Plane Crash on the Hudson: Birds –Accident –Or?

After supposedly colliding with a flock of geese:  a commercial jet had to make an emergency landing Thursday, on the Hudson River in New York.  Superbly skilled pilot made the landing –so well, all survived.  Is that all there was to it?

The plane was forced to land –because of birds?  Maybe.

Every US news station, all TV, immediately fixated on the story.  What could cameras have focused on –instead? 

The thug who has squatted in the White House illegally (first time –installed by no-longer supreme court; second time: “elected” when pals changed electronic “vote” machines –he got more “votes” than voters, in seven states), past eight years, gave his last incoherent press conference.  If no other story had compelled:  cameras –bobble-heads –“analysts” would have focused on him, non-stop. –Failures –record –every bit of his minutia, his toadies, his gargantuan obscene spending.

Nature does not make mistakes 
The Universe:  extracts perfect justice.  A pilot made extraordinary landing –NOT before –day after –morning of –or long after he spoke, but: at the right time.  Squatter speaking:  rendered irrelevant.  –Dissed, by the Universe.  Accident?  I don’t think so.

He USED attack on the US: justification for all that followed –all that he and The Dick, president of vice, did –“protection” racket.  –US Constitution:  violated; Bill of Rights:  gutted, whether average American knows it or not.  NOBODY can get “secure” on stolen rights –on liberty taken.  Benjamin Franklin figured out THAT over 200 years ago.  Thug be a slooow learner?

At the End–of giant Ponnzi scam:  It is understandable Thug wants to put ‘good face’ on what he has done, failed to do –done secretly.  He claims ‘no more attacks on my watch’ –and the rabid right forms a chorus: “kept us safe.”  –Safe?  SEVERAL countries, friends of the US, had terrorists’ attacks.  –Pensions –savings –and/or job —future of nearly every non-oily American pal –destroyed.  –Do right-wingers, ‘Christians’ –reporters, any, realize: all are saying identical same sentence?

Where Did It Come From
Do the rabid right –the media –the voters remember: Thug hired a PR firm and an ad agency –after taking over our House?  They:  put the spin and the words in his mouth –on “Patriot” Act of theft  –on “smoking cloud” –of WMD not found –on “wanted: dead or alive”–and forgotten –on ‘advice’ “just shop”–on the canard “it would have been worse if we hadn’t bailed out Wall Street” –the supposed Republican turned:  socialist –as he showered our borrowed future on his pals –given away, no strings or laws attached.

But…on the bodies –in New Orleans sewage –“I should have landed and disrupted the cops?” –when he noticed/showed up a week after —thirsty hungry injured survivors –stranded, but FEMMA’s “Brownie did hellava job” …on bodies in Baghdad –not enough maps -supplies -hardened transport -military… on Afghanistan –awash in destruction and drugs?  On tops of West Virginia mountains –pristine, coal-laden –blown up –life and water rendered toxic… on Nation’s –Guard flung and forgotten… –Park land –minerals –water –oil –rights sold off to ‘donors’… on GITMO –prisoners –stuck in invented law and legal limbo…? On Iraqi oil theft –unguarded pipeline & ‘missing’ payback –revenue to ‘cover’ invasive cost? Nope just ice cream & cake and shoddy construction & clean laundry at $3 lb, supplied by the Dick’s former boss & pals –via multi-millions, but on no invoices –just barrels of cash and happy oily pals and un-indicted “conservatives” who make laws –for everyone else to obey…on sea life crashing –whales, unhinged by Navy sonar, disoriented, beached, dead –no slick slogan –no honorable mention, no reprieve –children, working-class, home-less owners, ex-employed –left behind, missions –accomplished, “macho” man.

daVine Flock of Geese…
Accident?  I don’t think so.  daVine Remedy …final speech –ignored –punctuated with perfect ‘slap’ across the face….  No?  Who sent the birds?

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