NBC Can’t Meet the Press, Craft Comedy: Pimps Their Leftovers

When Tom Brokaw announced he was only a temp for “Meet the Press” after Tim Russert’s death, I guessed –correctly, who would be shoe-horned into the slot.

A woman –a thinker –an Actual reporter?  Shessh, heck no.  

The Annals don’t like to think outside their box –or at all, lest they upset their corporate bomb-making masters, GE –draw unwanted attention that they suck up space, money on GE’s payroll –still.

It didn’t take a psychic or a brainiac to figure out: the annal weasels at NBC had a group-think in a stab to hold onto their jobs.  After looking hard –around their own office, they globbed onto the only guy left.  They chose the white guy/only left-over as permanent newspaper reader of Other People’s Print reports, to “host” “Meet the Press.”

In another ‘stunning’ group-think ‘act’ not to upset the flow of their bloated paychecks: they ‘elevated’ the dated tired boring un-funny male squatting at Johnny Carson’s desk –to fill up another boring hour.

Johnny Where Are you…
Carson’s desk will be “filled” by a jerk who’s idea of entertainment is to mention his own hair, ad nausea, and other body parts, ad nausea, instead of ANY thing actually amusing/relevant/ comedic. The Annals have perfected the skill of scraping whatever is leftover at the bottom of what once was a Full barrel. Can they say “NBC White Paper”?

Scrape Scrape
Who are the Annals, the weasels that hang on at NBC? On the first day of 2006 they deemed the start of a new year:  perfect for throwing up a new ‘program’ –a camera aimed on a bunch of loosers sitting at a table gambling. Contempt New Year to all.  They throw it up, every night –I see it as I skip past NBC.

With Even More “New” Programming
If it happens that Every other TV station is running infomercial garbage, thanks to impotent worthless FCC, and the ONLY thing left to watch is NBC: be prepared if you watch Jay Leno –or the brainless jerk bore after him. The GE pimps spew –OLD lines –about bathrooms, toilets, homosexuals, 1950s views of women, their own genitals –in place of Humor. –If it makes people wince –groan –feel dirty, That’s for them, the leftovers be, at core, 4th-graders  –you WILL need a shower immediately. 

–Except when they pretend they are “just an entertainment” show, so it is “OKAY” to have Republican candidates on –just before state election, but not opposing candidate, the Democrat.  Those bomb contracts are with Penta-goons, doncha know, who mostly like their politicians from the “right” persuasion.  –Lord help anyone who books a Dem.

The “new” pimp on “Meet the Press” –as he coos and “uhms” his way through Other people’s research, will only induce sleep.

Way to hang onto those bomb contracts, GE. Thanks, for Absolutely Nothing. *click* oh, an infomercial IS better than pimps and leftovers.  –At least until a new person is in the White House, overseeing all those Penta-goon contracts –and the FCC….


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