Wilson, Williams, West, Wannabe, War: Lipstick on a Pig?

Voters in South Carolina failed to do their homework and made wildly poor choice of whom to represent them in the House of Representatives with: a person who thinks a good group to associate with keeps the memory of Confederacy –of “benevolent” slave-holders alive.

The “representative” of South Carolinians: further chose to defile the decorum of Congress, civility, history, common ordinary manners by calling the President of the United States ‘liar’ during an address to both houses of Congress.

Cloaked in the veneer of respectability, the
“representative” Wilson didn’t seem to get: his un-precedented outcry embarrassed his constituents, his state, his leadership, his colleagues in the House, Americans of all –and no political party and his country –on camera. Republican members of the House instructed, demanded he said, apology to his Commander-in-Chief –as in: he couldn’t figure out on his own, what is civil, what is proper behavior.

He complied with his leadership’s demand, but refused to give apology to House members, nor accept or even get he exposed himself as utterly without class and with racist views.

Republican “Representative” Wilson has every possible right to agree, disagree, side with any view he wants –IN proper time, place. But he was given the very great honor, privilege of: representing ALL in his state, not just those in a tiny district, those of a certain color.

Since then he has seized on his embarrassment, to capitalize on his ’15 minutes’ under the spotlight, to raise money to continue to occupy, his employment more important than any other thing.

Occupying a seat, wearing tie, suit, white shirt, having a title is merely ‘lipstick’ covering up a pig –when one reveals one doesn’t know the right thing, how to behave, obligation of office.

Let us look forward to South Carolinians doing a much better job of choosing who represents them in next opportunity. If they fail: the embarrassment, the ‘lipstick’ will be on them.

Views, opinions that differ from one’s own: do not give one the right to threaten death –not even if dressed in shiny cheap ugly black whore-like dress on a so-called stellar athlete.

When female tennis player Williams didn’t like making an error on a tennis court –and took it out on the line judge who called her on the error: Williams threatened to “shove this ball down your throat” –then, on being fined for the threat, shouted obscenities at the judge. When fined again and the judge named the death threat as the cause for additional fine: Williams, suddenly “shocked” at the accusation, denied the threat.

Williams, who makes lots of money, wears numerous outfits but none honoring the tradition of ‘whites’ on court, proved: muscles, vast wardrobe, money, that the adage applying lipstick on a pig doesn’t alter the pig –or demonstrate class or anything else any young watcher should emulate. Trying to justify “temper” while grinning at a press conference, Dressed up or not: no class is no class.

Years, time, effort, energy, hard work to achieve a career and popular songs didn’t count to K. West when an award-winner was making acceptance thank you speech, to live and televised audience.

West usurped the winner’s position, snatched microphone –mid sentence, to voice his opinion about the runner-up. Who wanted his opinion –how was it appropriate time, place to mouth-off his views? Somehow West has equated his hair “cut” and banal clothes, his mouth, his “achievements” and sunglasses to block out reality: as the public being in ‘desperate’ need to hear from him at that moment. His delusions serve to prove: you can put lipstick, expensive clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, microphone on a pig, but, gee, it’s still a boring boar. There isn’t an apology to cover that.

A Wannabe “premiered” on NBC Monday night. A “new” show for which they desperately hope there are enough young, dumb, bored in America who won’t mind or notice or care a jerk, will watch ‘comedy’
bits from bathroom “jokes” to sex banalities, from old bore who wants to be among the actually funny. –They
‘dressed up’ the same old, in the same old.

This is the Wannabe who participated in NBC and parent Pentagon-favorite GE’s charade: “interview” of an admirer of hitler when he was candidate for political office, but not his opponent was “okay” because the candidate was on an “entertainment” show and therefore (???) didn’t violate the “Equal Time Doctrine.” The jerk & Co did it: twice. The opponent candidate: got zero air time –and zero help from the passive FCC.

The still-unfunny Wannabe failed to ask said candidate about his admiration for the world’s most despicable despot, why he (still) admires hitler; how he would govern the state with the eighth largest economy in the world when he had no experience, no knowledge and no education to do so. The “entertainer” candidate was dressed as a jock, acted like the lousy actor he is and behaved as though viewers were Lucky to be viewing him.

If one applies doodads to an aging ex body-builder ex film exhibitionist and, hopefully, ex sexual predator of co-workers, shows effects of years of ‘enhancements’ plus dyed hair and teeth to get into office though utterly unqualified: plastering applied to the used up –changes the pig into something else???

