Roy Romer, Fired LAUSD Employee: Scum?

TO: Roy Romer, fired ex LAUSD employee

Doesn’t matter What kind of spin you put on it –then or now: you blew into Los Angeles –from somewhere else, like a carpetbagger, took a job you FAILED to do, didn’t improve ANY thing/one, got fired by bored/boared Los Angeles Unified School District, blew town with money you didn’t earn.

While you squatted on lofty throne, in marble-clad lavish headquarters: you didn’t do ANY thing to stop –50% of students leaving before graduation; you couldn’t be bothered to alter/notice illiteracy –24% unable to read, passed onto next grade.

You did succeed: in manipulating non-English speaking parents –to vote for bonds to give you/LAUSD billions more money –nevermind they renters, the money came on the backs of those trying to hold onto home ownership.  –Built  UNWANTED schools, un-needed, obscenely over budget –design ugly –dated construction –not a Green school or even single Green element. –Nothing environmentally-friendly –all needing costly furnace, a/c.  –All in the face of 20% annual falling enrollment.

A “superintendent” of schools –without Actual Experience –Qualification –Knowledge –Expertise: You

  • bragged on yourself, ad nausea
  • swiped over ONE MILLION BUCKS out of SCHOOL budget for “expenses” –NOT paid back
  • FAILED to improve education any way whatsoever

Impressive: the speed at which you moved your butt –whenever a kid and a camera got hooked up on TV –to make sure one of your faces got included. But: PLENTY –got left behind –un-educated –unskilled –unable to read –left to twist in the wind –OFF college track –in the streets –fresh prey for gangs –gangs you did SQUAT to diminish, while you sat in office.

–Test scores: “raised” –an entire HALF of one per cent.

All this you ‘accomplished’ well-known by parents, students, even casual observers. So why write about it, why publish your putrid self-serving exploits on the Internet?


Though your own friends –elected representatives –state officials —Thousandswho care about Los Angeles -architecture -history -beauty asked –pleaded –wrote –called –spoke –begged you not to, you did it any way.

Your nadir: You –personally saw to utter destruction of the last important Los Angeles landmark. –Lies –Politics –manipulation to destroy the Ambassador Hotel.

You did it: to puff up yourself –with immigrant parents –with so-called famous people who wanted the Hotel destroyed to serve their interests. They used you, willing pimp.

I, with hundreds of those parents, attended your first self-serving ‘hearing’ to explain yourself. –But You, your toadies, phony pie charts, fake environmentalists, LAUSD bureaucrats left out: the Whole Truth. You “forgot” to tell: NO SCHOOL –on the site of the rubble that was once the great Ambassador Hotel, in time –NO neighborhood child would still BE a child by the time a school built, if ever.

–The Great library of Alexandria –looted pyramids –even France’s Les Halles Market, Your ilk: has always existed. We can get more pie charts –replace the money you took, eventually –get another “super.” How do we replace the loss? –HOW do we repair the destruction?

You fought the LA Conservancy. You didn’t “get” the reason to retain the world-famous ballroom –that could have generated revenue –money for the school district, from rental for proms, social events, corporate meetings. —What was the cash to you.You didn’t see the “point” –converting the grand hotel –to condos –for low-income families –for teachers –for LAUSD guests. –You weren’t going to live there, what did you care –if LAUSD pays instead for guests, not your money, right?

You ignored speaker after podium speaker, including this author, who pleaded to save the Ambassador, usually not even showing up.  Ambassador Hotel:  rubble –sitting on top of newly-exposed toxic waste.   –Lethal waste NOT discovered, “somehow” in Environmental Impact “Report.”  Gee, how did that happen.

Well pal: THIS is on the Internet so even casual search will give LIE to whatever you’ve slapped up in your resume.

No landmark AND No school –NO possibility of students studying IN historic place ever –then you blew outta town, roam free.  –Searching for another community on which to prey?

Anyone even Thinking of hiring you –even as janitor, should KNOW what you did.  No students –no parents –no community –no agency, organization, group, corporation or administration: should get suckered by You.

daVine Remedy The pirates who stole ship after ship, and an oil tanker, sailed away with $3 million ransom for it, stuffed in their pockets –and drowned.  New year, new president, new possibilities.  We, who are left with your stinking “legacy”–look forward and know:  the Universe exacts Perfect justice.  –You, your putrid destruction:  reap ALL that you have sown.  daVine Remedy.

Roy Romer, carpetbagger:  the Bernie Madoff of education.

As you live on the sidelines, in the shadows/under a rock, KNOW with Certainty: on the day we open the newspaper and see your obituary –hundreds of thousands will cheer.  Believe it.  —daVine Remedy….

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