CEO of Pedophiles, G-d’s Rottweiler, Plops In

The head of the cult known as “Catholic”–has descended on America.  Why?  What is the head mystic mooch doing in the US? 

If one thinks of the cult –as a corporation:  it’s not even hard to figure out why G-d’s rottweiler wants to dig into America. 

When he, the last CEO and the entire cult were FULLY informed:  several employees had used children for sexual gratification –many used many children –raped, for many years, reaction?   Passive tolerance of pedophiles. 

The last head mystic mooch didn’t believe the news –letters –doctors’ reports –evidence –facts –testimony –newspaper investigations, that children had been sexually assaulted.  –In Serious denial, for years. 

Successor: G-d’s rottweiler?  He didn’t want to know from none of it.  –Wagged his finger and his german tongue –at anybody who tried to tell him:  the Truth.  Oh well.

When the ‘supervisor’ of the city with largest number of ‘clients’ was exposed, the secrecy blown: evidence and admission –covered up –he blamed the children who were raped, deluded their parents –denied –hid the actions and the employees –for decades. Then?  

Demoted –banished –arrested?  Naw, the guy got a plumb promotion –cool new job, in another country.  –Elegant walls, protection.  WHERE were police -district attorney -FBI???  MIA.

Many ‘clients’ of the corporation:  didn’t much care for the tongue lashings –the lectures –the denials, they got a tad cranky.   They and their children:  had their lives destroyed.    It was difficult, for the children –a rapist sat at the dining room table –eating parents’ food –intended to ejaculate in your bed later.  No piece of cake to be “faithful” –or tithe, to that.

The cardinal thug of the second largest US city, Los Angeles, admitted –he KNEW what the cult’s employees had done to children –he moved employees around from district to district –enabled rapists, on ever-more children, for Years.  –All exposed –in his own e-mails –in TV, newspaper investigations –in an employee’s filmed admission of guilt, and aid, non-stop relocation and cash the cardinal Thug supplied, for silence –Last Minute payment of over $660 MILLION bucks in ‘hush’/trial-ending money.  

Silence not golden.  Did the cardinal Thug ask the filmed rapist:  for a refund? 

Cardinal Thug learns –children raped…cardinal Thug Mahoney moves the rapist –more children raped in new locations, over 400 girls and boys raped and: pays for silence –used cult/corporation money –to pay off the rapist –and the raped…hush money, to protect himself. –Admitted all of it –in full view of TV cameras. 

Those who were raped, their family, friends –all who found out: appalled –livid –at cardinal Thug’s subsequent promotion. 

Uh, EXACTLY why:  hasn’t the Thug been arrested? 

WHERE is Justice???
–FBI? –US Justice Department? –Los Angeles City Attorney Delgadillo? –CA Attorney General Jerry Brown?

The local school teacher -mail carrier -fire fighter -cop -parent who Rapes –ENABLES –Abets rape, of even a single child:  goes straight to jail, without bail until TRIAL.  The Admitted enabler of multiple rapistsisn’t arrested because???

Anger, rage…broken old children:  had little affect on childhood-stealing thug Mahoney, he kept right on building marble monument to his ego:  a new church –in the poorest neighborhood in Los Angeles.  Nevermind that the dough would have been better spent:  ON the poor –or in making Real restitution to those raped by cult employees.  –I asked.  Nope, cardinal thug kept on, “‘surprised’ so many who ‘donated’ so much –all just happened to want a marble monument built with their money, all at the same time.” 

“He has no control over who donates how much for what purpose” –quote from Thug’s office staff.  How “lucky” for cardinal thug, just at the time he wanted to rip down old –historic monument building to put up his ego-gratifier.  Too bad those pesky preservationists who sued him didn’t see it –and neither did the judge who wrecked his nice shrine plans.  Practice what the cult preaches?  Nope.  Taj Mahony:  more important.  –‘Put that imported marble All the way down to the garage….’

 When bobble-headed imitation reporters tip-toed up to thief-of-childhoods to ask about some things –*poof* –off he went, scampered right into a hospital bed –“to rest” –till the questioners, and the questions, went away.  He is good at ‘poofing’ –homosexuals have perfected that “skill.”  Oops maybe ex-nazi CEO doesn’t know….  Or maybe:  he DOES….  Hmmm…Maybe thug’s promotion arrived via that old saying:  “it’s not What you know but Who you do”…?

When the whole putrid story was exposed:  A whole lot got a whole lot crankier.  Somehow, translated into ‘failure’ –clients’ un-willingness to fork over any cash to fund cult/corporation of pedophiles.  –Especially in the glaring light of:  refusal to Admit wrong-doing –Apologize –turn the pedophiles into authorities.   Refusal:  even to answer questions, tell facts, current addresses –any thing.  

Cardinal thug Mahony promised California cops:  he would “take care of it” –when a rapist employee was caught –raping a child, after newly-moved from previous neighborhood –for raping children.  Well what with all the rapists and the shrines and the hospital beds, a thug gets Busy. 

How many cult ‘supervisors’ prosecuted?  Uh that would be:  Zero.  Oops. 

