockets?

The cute fuzzy animal -crime -traffic -weather in other states informs you???

Write, call local TV stations: demand they cover local government, politics, report hard news –fulfill their obligation and responsibility for having a license –for using our airwaves
Buy a newspaper: If you want democracy to actually continue, somebody to watch government, reporters have to be paid, they have to keep the electricity on –buy a local, and a national paper today; write to the editor: tell them you will subscribe IF they cover hard news, government, politics
Be selective: about what you watch on TV; avoid the air-sucking “reality” trash

* * * * *
ADDENDUM  “News” media reported:  Last Sunday ‘The Super Bowl –highest-watched TV program ever.’  Really? 
–I Don’t Think so: after President Kennedy’s murder –every shop, market, business, bar, stock market closed down and the US came to a dead stop for four days; Americans watched television, like they never had –all day and, maybe for the first time, all night (stations used to shut down, around mid-night, but not then); though many think they did, not many watched his supposed murderer get murdered in the Dallas police station –on camera; but millions, all over the world, watched all the other coverage and the funeral –where nearly every country’s head of state walked up the avenue together, behind the rider-less horse, the bagpipes….

TV, for multi-millions: there wasn’t anything else to watch, nothing else we wanted to do, all of it so riveting, stunning, terrible.  Guess news-readers have short/no memory.

* * * * *
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7 responses to “Hey, Drug Dealer-NBC: Olympics???

  1. Great post can you recommend any forums to join?

    • Poppy

      Say, Video boss
      Thanks for popping in, thanks for the comment. (Do you think NBC suits will see it? lol)

      Forums There are a few places I like, and for frame of reference: I like people who don’t ‘heel’ to ideology, what’s the point of ‘one note’ “thinkers,” who all have same position on any issue. Off the top of my head: Huffington Post –because Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, left-wingers and sometimes right-wingers write articles and/or comments, attract huge numbers of Comments, with lots of interaction. Though I don’t go there often, I like the various views.

      Most of my on-line time is spent on research, sometimes there are comments but little interaction. As for true Forums: only ones I’ve found are loaded with nut-jobs, the seriously lonely, the banal and/or the boring, rarely attracting bright/intelligent, cogent subjects, people or comments, e.g., CNN -anything, craigslist.org. If You find a Good Forum: Please come back and tell me! Good New Year, to you

  2. Hey I clicked on your site by mistake on ask while looking for something really irrelevant but I am very happy that I did, You have just caught yourself another subscriber. :)

  3. Hey I stumbled upon your page by accident on google while searching for something completely unrelated but I am really happy that I did, You have just added yourself another subscriber. :)

    • Poppy

      Okay…thanks, but: why is your Comment identical to someone else’s –only the “search engine” different? New form of spam?

  4. I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME on yahoo @ AmandaLovesYou702

    • Poppy

      Thanks, Alia
      If you’re experienced in graphic design, then key is to control shape; if you’re new to blogging, layout, design: do layout the way you want to read –a newspaper page, with a natural 1-2-3 progression, everything easy to see, read, find. Look at lots of blogs –analize, especially the ones you don’t like, do the opposite.

      But if you want reader to trust/believe you: do your homework BEFORE you write, don’t repeat gossip, verify facts. –You’d be surprised how sloppy most bloggers are with the truth. Content is more important than anything else; a well-written piece on a topic that matters, doesn’t need great graphics. If you have great design but merely repeat what others write, write junk about junk topics, why bother?

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