One Idiot + $2 Mil Trashed +50% Drop Out + Death of History = Marlene Cantor

Marlene Cantor, realtor, as head of LAUSD:  has ruled over children with the bad luck to be forced into Los Angeles schools.

As head of the Bored: she was instrumental in hiring a “superintendent” to oversee second largest US school district.  Who did she pick?

Carpetbagger Roy Romer –because:  qualification for the job?   –Experience –knowledge –expertise?  He was:  A politician –an ex governor –from another state.

Job Performance?
Romer performed masterful task of “improving” education by raising test scores to majestic level of:  half of one per cent.  In the six years it took to get up to that ‘height’:   bragged about it –with pricey pie charts, ‘failed’ to tell Hispanic parents the WHOLE truth, and begged/berated voters to give LAUSD billions and billions to build too many schools.

While Marlene Cantor:  paid public lip-service to those who testified/pleaded with her and her Bored pals –but off-camera houses -apartments -businesses -land were seized, using coersion, money and/or eminent domain –displacing thousands, to build unwanted schools in bad locations, with cheap ugly buildings –that cost, duh, way more than budgeted.

–Then she got bond after bond put on ballots –and whined: to get the un-informed to vote for ever more billions, to keep on doing it.  She also spent –One million bucks –on a PR firm –to find out why the public objected to LAUSD board actions –why we don’t like those people. Duh.

While Marlene Cantor sat on her throne:  LAUSD built –marble-clad palace/ headquarters, costing millions –in awkward not easily accessible location. Oh well. Massive LAUSD bureaucrats and toadies and queens have to sit somewhere –why not amid lavish digs.  –Too bad that school principles have to beg –for textbooks, paint, light bulbs, chalk, pipes –heaters, a/c, grass, gym equipment.

I once listened to a Bored debate on:  spending $75 million for a math textbook. A man, who had flown in from Ohio to speak to them, was kept waiting three hours.  When they finally called on him:  he said he had examined both books they were considering and found errors –missing material –mistakes.  How did he know?  He was the university math professor who had written the original material both books had ripped off.  Board members?  They gave him:  three whole minutes to speak –short shrift, curt thanks –and a warning bell, to leave the podium. They asked not one question.  Their decision?  They merely put off voting, for another day.  Well, where’s the rush –for students to learn math –and accurtely.  Oh well.

–You can see them in action for yourself: their “hearings” run live and taped, on station KLCS, Wednesdays and Sundays. Watch them, if you’ve got the stomach.

Ol’ Marlene knows how to play the politics game and with “superintendent” carpetbagger Romer, saw to it:  ignorant broke Hispanic easily-manipulated parents remained in the dark –about the last important landmark property in Los Angeles. The place where kings -princes -ambassadors -world leaders and Hollywood royalty had held meetings, dined, danced and played:  the world-famous Ambassador Hotel. –Last stop for Robert F. Kennedy, the night he was declared winner of California Primary election for President, June 5, 1968. (No, I didn’t need to look up the date.)

When LA Conservancy volunteers walked the neighborhood, went door to door:  told parents –the Whole story –how LAUSD had gotten into bidding war, over-paid, then tried to flip the property to get back some of the money; failed –then working on destroying it.   –Neighborhood parents were as outraged as hundreds of thousands of long-time & new Los Angelenos.  –They too:  wanted the hotel to be converted to hotel + school + low-income condo housing for families AND for teachers –for students to study IN historic magnificent buildings.

The Ambassador Hotel:  Preserve history –for all, for future generations –working-class children to learn history –in beautiful historic place –with a lavish swimming pool –and a famous ballroom –for  social events and proms that could actually generate income, hard cash, for the District?  Nope –not the right politics, when there was money –and votes, for insiders at stake. 

Marlene: used her tools to help a Bored Hispanic member manipulate Hispanic parents into believing –he was Doing Some Thing for them –so he could manipulate them to vote for him –so he could flip his part-time LAUSD board job –to a full-time job on LA City Counsel –so he could suck up $150,000+ a year, plus “expenses” of course, plus a free car, free gas, free rent, free staff, free supplies and uh, expenses and pension.  Hmmm…What did Marlene get?  –GOOD question, Laura Chick, why don’t you find out for us.

Marlene and “super” Roy played them:  Ambassador Hotel –destroyed –turned into rubble –atop toxic waste –newly exposed during the destruction, but somehow not ‘found’ in the slimy Environmental Impact Report, shoved/approved by her & Bored pals.

Board members and Bureaucrats:  already stole/destroyed most of what was once part of Los Angeles history –legend and beauty and special, what was one last piece.  –We pay those “Council” people to look out for LA –at $150,000 each –every year, and mostly silently tolerate –when another junk food house, unwanted school goes up, where history –and affordable housing used to be.

