’08 RNC Mommy Dearest: Has a Chat

The newest Old Boy of the “Grand Old Party” –72-year old “maverick” –picked a second –with a resume proving Capable of Command?  –Or a sidekick, hoping to sub/seduce Hillary Clinton’s ‘unhappy’ voters:  one Sarah Palin. 

Did he/his minions ‘check her out’ —BEFORE asking for her hand in walk down Rose-colored path to the White House?  Old Boy says: ‘yup.’  –But did he Really look at her actual record? 

Or –hoping You will be dazzled by the shell, the Appearance, he didn’t care –saw What he Wanted to see?  The Facts lead one to look Up the path. 

What she delivered at Republican National Convention:  ran so long and so short on facts –details —Specifics of what the newlyweds would Actually Do to improve current conditions, it could not rightly be called “speech.”  Instead it was:  Get-to-Know-Me chat. 

–You will save your home/fill tank -fridge -bank account with them –How?

She is a Mommy –but one wouldn’t know that from bash-mouth job she did on her opponents. –THAT is how she wants her brood to be, when they’re all grown up?  If it hadn’t been on network TV, in Prime time, would it have included expletives?

WHAT Else is there to know –about “Mayor”/”Governor”/Candidate Mommy?  The press is hard-at-work sifting to Find Out.  –They aren’t finished/barely started to do their job.  But we don’t have much Time –precisely Good Ol Boy’s Plan?  Too bad.  But doncha know, nobody lives in a vacuum, so the Best Source for the Past:  somebody who was There.

Witness to the Persecution? 
One of the few (Alaska residents) who cannot be up-ended/ destroyed/ fired/ retaliated against or disabled due to ‘lack’ of loyalty:  a constant visitor to the Visitors’ Gallery of government, one Anne Kilkenny.

It seems:  Mommy Dearest has much more than Democrat-bashing, breast-feeding a (handicapped) newborn and an un-married pregnant teen who forgot to Just Say No to deal with –to explain, while Americans Decide….

Sarah Palin
~Got cushy board jobwithout Knowledge or Experience, overseeing Oil & Gas interests in Alaska; for which she got paid over over $100,000 a year.  Nice work, if you can get it.  –But after she got it:  she complained, non-stop, about hours and work and commute of it all –and got out of it, by biting the hand that fed her and her family.

~Turned over the actual work/daily minutia of Mayor:  to a knowledgeable assistant –an assistant she was forced to hire after making serious mistakes and getting into trouble even with her own Party.

~Wanted Books removed from library When librarian refused to comply:   attempted to fire head librarian.  –Residents objected –so strenuously, she had to back off, librarian kept her job; books kept on shelf, fully available for reading.

~Cut funding to Special Needs Children program –66% –so other peoples’ special-needs children didn’t count –before she gave birth to a special-needs child.  What was up:  she kept her pregnancy secret from her parents and her children –until her seventh month???

~”Oil addiction” –fuel/environment/global warming problems?  ‘Solution’:  Drill for MORE oil –Including in places where Endangered species are barely hanging on.  Oh well.  So much for GOP Core Values –protecting the environment. 

Somebody ask, PLEASE:  Why don’t the oily boys DRILL in the places where they Already have contracts?  —WHY do they want contracts in off-shore, off-limits areas?  –WHAT will be enough for the oily boys –will you say “enough”:  when they want the back of Your house?

What we have here:  Another oil shill???  –Where will they be:  when the oil runs out –YOU & me left at side of the road, holding the bill? 

“Foreign Relations” –National Guard –Economics –Day-to-Day government management?  Well:  she ran a budget with NO debt, when she got there –but put Tiny community into $22 million deficit. Palin: actually taxed food.   –Pay for government waste –by taxing milk….  So much for ‘looking out’ for working people…. 

Smaller government, Less taxes?  Pushed –Not for ROADS, PIPES, NEW INFRASTRUCTURE –but to build a sports complex, built on land:  Oops, city didn’t own –tied up lawyers, clerks, courts and money for nearly a decade trying to resolve.

“…to Washington…to change…”??? 
Ever had a new boss:  Doesn’t ask questions, Doesn’t listen, Doesn’t get to know anyone –but Does give orders?  How did that work out?

Best indicator of the the Future:  the past.  To be an Informed voter:  Read it for yourself –Unless you don’t like Facts and smelly roses to interfere with your perceptions   http://mudflats.wordpress.com/2008/09/04/a-letter-about-sarah-palin-from-anne-kilkenny/

Large Thanks to Anne Kilkenny:  for all the hours in the seat watching government at work and for courage to post her observations.  Tip of hat & Thanks for posting to:  http://mudflats.wordpress.com/ 

* * * * *

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