The un-amusing pudgy Wannabe put in a chair sans desk, adding doodads to a stage to make it appear as Some Thing –to disguise same old tired parade and patter of entertainers on a mission to sell sell sell their movies –CDs –B-rated shows by ‘sharing’ banal anecdotes: somehow different than applying colored paste to the porcine? –Label it other than what it is?

Anyone who ‘falls’ for this tired stale mess: Johnny Carson, the cutting wildly funny still-missed of the Tonight Show, had good, accurate and solid reasons not to call un-funny jerk, accept his phone calls nor speak to him a single time ever after he retired from the Show.

Yet Carson sent jokes, hilarious ones, to David Letterman, frequently invited him to his weekly poker game at Carson’s Malibu home, was mentor, friend, pal to the original, funny and cutting Letterman.

An ex alcoholic, ex druggie frat boy of a multi-millionaire with secret ties to all kinds, in shadows and in ostentatious sunlight, got the idea to manipulate the political process via money, muscle, vicious lies about many things including his opponent’s so-called sexual practices, to take office and show up his daddy.

How he went proved how he meant to go: he damaged international relations, US Treasury, the Constitution, numerous rights granted us in Bill of our Rights, violated treaties, lives and prisoners, rule of law, our moral compass.

At times he ‘forgot’ himself: to & from helicopter caught on camera mid spit. He once appeared on David Letterman, with camera rolling during break, a producer leaned over desk to talk to Letterman: didn’t know
“candidate” thug used her skirt to wipe his glasses.

A newly-published book written by ex frat boy’s speech writer reveals how, why: he got the office and we, society, got coarsened, ripped off. It proves all of daddy’s oil money, all of mummsie’s snobbery could not: cover up roots –granddaddy’s support, funding to hitler and nazie party, and public legal consequences of those entanglements; nor produce a kid with any class.

If he got into office first by a panel of judges, then by twisted electronic machines which ‘gave’ more votes for him than the number of registered voters in those seven states where pals counted: something important was stolen; belief, acceptance in institutions, of process damaged. –Along with hearts, minds, arms, legs, skulls, fathers, mothers, parent-less children –viewers, at home and invaded country and around the world.

To invade another, but ‘dress it up’ as war… when he used his will, power of the office –to lie to Americans, to raise his personal profile, to invade a country no threat to this one to steal another’s’ oil: a Pig has been cloaked in finery, respectability, power, but the ‘lipstick’ doesn’t cover up what’s underneath.

His coarseness, his crudeness cannot be dressed, decorated or disguised: the pig stands alone. We are shamed for his actions, his ignorance.

Wilson, Williams, West, wannabe and war-mongering White House illegal squatter thug have much to apologize for, owe us more than ‘sorry.’ –

Perhaps the universe will see to it that we get proper
‘apology’ one day or another –daVine Remedy for those of such ilk….


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3 responses to “Wilson, Williams, West, Wannabe, War: Lipstick on a Pig?

  1. Brilliant writing. You have brought in a recent devotee. Please keep up the great writings and I look forward to more of your amusing updates.

    • Poppy

      On one of the pieces I wrote, about those who use a religion and a robe to rape –children, then use all three to get enabled to evade consequences, someone Commented on: my grammar and my brain, mystified anyone would read such ‘muddled’ stuff.

      Though I allowed the Comment, I refrained from mentioning not, I thought, the salient point to criticize; plus: for a website with barely 150 pages, I have high reader-ratio, one over 10,000 readers to date on my blog (unknown how many in feeds & e-mail), WordPress managers put it on Home page for the day with highest single-day readership, though it’s two+ years old and about voting; and e.g., another: gets clicks/read every day though long, supposedly boring subject, and nearly a year old (https://davineremedy.wordpress.com/2009/05/18/calif-debt-crisis-blame-indians-illegals-unions-michael-j-fox-or/ ) –so how ‘muddled’?

      With so much to get so angry about, This site is about solutions: organic, practical, common sense, creative remedies, daVine Remedies, Leonardo daVinci as my inspiration. Still: it’s hard to know if my remedies ‘make sense’ to anyone else, I’m understood. So I do thank you for reading, for Commenting, Maggie. Much appreciated, you cheer me up(!). I write for you.

      I’m getting ready to post on some important topics so: Feel free to subscribe. I wish you a good New Year,

  2. Hello hunnie, sweet blog! I genuinely treasure this blog post.. I was wondering about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

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