Tom Cruis -ing So Low He’s Selling nazis

After he got dumped by the studio that cranked out whatever he wanted to put on perfectly good reels of film, it’s obvious: Tom Cruise looked around for “hero” role to play, to pump up his Image.

His choice: a nazi

Release date: Christmas Day, 2008

What the hell is that?

People who parade in front of a camera –for a living, almost always wind up with disease –unique to that ‘calling.’  Besides being deeply under-worked, obscenely over-paid, “actors” don’t know: where they leave off, real world begins; they Loose All Judgment.

Stupid talkie shows, with brain-dead “hosts” don’t help –their giant corporate pimp bosses pander to the narcissists. They all deem Americans Stupid; shovel ‘paraders’ morning -noon -night to make money off them –using our airwaves –for free, even shoving “interviews” and fake movie reviews into news programs.

–While they ignore their Responsibility Reason corporate pimps are granted use of our airwaves –stories that Matter, until shock after shock news too serious to ignore and they’re forced to use our air to report.

Couch-jumper –medicine & media basher Tom Cruise: wants to follow a group of people who invented a philosophy a few decades ago and call it “religion”; go public on sofa cushions about latest love-crush, lecture media pandering pimps –until he needs them (–then oozes on them); lecture on his views of health/pregnancy without medical degree -female hormones -Actual insight or mid-wife experience, His whack problems.

He wants to shove nazis –on the public –on a day Christians consider holy, so HE can reap bags of dough, try to claw up on top of heap of other lazy ‘names’ –for his self interest, then he is exposing himself.  He: as sick as they ever get in the movie ‘biz.’ 

To anyone who knows even surface history of what stinking german nazis did –to the world –Europe –Jewish babies, grandparents, twins, uncles, sisters –entire families –homosexuals –mentally ill, artists, writers, non-blonds, scientists, teachers, poets, doctors during the second war they started on the world, is not news.  That the stinking german pedophile “leader” of filthy loosers was a degenerate –knew zero about military strategy, art, decency, science or anything else was a looser, also: not news.

Tom Cruise Assumes:  people who love movies will love him –playing role of german potential killer of the pedophile-mass murder. –Want to deck the halls, spread cheer –see that during the holidays?

The incident waaay not news; the story banal; the “actor” Old news. 

Watching Tommy Chomp on scenery will enlighten you not one bit.  If you want to know about that failed moment in history: there are Good books available. 

–You don’t “need” to waste $11 bucks + parking, gas, popcorn –and sitter cost to see junk.  It isn’t the first time failure to kill the german scum pedophile coward was put on film.  –Would it have been put up a second time if Tom wasn’t desperate –cruising for attention?

Hey, if Tom’s latest publicity venture into shoving crap to extract your money fails:  Maybe he will have to get a REAL job –and a real life and quit flashing his teeth as he tells off media midgets, pregnant women and instructs us all how to live. 

If you want to know about some nazi scum who, long after they started mass-murder, decided to murder their boss: rent the first movie –or borrow one of several library books.

daVine Remedies: Use your power –show the media pimps you are not sheep –cannot be manipulated.  Bottom line:  Cruise Whacko; movie: meaningless.

Make Christmas merry: Hold onto your wallet; stay away from the low-flying Cruise and his pimp project. –There are Good Things to spend hard-earned money on; Tom Cruis-ing so low for bucks isn’t one of them.


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