Memorial Day, 2009: Why?

Memorial Day…a question….maybe you can help me….

A friend once called to say a banker she had asked for a loan had turned her down that day. After I listened to the details, I was as angry as she. We lived in San Francisco, both of us struggling. She had asked 26 —twenty-six bankers for a business loan. It was 1970s –male bankers didn’t loan money to women.

I told her: “ask the 27th. If he says “no” –ask the 28th.”  She did. She flew to the South, gave some money to a mill; to Pennsylvania, to hire a pattern maker. They made her design, to her specs. Four years later: bankers’ prediction came true, she didn’t have the business –she cleared $3 million bucks when she sold it. I told her: call up the first 26 and tell them –how dumb they Are.

Bankers…got past the ‘women in business’ thing and figured out: how a person with no savings, no salary, no credit could buy –any house. As dumb as they come: they sold what they didn’t understand –without insurance against loss; verifying a thing. They liked the money, so much they did it to so many millions: they ran this country, then the world into massive ditch.  Now: bankers using more of Other People’s money than the largest amount ever in recorded history –to cover their asses.  Clever.

Engineers…ever dealt with one? A friend’s definition: an engineer will look at a house for sale, analyze it from every perspective, and make an offer –two years later. The ‘dimmest’ bulbs in the box, can’t construct a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (–believe it, I’ve seen it).

Engineers –figured out how to become a black hole –a money pit, bottom-less, with self-promotion, advertise NASA at every slight opportunity.  Millions –of light years away, they figured out how to ‘adjust the side mirror’ –fix the Hubble telescope, in deep space.  Without them: the guns –the planes –the bombs that could destroy every living thing in mere seconds wouldn’t exist…. Clever.

Penta-goons, those ‘super’ “patriots” who show up at funerals, every public ceremony, mouth patriotic blather…send the healthiest into the abyss…figured out how to scare the hell outta 535 grown men –for decades. Now men and women of Congress: give them nearly three-quarters of all our money, ten times more than any other country on the planet –for every toy the boys say they have to have.

–Billions –multi-billions –spent to fight the last war they lost. Even though every room in every base all around the world already has a TV, and acres of desert is covered in rusted hundreds of thousands of now un-loved toys, they come back and bang the cup, beg for more –in “supplemental” budget, never telling the Whole truth –every ‘toy’ needed or not –works –or not… boys and their toys…. They tossed the Nation’s Guard to other side of the world –without water -maps -hardened transport or even enough bullets, but plenty of uncounted cash for pals –boards & cloth -orders -blame -sentences to grunts for obeying.

If a kid who didn’t finish college can create a new ‘soft ware’ thing in his parents’ garage –while his friend invents a box to put it in –can change the world….

My father was the navigator –in bomber planes, when whole World went to War for the second time, because the most vile that ever lived thought the best ‘use’ of 11 million children –Gypsies –gays –Jews was murder.

–Ditch diggers and diplomats –painters, poets –passionate, passive –the pretty, the peasant, the pragmatic, the poor –slid into massive earth craters, into ovens at their hands, at their lust for power. The vile: changed the world forever –they, their descendants lost the right to even sit with the decent, for 1,000 generations.

How was that the way for 17-year old to spend his youth? No one came home from that or any other war without scars that rend the body, the mind, the soul.

I’m smart, I can think, but I don’t get it, I can’t figure it out. On the day set aside to honor those –sent somewhere –to kill somebody else’s kid, and died trying…I am wondering…

Memorial Day… It began as a way to memorialize those killed fighting those in other states who disagreed, in the War Between the States, then changed to honor: all those killed in all wars.

Stupid men have done the stupid –that cost lives –sent them to their death, all through history.

THIS is the 21st century. This is five –fifty thousand years after –humans learned to walk upright, fashion tools. Can you tell me –How much longer: till we figure out a better way –than vile stinking “war”?

What if –nobody gave them them the money –nobody designed the weapons… What if they held a war …and Nobody came….

–After thousands of years, WHY do the supposedly G-d-loving with disputes, grievances –‘settle’ them –with the healthiest -youngest bodies –fight –the same Old worthless things –the same OLD worthless way? WHY does war still exist?

That is the question –to those who lust for power –to those who use the uneducated to terrorize the world –to those who spout ‘patriotic’ drivel, spend blood, treasure on multi-million dollar worthless weapons, and pore over blueprints for More —all easily destroyed with stupidity, with grocery store supplies.

With all the passion –ingenuity –supposed love of G-d, what is the Point: honoring, grieving, regretting the past –if we use our energy –brains –money –creativity –continuing to do it?

What sane ‘regular’ person anywhere wants any part of any such death, destruction –any such madness?

Honoring those who have died in war –when we know better, but keep on doing it?  Where is the end to it…where is the daVine Remedy…?

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