Credit –Repair?

Your job disappeared in the economic tsunami of 2008?  Paid a credit card –utility –telephone bill late?  –Credit card leeches changed Due Date –without notice? Missed sending a payment or three? –Your credit has been dinged/scorched –but you want to “repair” it?

It Does Not Matter –if You call a company –or They Call You: there is NO such thing as paying money to “repair your credit” –getting your credit reputation repaired –restored –fixed –put ‘back’ by paying a “fee” –giving money to a company to do it for you. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Period. Believe it.

A company that “offers” to: “help repair your credit” “adjust your mortgage” “refinance your home” “make you a temporary renter in your house” –any/all variations, for money –ANY amount: THIEF –SCAM.

DO NOT TALK to such scum —DO NOT Sign ANY papersDO NOT ASK any questionsDO NOT Pay money –Hang up on them –even if they “sound nice /understanding /polite.” HANG UP.

You CAN: find out what the various credit snoop weasel companies ‘think’ of your debt history –for free.  Look up the weasel rating companies yourself –I can’t be bothered to look up their names, I Refuse to live by their stinking opinions/game; I’m way not going to give them any free advertising.

It Took Time to Create the Mess
You CAN spend the time to: find the ONLY legitimate agency in your community that Can, Will help you. –Every municipality has Legitimate agency that can:
-assess your finances
-create a plan and a budget you can live with
-negotiate with the businesses you owe
–free or nominal cost

LOOK UP the name YOURSELF. –Yup: Google your city/at city’s website, scroll to ‘Consumer Affairs’ –‘Credit Repair Assistance’ ‘Credit Card Assistance’ –‘Home Mortgage Aid’ –variation of those words, till you find it. (If your community doesn’t list: check website, or 411, of nearest large city)
-Call them –if you get answering machine: leave your name, phone number –twice
-Wait day or two for return call; then call again; keep calling until you reach somone to make an appointment
-Assemble all your papers (stack near front door, as you locate each)
-Arrive on time: tell the facts –tell the truth –ask for help —follow their advice

DO NOT TALK TO ANY COMPANY/salesperson who “offers” to repair your credit/help with your mortgage — for a fee.

Think that advice is “obvious”?
So many Americans are in such desperate financial trouble: they have given thousands of dollars to ‘nice’ scum –who stole their money AND their property, that Attorney General of several states has put out Warning.

–Don’t give money to strangers –“Obvious”?
A woman who inherited her house when her parents died:  fell behind financially, took out a mortgage, then another –then “hired” a disguised slug who: “refinanced” her house, ‘giving’ her opportunity to rent it –till she got “caught up.” Next week: she will be moving —into her car, when banks seize her house –for non-payment.  Thief: long gone –with $30,000 bucks she paid him for “help.” Her job? She works as a paralegal for county of Los Angeles.

–If it can happen to her
I don’t know if Hell exists, I do believe each person will have to answer to G-d, some day. –Scum who steal, lie will NOT enjoy the encounter –may they enjoy the ‘rewards’ of pedophile priests…I so do hope Hell exists…. In the meanwhile: Don’t make things worse or become one of their victims. Talk to legitimate consumer credit agency –listed on your community’s website.

I will keep this blog-front to remind:
KEEP YOUR COMMON SENSE –AND your money away from those who “offer” to help repair your credit. —daVine remedy against the sick evil scum who prey on others. Not having money –good credit –your own home:  not permanent –it can all be rectified, properly.

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    If you haven’t seen it: I also replied to you in e-mail. So thanks for reading, asking, commenting. Answer is: yes.
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