’08 CNN: Corporate Masters Rule –You?

To CNN:  France mysteriously fell off the planet?   Rain forest somehow boring?  Russia got small?   Iran –North Korea not sexy enough?  –Greece –Mexico –China –Rome –India???  Not enough bodies/bombings in Iraq to bother?  

Even One issue facing US/Europe/Asia/South America/Africa:  merits in-depth, scholarly or serious coverage/discussion –not even half of any hour during any 24? 

Not even a single bill in the House/Senate –worth microscope, comment or even a sentence?

What the hell is wrong with you people?   Nothing –no thing going on anywhere in the world merits reporting? 

Talking heads –opinion –US political rallies, speeches:  substitute for reports –facts –pictures –Actual news about the world??? 

Your paymasters: told you JOURNALISM ‘not on’ anymore?  YOU decided: Americans suddenly –not smart enough/don’t merit/can’t understand genuine News reports?  Somebody should alert the BBC.

Larry King, way past sell-by date –has-been actor who’s employment past decade is infomercials –a “guest”??? –aired with “serious” Hollywood actress, for “balance” –paired with shrill wing-nuts, all spouting –OPINION??? 

Lou-I’ve never had an original thought/I pander to the dumb-Dobbs:  allowed to suck up massive quantities of valuable air –to spout the banal –as though his blatherings Matter???

Whiny Anderson Cooper –fake frown and all, slicked & shined up, masquerading as a reporter –shoveling wall-to-wall politics via talking heads, “discuss” polls –of the tiny fractions of the ‘might vote’ who were home when dubious pollsters called –“reported” –“breaking” news???

Even old-era yellow journalism had:  actual content.

You flaunt your contempt: the drivel aired again –and again and again, ad nausea.

–Cuz why bother —doing any Actual ‘reportering’ when you can sucker advertisers -FCC -Congress members –enabled to blanket the air with pollution/pseudo politics coverage 24/7…on lobbyists and on drug money for ‘serious’ lack-of-erection disease.

I’ve gotten good look at your dog/pony show recently.  Last time I saw CNN: Ted Turner owned, cared; only REPORTERS employed/allowed on camera; network had journalistic background, experience, ethics –reports –ACTUAL new stuff, all day, all night –from around entire planet: reported.

It is SHOCKING –how neurotic, low-life IRRELEVANT teetering stupidity “CNN” has become; utterly putrid.

The only thing worse –tight shots of the Pretty, slicked up and dewy fresh from OR with new skin job/hair plugs:  you pea-brains PAY the bobble-heads to blather.

Now:  like the lousy ‘Saturday Night Live’ show of past ten years, so bad it’s unwatchable, not good enough even to be a parody of itself.  Putrid.

Even Fox-specious-News: more Actual reporting than you Clubbrain Noisy Nutters.

We know where the money is –Where is Respect?

If you people pander  –fail to do your mandated J-O-B –turn your cameras on us –instead of on government:  what do we do –when ‘Katrina’ hits Wall Street, our money vanishes –when democracy disappears?

Oh well, that’s all probably over your tiny brains.  You can BEG for postings on your fake blogs/pretend you’re relevant, but: your species is nearly dead, extinct.  Get out –of the way.

Maybe the next person who is president: will change FCC rules –FORCE you people to SERVE/Fulfill your mandate —Appreciate your privilege.

daVine remedy:  Maybe Americans will get Truly lucky –your lobbyists rendered totally impotent –massive numbers demanding Change, vote –your broadcast license:  yanked.   Millions of us: look forward to THAT report.

Ted Turner is right.

Let’s see you put THIS on your “blog.”

Shame on you people.

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