But Marlene likes to keep busy: she got “qualified” ex governor shoved out of Superintendent seat.  –Then hired a pricey search company to look for another tool to run run-down schools.

All the while enrollment in LA schools: falling. Parents who can’t find decent-paying job/can’t afford to Live in LA, have pulled up their household and split for affordable places –out of state, out of gang range.

Parents who can’t afford to enroll their children anywhere better:  their children fed up –23% cannot read.  But they get ‘graduated’ –sucked into gangs –into fights –into the street –but not into honors program, school counseling, quality education or college-track program.

Of the students enrolled in elementary school:  fully 50% drop OUT of Los Angeles schools before high school graduation. Oh well.

Marlene Cantor has had NOTHING to say –or Do on that subject.  Too busy: begging for bonds to build more schools –and berating Los Angelenos for not building more sooner, nevermind the falling enrollment she knows all about. Oh well.

Meanwhile a new person got elected to mayor –on the promise to Fix the LA school mess. Ol’ Marlene got determined: to fix him for daring to poach on her territory.

Her search toadies found her the ‘perfect’ candidate –to improve test scores –stop the drop-out rate –improve illiteracy –get quality education for the next generation –run the massive school district?

Who did Bored member Marlene Cantor pick –to ‘teach’ the new mayor who’s the boss? –A former teacher –administrator –guidance counselor –superintendent?  Naw, not for Marlene.  She went way over –everyone’s head. She picked: a navy man.  Not just any Navy recruit, mind, she picked one with parents who used to be teachers. Yup, that’s the ticket.  THAT’S what we waste $24 grand a year on:  Marlene Cantor and her fix-it wagon doing a job –on un-lucky students..

Marlene waited to announce her pick of David Brewer –until the mayor was out of town. She called a press conference to announce the diss –so it would all be Done Deal, in ‘cement’ –‘legal’ –unchangeable by the time he got back.  Nice.

But oops: Marlene got bored with him, too.  While you were scrambling to pay bills -keep a roof over your head -get a few gifts together for the holidays –watching job -pension -stock market float away, Marlene’s pick for ‘super’:   got shoved out the door.  –After barely two years:  the Bored paid him off –not to work –forked over balance of his contract.  He didn’t even have time to make pricey pie charts –ego-puff claims –or even one lead-laced drinking fountain safe, as promised on camera to KNBC investigative reporter, and to parents in mailed letters.  But he did split –with two million bucks of our money. Thanks Marlene.   Oh well.

Students who don’t have textbooks -clean drinking fountains -safe schools, can’t read drop out of school, while those displaced by construction scramble to find housing they can afford in over-priced scarce rental market. –Yet the school-building goes on and on and on…. The historic Ambassador Hotel, trashed, while the neighborhood waits –for a school, not realizing, never told:  no child living there will have a school in time for them to attend.  Oops.

Marlene?  Oh she’s got a new plan:  to move on –not to run for school board seat again.  Her “job” –done.  Ah.

Who is to blame for her diz-gusting excesses –arrogance –indifference –trashing of billions for over-priced un-needed schools –two failed and un-qualified “supers” –unchanged drop-out rate –unchanged illiteracy rate?  You.

–You voted for that woman, repeatedly.  –YOU enabled her, Yet you failed to ask questions –you failed to do your homework –you listened to MALDEF –you didn’t denounce her –you didn’t organize neighbors & parents. –No, You didn’t protest even when she crossed the line, over and over and over again.

Where the petitions –the podium speakers –the letters –the outrage?  Instead:  You voted for Marlene Cantor –every time.

Now? The ignorant un-educated guy you voted to squat in the governor’s seat:  is forcing LAUSD to slash $400 million bucks –and loads of teachers, out of next year’s budget. Nice going. Oh well.

But When those drop-outs, uneducated ill-qualified who can’t read, can’t get a job –you won’t hire –and neither will anyone else: don’t whine when they turn to gangs –to your house, your car, your business, your unprotected family members to ‘pick up’ spending money.

Billions spent –buying up housing, land, businesses –to build un-needed schools for falling enrollment –half the students uneducated -ungraduated, quarter can’t read –one superintendent, unqualified, fired; one:  paid millions not to work any more.  –Your “legacy” to the next generation. 

People who “serve” the public –to serve themselves –people of Marlene Cantor’s ilk:  always exist, all over.  But it was Your job:  not to let her get into position.

Now daVine Remedy: Don’t wail about ever-growing gangs –scarce affordable housing –more junk –or the higher taxes for more cops –more guards –new prisons –to cope with the illiterate.  Just shut up and write the checks.

May G-d spare us –from your stupidity.

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