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’08 LA PROP 3 Jamie Lee Curtis, Big Pharma: Want You to Pay for Decorations

November 4, 2008 Los Angeles Proposition 3: you’ve seen the ad –Jamie Lee Curtis leading bunch of kids, tagged with various diseases, singing?  Maybe she didn’t read the WHOLE Prop –or she just took the money and ran. 

If YOU don’t read the fine print:  big drug companies WILL suck the money out of your walletANY hospital will start decorating –any way they want –any supplier to hospitals will also feed at the trough –YOU will have to fork over –and over and over.  

Sick kids?  They’ll get the shaft with you.

Who will ‘watch over’ this boondoggle giant sucking?  Oh hospital folks, of course.  But they “promise” to do a good job –on your wallet and their decorations.  What pukes.

If YOU vote for this dizgusting mess:  you better hope we don’t find you. 

PROP 3:  Giant NO way


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