They Got into Your Mouth, Your Wallet, Your Home, Now John Roberts & Co Say: They Can Mess with Democracy

This isn’t a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ type blog: For the past 14 months I haven’t blogged much, on any of my blogs, because after election of Barack Obama, I got a whiff of something amiss.  I wasn’t hearing, seeing things that I expected; way Not ready to blog until I sorted out what was really happening. I had an uneasy feeling.

But as intently as I was watching some “legacy” things of the Thug and The Dick who squatted on high, illegally, for eight years, Nothing prepared me for what happened today. Thursday January 21, 2010:  the death of democracy in America can now

Founding Fathers knew: This is the worst thing that could happen to America. Corporations have been prohibited from direct influence, from funding elections –until today.

Corporations have already grown so huge national powerful that:
-when you’re hungry and broke you go to them
-when that gets you sick, your doctor doesn’t cure those diseases, but pushes you into ‘long arms’ of other corporations, which also take your money and give additional illness from toxins
-children, even 3-year olds, legally market targeted, know –which video games -toxic “diet” soda -sugar-laden cereal
-preservative-laced packaged foods they want, and stay indoors, glued to ever-flickering corporate masters, consume unto cancer-prone morbid obesity and diabetes
-when you want higher education, cheap groceries -clothes, roof, credit, you trustingly go to corporations who then rape, pillage, rip off –seize your home –and blame you for wanting home, job, being over-weight, broke…
while they whine about ‘intrusion’ and taxes on their income, profits, bonuses –after they used rigged & bought rating agencies, hedge fund managers and unknowing consumers, mortgagees, taxpayers, forgein governments, worthless SEC and special laws –to save their immoral unrepentant, corporate ass. But: Who has been arrested? WHO has paid?

The money you give corporations spent:
until now, only to blow up mountain tops/kill wind -solar energy; get Pentagon contracts, expand coal mining, change bankruptcy
-banking -insurance laws; and get even larger, better subsidies–e.g., 56 billion subsidy bucks handed to corn farm corporations past ten years why?–you to “trust” them, stifle competition, buy influence on law-makers,Congress –tax breaks –to grow more powerful, influential, wealthy. 

But vegetarian India “needs” MacNuggets –desperately poor Viet Namese thrilled with avalanche of Marlboros –Afghan civilians indifferent to day/night drone bombs –You don’t protest: corporate pal of The Thug owning rights to our genes –after our taxes paid for the mapping?

But Today: un-equal playing field
reved up via Activist “judges” who squat on highest bench, with job and real world immunity, in marble-clad Washington DC monument to their arrogance, indifference, decided: not a Person, but a thing that does not eat-sleep-breath has the Right to Speak in elections.

The No-longer supremes announced:
corporations can pour money, UNLIMITED, directly into American candidates, ballot issues, elections

John Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Allito at the core: over-turned 109-year old SETTLED law –decided they are smarter than All others who ever sat on the highest court; more clever than those who wrote the Constitution, came up with NEW interpretation and ruled to violate it.

Today: announcement of The End –of whatever you think of America, as you know it, will begin. May G-d help us.

If you don’t get what that means, yet, and imagine this ruling nothing to do with You:
you will signi up for low-cost Public Option Health Insurance next month? –ever?

Or: you will be among the kicked-out crowd, after still-powerful insurance company stoodges decide ‘newly discovered previous condition’ renders your medical bills ‘un-payable’ –their excuse to evade responsibility, drop you, keep your premiums?

When corporate flunkies announce restoration of military draft
–for their newest must-have war to earn even more on their newest must-have weapons, you will do what, exactly?

When “religious” corporations
–order new laws: American women may not use any form of birth control; no abortion/must carry till birth no matter what –even the deformed -diseased -stillborn/dead -issue of incest, rape: YOU will fight How?

