Mr. Ex President: Find Something RELEVENT and Mind That

To: “Jimmy” Carter
You appear to think–hope?–most people today don’t remember, have forgotten, weren’t around when you occupied the White House, so you’re trying to remind the world who you are.

Hey, no Alzheimer’s with this author.  When oil-rich countries and companies disliked you and your arrogant policies so much they had a ‘sudden’ shortage of oil, I remember: doing assignments for art school in a bloody cold  San Francisco apartment because the creep who owned the building refused to turn on the heat, so he wouldn’t have to pay the insane rate for fuel.

You?  You told Americans:  “put on a sweater, get used to it” –suck it up, during “shortage” of oil.   Friends with cars asked friends to wait in gas lines, and I did, I remember.

When Wall Street loathed you:  interest rate went up ‘a tad’ —Prime Rate was 23%. But most Americans weren’t A-1 borrowers, so people who wanted a loan could only get one:   at Prime PLUS TEN points = 33%. No, I didn’t try to get a loan, I was with the crowds in Financial District bars who laughed at your insane ‘management.’ You?  You lectured us on ‘sucking it up.’

When we, the world, especially ALL of us, were reeling from the despicable crimes committed by Tricky Dick, we wanted peace, quiet, no more High crimes -Misdemeanors, burglaries, break-ins.  –No more assaults on the Constitution, the Bill of our Rights and privacy –secret deals –un-elected anybody –we didn’t want any more Republicans.

We, mostly, figured: ‘how bad could a hick bible-thumping peanut farmer be’ –and we gave you a chance.   You got into ‘management,’ we guessed, knew or learned since: by making certain agreements with certain insiders to get the job.  You rewarded us with:  lectures, fist-pounding, arrogance, oil “embargo” –long gas lines –inexperienced unsophisticated aides who knew squat about running government and got caught in embarrassing positions. 

You knew nothing, your former drivers, runners, campaign workers knew even less.  Congress, Americans, anyone who could ignored you –when we couldn’t avoid you.

Did you forget?  –Or did you imagine using people who had spent years and hard-earned money training for once-in-a-lifetime Olympic event:  didn’t mind YOU using them to make a political statement to Russia by preventing those atheletes from participating?

You offered sanctuary –against Knowledgable advice, to murderous diseased Shah under ‘humanitarian, health’ disguise –which, as predicted, incited Iranian rage, riots, revenge –and hostages, American ones.  We watched your bungling and incompetence nightly via the new Ted Koppel ABC program. 

We couldn’t get rid of you Fast enough. If we had Brittain’s form of government: you would have been forced –kicked out after one year.

After you finally were booted from office you busied yourself with your biggest client to your new “PR” venture: Yassir Arafat and the PLO.  Oh, Didn’t think we knew?  We didn’t think you were living just off your pension, and nobody suspected you stooped that low –makes you unique alright.

Meanwhile you spent the next 15 years:  badgering the Nobel Committee to give you the Peace Prize, you ‘justified’ since they awarded it to the leaders of Egypt and Israel and not you, but YOU wanted the ‘credit’ for their work, which cost You nothing, cost them their lives.  Oh well, “Jimmy” never sucks it up.

When the Nobel Committee caved:  You?  –Gratitude –grace?  Naw, you used the award ceremony for an “opportunity” to lecture–and bore–the world.

Has it EVER occurred to you why you’re not included in things domestically or internationally?  Dissed by nearly all, even the Thug of past eight years wouldn’t give you a lift to Rome on Air Force One, as he did with others when the last pope died? Ever thought about why REALLY?

Ignorant –blissfully or for real, you keep barging in where nobody asked you. Desperate to elbow your way onto any talk show:  you get there only by writing drivel which publishers, no doubt, have to strong-arm, cajole producers to take so you can get face time.

But now you’ve hit a new nadir.  You hadn’t, apparently, embarrassed yourself enough, you’re so desperate to get noticed you:  “defend” the President of the US by claiming those who don’t want health care reformed:  are racists.  Wow.  Talk about Dumb.

Hey “Jimmy” Get a Clue:  the current President was elected by All kinds –the Independent, the pale, the red, the brown, the Jewish, the Asian, the student, the senior adult, the disgusted, the Republican, the military, the homeowner, the jobless, the fed up:  We DID actually notice his race during the campaign, but duh, Regardless and/or Despite his race, duh, voted for him –all by ourselves –Huge majority –without your, uh, “help.”  TaDa!

The current President:  doesn’t “need” You sticking your nose into his/our business; nobody “needs” YOU to explain A thing.

–You fooled a nine year old boy author, but he didn’t live long enough to know the Real you. 

To know the things you did on ‘behalf’ of your sick clients is to know:  If we want a twisted pompous irrelevant Bore with disguised ax to grind to make trouble We’ll call. 

Till that day:  daVine Remedy for harm –to Israelis, people who wanted fuel -Food Stamps -a home -business -college loan, the cold, the atheletes, the fed up, those who believed your campaign crap –and for injecting your sorry self into current events with the Irrelevant Get Out of the Way.

Quit hauling your sorry butt and your wife around to places Not Wanted.  Get used to it –I am sure historians will, eventually, meet up with my memory:  you will be marked as the worst person who ever held the office.

Find a Decent client, try yoga -better diet -Self-examination of your sorry life –go sit in a monastery till you acquire some humility or at least a Clue.  Suck it up:  FIND something Relevant to do –Go and Mind Your Own Business.  We don’t have any need for any more face time.  Just Shut up.



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3 responses to “Mr. Ex President: Find Something RELEVENT and Mind That

  1. Thats very good to know… thanks

  2. Disgusted

    A reminder:

    per your whining and ranting regarding WordPress advertising on your site:

    get off of your entitlement. if what you have to say is so important and you get such great traffic, and you’d like to make the ad money instead of WP, export your posts and host your blog so you can sell ads.

    you made a point about going to someone’s house and putting a billboard on it… guess what champ, it’s not your house to put a billboard on. but when you are “renting for free”, the owners of that building are free to sell ads on it as it’s their property. get over it.
    you sir are an idiot.

    • Poppy

      >>>you sir are an idiot

      “sir” –“idiot”??? lol
      Obviously: you DIDN’T read LINKS in thread post; YOU are Ignorant and el Wrongo, pal, on ALL points. WP owners: KNOW Exactly what I was saying, WHY I said it –THAT’S why they MADE NO REPLY/NO defense MANY agree with me, also outraged at the WAY they Dishonestly did what they did. Do YOU like sneak attacks???

      HAVE YOU Actually read the TOS? Show it to a LAWYER, THEN see How YOUR intellectual property rights HAVE BEEN STOLEN –PERMANETLY –without permission, without compensation –forever. Is THAT what YOU signed up for???

      Get a grip –and an education, do homework –before you commit non-sense to print.

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