KTLA Weasels Cave–Rose Parade 09: Stephanie!

It’s a waste of time, I know, yet I monitor all the local Los Angeles TV stations looking for Actual news about City Hall –Board of Sups –City Council. Except for KNBC, All:  busy with weather report –traffic jams –who got shot/what burned down –‘poor dog’ junk –in Other states.

Ah, but I keep flipping channels anyway, and happened to land on KTLA October 5th –just when the head bobble-head was literally shouting. After adjusting volume down, I heard:
‘Stephanie Edwards going to do the Rose Parade this year.’ Whoopee! KTLA “management”caved!

KTLA weasels –Grew a conscious –after pitching Stephanie out of the Parade anchors’ booth and into the stands –during a major rain storm?  –Read the negative comments on this blog –ones that link to it and others –got their little feelings hurt?  –Got around to reading their own e-mail? –Were ordered by new owner/boss Sam Zell to do the right thing? –Heard from their Parade advertisers –wanted End to The Boycott this blog called for? –Got numbers on the frump ‘princess’ they plopped in Stephanie’s seat –didn’t like the rumpage or the numbers or viewers’ response?

I am a bit curious, why they dumped the dull frump, but I don’t care First Day of new year: Stephanie will be back! Yeah!

I could have posted this sooner…but, well, candidly: when I heard the news, I was so hoping for a trifecta, I didn’t want to jinx it, so I held up.

Trifecta Part I: after Truly Missed/absence, Stephanie Edwards to do the Rose Parade commentary.

I Hoped it was an omen, but could hardly breath –afraid to even blog on it until It Was Over —Trifecta Part II:
I didn’t believe it –until I clicked on every lousy TV station and heard a bobble-head on each one Say It: Fresh new NON-Republican elected to US Presidency –Barack Obama, whew.

Okay, two for two…I got cautiously optimistic… Don’t laugh, it is painful…

Part III…Every year UCLA tosses around a football with the, uh, people who toss for USC. The Game used to be before Thanksgiving, then switched to first Saturday of December, but it hasn’t mattered, much, when, outcome mostly been the same: UCLA has lost, nearly every game, past eight years.

Why does it matter?  If I’ve earned your respect over the past 2 1/2 years of this blog, or you’ve never seen it before, I have to risk telling:  Prediction. I’ve been monitoring the UCLA Vs USC game for a long time because: I noticed/figured out something freaky; can’t help it, it’s true. When UCLA wins that game: the following year is a Very Good Year –for me –country –world in general.

Sadly, the obverse is true.  Since late 1970s, I’ve seen it:  when UCLA looses… bad things happen following year.

UCLA, with only one exception, lost past eight years…my father died suddenly, one January…while parked in assigned space, car vandalized –to destruction…a thug sling-shotted into the White House, thanks to nine slugs ‘returning the favor’ –payback to their Republican benefactors who got them their job, on no-longer supreme court… flood in the warehouse, my business wiped out…attack on the US: 3,000 dead…White House thug, claiming to ‘protect’ Americans, responded by:  stealing our rights, spied on Americans –illegally, made un-provoked war on two countries to help his oily pals…mission accomplished….

Nation’s —parks: resources given away to his oily pals –Guard: tossed into two countries –pristine mountain tops: blown up –undrinkable water, toxic fish…humans: thirsty, hungry, left to float in sewage; rot in formaldehyde-larded trailers  –children:  no better educated –mortgage mess –excruciating economy –money meltdown… banker buddies bailed with workers’ billions… while workers who make the country work: wait in unemployment lines, ten million newly un-housed… America despised round the world –destruction –bankruptcy –war –death…mission:  sick….

If you didn’t catch the game this year…UCLA:  lost. So, believe it –or don’t. But: Fasten your seat belt, Dahl’n, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, most of next year.

Oh well, at least White House Thug will clear out. –Maybe everybody will wise up –the press won’t throw up his quotes –until: his trial in The Hague –as a war criminal.

But as every thing couldn’t go on, forever, every thing can’t go down –forever…. We will have: Good start of fresh New Year with Stephanie Edwards and Barack Obama to enjoy.  All the weasels are on the run.  — daVine Remedies to past three/eight years, respectively.  So Yes, you can:  get your jammies, some bubbly and front row seat ready….  Bon Appetite!

KTLA ’06   Boycott    Protest ’07    Protest ’08-No Class
(WordPress: made a new Dashboard, again,and I can’t make things work/find things; if this is a mess, typos, etc, sorry.  I’ll ask for workaround/correction; sheesh, I Wish they would just STOP doing stuff.)


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3 responses to “KTLA Weasels Cave–Rose Parade 09: Stephanie!

  1. Had the Rose Parade been held Sunday, they would have had a dry parade route, but tradition was upheld which caused parade goers to endure the rain. Overseas

  2. Personally I would put a lovely bench so all the squirrels could use it and maybe add a mini bar and a Jacuzzi at a later date just for the wildlife though!

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