Corporations fat with your cash
will now have the right to decide: who sits on local school board
–which/any books bought –how ignorant children will be –propaganda they get fed –which brand logos appear all over schools so you, neighbors and small business owners/potential employers of graduates will stop them how?

Corporate Class/Wealthiest 1%
to hell with expensive middle class, will want: working class, obedient non-union silent compliant workers, paid the minimum. When You Don’t want to make Minimum Wage? You will protest –to whom? Or: fall in line, livid and glad –you have any job….

When corporations use their cash to own/control big media
–but local newspapers can’t afford to cover City Hall, local school board, land deals, investigative reports; TV stations throw up ever-more fuzzy animal -“celebrity” gossip -‘reality’ amateur shows, but not hard, investigative news, how will you get informed?

Just stick with the Internet?
When Congress toadies end “Net Neutrality” –you must pay, dearly, for ‘fast lane’ Internet access or wait at the back of the slow lane until you can even get on the Net — Whatwill you do then? 

AT&T, T Mobil, et al have lots more money than you-friends
-neighbors-union-texters could put together to fight them, so you will –write letters to editors of newspapers –and wait?

When ‘garage’ inventors
–ship their ideas to the US Patent office –and they pass on to corporations before recording: new business will be formed by whom?

The person you gave your vote to:
has taken so much money he/she doesn’t dare do a thing to upset their corporate masters –you, neighbors, your city -state reps will like their votes or lump it. Or do you imagine –any one in Congress will still Listen to You???

With bottom-less barrels of cash and new “right” Corporations will ‘speak,’ choose who “represents” us in Congress, in White House, in Pentagon: so how will we stop them –from hiding what CIA -FBI -Treasury -State Department -Interior -Pentagon does? I can think of only seven possibilities.

daVine Remedy to corporate new power?
1. E & B: Exposure and Boycott
2. TV “mute” button during commercials all campaign season
3. Buy only from local, individual businesses/ shun national brand anything
e.g. generic or natural (spice, herb, food) drugs; debit card from a credit union; 2nd-year cars; bakery bread, farmer’s market –shun national hardware store -credit
 card -chain food -anything joint
4. Write to your state reps: demand they take back their power NOW and ban corporate money in elections –let the feds try to sue 50 states to enforce “right”
5. Massive short selling : at least 100 million still-working Americans have retirement funds to use to ‘go short’
–concentrate and rotate on any corporations that fund candidate, position ads
6. Ignore: there is Precedent –long ago Presidents who got a high court ruling they disagreed with refused to implement it, sign into law or enforce, simply ignored what the court said; high Court doesn’t have its own police, can’t do Thing One about ignored rulings
7. Withhold taxes: If all else fails we, the 99%, pay only state tax but not pay any federal tax, take huge deductions, fail to file tax return when tax owed; go to all cash for every thing
current President, Congress enacts ways to stop the death of democracy, end mutilation of the Constitution.

Want to or not
we must vote for Democratic President and Congress candidates in next two elections, so he can appoint any new judges; so they can restore law, public’s power, order, sanity —daVine Remedy against activist right-wing “conservative” “judges” and their no-longer hidden agenda.

No more watching from the sidelines
Do Not forget:
-corporations typically donate to Republican Party
-“Patriot” Act theft of rights –1,600 pages handed to Congress only the night before 9 am vote and 99% voted “for” rights theft without even reading
-AT&T diverted ALL calls, e-mail to the feds –secretly, without warrant, judge’s authority or public’s knowledge; then Senators, including Feinstein, gave them immunity from prosecution for violation of privacy, and corporations’ chief shill, the White House Thug, touted illegal acts as a “benefit” for our

If/when corporations use new “right” to speak in elections: they will make hitler & co. control of citizens look like amateurs.

Right-winger –left-winger –Libertarian –religious zealot, atheist –NRA member, peace-lover –patriot, parent –with/without job, home —no American will be immune.  

If you have other ideas, daVine Remedies to stop corporate take-over of America:  post in Comments. Forward this post to everyone you know.

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