Didn’t Vote for the Black One –No One Should Have

In 2008 Election: I voted for president, but not for the black candidate -and you shouldn’t have either.

I watched the televised speech in Grant Park, Chicago after enough votes counted to declare –candidate elected.  I saw laughing, weeping, dancing, hollering celebration –in small towns, big cities across US.

Then I saw the used-to-be funny actress on the “View” –emotional because the black candidate was voted into office.  Nauseating.

Reporters and bobble-heads who blather on TV blathered on about the first woman candidate; worm’s eye view -deep coverage of hair -clothes -eye glasses -shoes -cars, houses -facial expression of other candidates, while they slanted their reports, because they were for the black one.  Gotcha ‘journalism’ at its lowest.

Issues -Topics -Debate -Solutions –not on, for them.

I read:  68 million supposedly-functioning Americans found it important -watched televised karaoke and “voted” for the last
“American Idol.” 

Where it Really Mattered
If you voted for the black candidate:  you were no better than the ‘Idol’ worshipers; as wrong as the so-called reporters and the bobble-heads.

If you voted against the black candidate :  you were wrong.

Eight years ago  the not-very-bright:  marked their ballot for  “most wanted to have a beer with” for president of the United States.  They had slim evidence for choosing that supposed-drinking pal, but did it anyway. 

He:  promptly divided states -Americans -world.  He ordered Americans’ blood and treasure:  squandered –to go get oil –to help oily boys –indifferent to manufacturing -workers -infrastructure -middle-class -unemployed -wounded -thirsty,  stranded -uneducated -unsheltered; regulations -law -international relations. 

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been crushed, destroyed on his orders, to help his pals.  Intended consequences….

Americans -country -world twisted nearly out of recognition ever since. 

Humans were tortured –in our name…America despised by the world…good ol’ beer-loving boy flapped his gums –fear tactics, promises he never intended to keep flew out of his lying lips.

Hurricane hit New Orleans –Wall Street –Main Street -nearly every residential street -public school -VA hospital -pension -wallet Because of him.  THAT should have taught Americans:  NOT to choose on the artifice of appearance, but:  “…on the content of… character.”  Didn’t you learn?

If you chose the black one:  how will you help the community -the family, the country –what will you say if his presidency is utter failure of the current one?  Your reason no wiser than the reporters, the bobble-heads, the Idol-worshippers.  You chose for the worst of reasons –no reason at all. 

If you chose by the color of his skin:  you used no better judgment than those who used ‘beer buddy’ “logic.”  You chose:  nothing at all to hang onto if it all goes wrong.

What will you -we do then…. 

Poet Maya Angelou was asked what she had to say after election.  She said: “Thank you” –to the one just elected.  He was elected:  by 59  64+ million votes, across 50 states.  Total black people in America:  about 40 million.  How about thanking: America  for his election?

Oprah -Tavis Smiley -Will Smith -Spike Lee, others:  verbalized his election in ways that have nothing whatever to do with the person Americans elected. 

Majority of Americans:  did not vote for the ‘black one’ –choose him because he is black –‘say’ “black” acceptable/our thing/right time or any thing about being black.  Americans:  not into ‘victim’-hood. 

The Decider –decided to usurp power, illegally –committed crimes against humanity –signed ‘signing’ statements –chose which laws he would obey –ran around our House, Clueless. He: Couldn’t decide to do a thing for People -homeowners -workers -middle-class or even his used/abused ‘base.’   Government:  failed us. The rich:  got richer.   What color is that?

We said “Enough” to stolen Rights –land -water -mineral resources –throwing nation’s Guard out of the nation into oil-protection racket –endangering species; Gitmo –torture -signing statements –swaying in sewage –swinging state to state searching for a job –bridges to Nowhere, with our New choice of president.   

If any thing:  Americans voted in spite of/indifferent to him being black because, mostly, we think he can be trusted –can stop the hemorrhaging, mortgage mess -Wall Street weasels, planet destruction, banking boobs, put Penta-goons in their place –Stop the gouging -the greed -the hollowing out of the lives they all feast on to fuel their fat pay days. 

We don’t need Stupid corn in the car -corrosive coal -cute contracts for pals in the White House.

We didn’t pull the lever –call -knock -walk to make a group feel better.  We marked the ballot for the one:  we hope isn’t the incompetent one.

We want Tiny carbon footprints -Quality job -Affordable medicine, insurance, groceries -More harmony, Less war -Solutions.

We said ‘No’ -we don’t want any more Decider –debt -destruction -death.  We want things colored Green, not ‘oily black.’ 

Shop till I drop –look the other way when the coffins arrive –Fox noise, dividing the Internet or my country into the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Way Don’t’ –giant fat cats and corporations and “religious” wing-nuts sucking the life and the rights and the money. 

NOT  For twisting laws, judges, rules –privacy, ideals –Constitution, Bill of Rights.  I didn’t vote for the black one. 

I don’t want zealots dragging their religion into my government, allowed to push it –around the world on the money they raise to get inside the Oval Office.

Neither am I merely going to watch: bleeding-hearts shove their agenda because of money they donated.  I didn’t vote for the Black one.

‘Special’ deals -made into law –un-regulated because the pusher has the price of admission or the right race –to enter doors the rest of us cannot enter. -NOT what I voted For.

The Nation’s Representatives
I voted they represent ALL, without my checkbook or yours, for the Common good, of all of us.  I want Smart –rules that once made a more-perfect Union –not usury rates, giggling reporters, bloated CEOs who shaft people.   

When oily boys testify they’re doing R & D on “new” fuels that ‘qualify’ for 18 billion bucks of OUR money, but never create the fuel; CEOs show up for work and walk out with $9 million “reward”
eleven days later; nation’s parks -mountain tops -rivers used to line the pockets of the ‘chosen’ few on contracts written by their insider pals –but working person at bottom of pyramid scheme qualifies
for Food Stampswe don’t need a Black one. 

We need qualified ‘architects’ –Listen, give a damn -about All of us.

We want the one: will put brains, diplomacy, skill –guts on the line –fix that which has gone so hideously wrong. That was the only reason to choose him.

I didn’t vote for black President.  —Don’t make me sorry I chose him. We did not choose him to trade bias of money:
for partisanship of race. 

Me, I voted to un-divide Americans and the rest of the world. I voted for the best candidate, not the Black candidate.

daVine remedy…
Me, I voted for the smartest one in the room -nearly any room, to fix money melt-down, look out for the planet and the least among us, restore balance.

I chose the one I hope will make government of the people, by the people:  for the people. If it doesn’t happen: I will be all over him. -That’s my job –and yours. Don’t divide. YOU didn’t vote for black either.

* * * *

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