’08 LA Supervisor: Bernard Parks –Has Done WHAT for You?

Bernard Parks:  has been sitting on Los Angeles City Council.  Well, plopping -sleeping -loafing is more accurate, when he wasn’t flying around the country schmoozing millionaires, trying to get a sports team in Los Angeles.  –Something we ‘desperately’ need.

But textbooks in low-income schools?  Drop-out rate?  –Better roads, streets, parks, street lights???  Supermarkets –homes, businesses saved from LAUSD wrecking balls?  Dealt with semi-automatic weapons –shooting of grandparents, teens, children traveling to/home from school –gang shootings?  Naw, too boring for Bernie.  He can’t even bother:  paying Attention when people speak to Council. 

He does make SURE: he collects that $150,000 a year salary –the free car, free gas, free rent, supplies, staff and any/every expense he can think of.

He did bother to Make Sure:  his Entire file in Los Angeles Police department went POOF when he got into Chief’s office.

Why do you suppose he did that? 

I had a conversation with a lieutenant last year.  It is, apparently, an open secret among rank and file at LAPD:  Bernard Parks is a mole.  I thought that was hard to believe so I asked questions.  Here’s some, for you.

Why did his file disappear –what did he have to hide? 

Who paid for Bernie Parks college education? 

Why hasn’t he ever spoken up about gang bangers –graffiti/tagging –excessive weapons –gang killings? 

Why was his family member murdered?  –Who leaned past the driver and killed his granddaughter, and left the driver untouched?

Gang members.  –Mexican gang members. 

If you look at what Bernard Parks has ACTUALLY done:  it amounts to nothing at all.  He has not helped –hasn’t cut black enrollment in prisons –hasn’t helped generations coming up –hasn’t gotten any projects done –hasn’t spoken up about a thing.  Why?  WHO’S side is he on? 

WHAT has Bernard Parks done –for you –for anyone you know –for Los Angelse?   He sucks up money and oxygen and gives back –nothing.

Bernard Parks is a whole lot of NOTHING we need, want in Los Angeles.  If he becomes Supervisor–via blackmail?–entire county is Going to suffer –plenty. 

Plus:  he’ll collect three pensions from us.

Bernard Parks:  NO. 

Mark Ridley Thomas DOES give a damn, he’ll do a good job as supervisor.


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