The last and the current CEO of the cult –set up as Greatest Power’s “messenger.”  Hmmm…’G-d’s rottweiler’ was the one who received the reports of the rapes.  –He had deep 411 on diseased employees, knew all about: mental defectives -homosexuality -rape -destroyed children, all over the world.

Rape –done by “spiritual” employees –WHICH part of that was “okay” to keep quiet about –to petrify devastated parents –to shame shattered children into silence?

Spiritual head? Massive hole in ethics.  Spirituality….? –WHERE was that?

So why is ex-nazi mystic mooch in the US? 
Those stolen childhoods –and the bad PR:  cost the cult a bundle.  –The thousands who were raped: now using their money on repair.  –Those who know about raped children –not “donating” to that kind of corporation any more….   Could it be –cult ‘clients’ –not kicked in, like they used to, now:  ex members…he’s here:  looking for dough?   –Corporation:  in a money squeeze?  Gee too bad.  Uh how many prosecuted for rape?  duh

It is funny, almost:  ‘G-d’s rottweiler’ actually had the temerity to preach to the world, recently –about “sin.”  The guy made a new ‘List.’  –Thou Shalt not insert one’s penis into a child –using religion -one’s position -lies to get into a child’s bed AIN’T ALLOWED —didn’t make it on new ‘Sin List’ Hit Parade.  —Enabling pedophiles a big No-No –also, somehow, didn’t get listed.   Charming the parents of minors so they won’t catch on, ditto.  Maybe:  he ran outta paper, or reality. 

Cult head rolled up on the US anyway.  Does he hope:  to whip any newly-indoctrinated –into a checkbook-writing frenzy?  –Hope nobody notices:  still no arrests –no women Allowed –rampant homosexual employees –no marriage permitted, STILL? 

Maybe he hasn’t heard: oily boys –doing it to the rest of us –with massive help from their frontmen, Oval Office occupant and President of Vice. Soaring fuel price rolling over into cost of Every thing. –There ain’t any loose dough Here. –Not for diseased cult, anyway.

Maybe ruling rottweiler will get Lucky: find some fools easily separated from their money. Maybe: NOT.

Maybe:  he gets –Serious dose of Reality.  Let us pray…he keeps his mouth shut, about others’ religion –opens wide –to authorities, all over the world –starting with:  Ireland.   The low-life diseased trash who raped over 400 girls, boys–thanks to cardinal thug–squats there, untouched –Protected –living:  off cardinal thug’s hush money.  The pond-sucking garbage ex-supervisor of Boston who told parents their children were ‘imagining’ rape:  hiding under the rottweiler’s own roof.  Why?  Head dog’s doggie den:  needs a good cleansing from all the fecal matter.

Pimped-out pope-mobile:  doesn’t hide the trash inside.  –If he is so “holy” why is he only going to:  the “money” spots?  –Why isn’t he getting up close & personal:  with Boston –Los Angeles?  If he’s so ‘holy’ why isn’t he going INTO prisons?  –Maybe he’s heard:  what happens to pedophiles in prison….

Maybe ‘G-d’s rottweiler’ will get it:  his PR bit ain’t gonna fly –or pry open any wallets. 

KABC:  sending one of their bobble-heads from LA to Washington WHY???  daVine Remedy Maybe:  local media —KABC, KCAL, KTLA, KCBS grows a conscience. –You serve AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PUBLIC.   You have Obligation, Responsibility.  STOP running crap ‘news’ bits on them —they aren’t NEWS.  

Media wasting valuable airtime on them:  No Better than the pedophiles and the rape-enablers. 

NOBODY:  gets informed about government -politics -city hall -city council -county board of sups -departments, agencies by filming, panting after every word of pedophiles and rape-enablers, all decked out –prancing around –squatting in their lavish transport and marble taj Mahony. 

WHY is cardinal thug ALLOWED on TV?  If a KNOWN rapist of children was –Muslim –Jewish –would you be “interviewing” religion head on every trivial drivel issue?  STOP giving ANY face time to cardinal thug Roger Mahony.  

Wise up, money-hungry media moochers  –BEFORE you loose your ability to USE OUR airwaves.  –You serve AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PUBLIC.    Cult is disgraced, broke, head mystic mooch, and his pointy hat, will clear out.   –A new person will be running the country, soon.   daVine Remedy:  We CAN end your ‘service.’ 

* * * * *

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4 responses to “CEO of Pedophiles, G-d’s Rottweiler, Plops In

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  2. Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.

  3. Bob

    I can not understand why anyone would read your blog. I don’t even understand what you are saying. Your writing style, besides not being grammatically correct, is appalling even if considered as “stream of consciousness” posting.

  4. Poppy

    I once saw a documentary: three men, walking in a public garden somewhere in Europe, talked while a voice-over translated. Each: raped in childhood –by a “priest” –unprotected un-aided by anyone. The men, then: 80-year olds. –Their lives destroyed, never forgot; neither did I.

    Scum of the earth germans: made war on mentally ill -homosexual -non-blond -Jewish children, grandparents -un-armed un-guilty generations –tortured, gassed, burned, shot, hanged –murdered in greatest crime against humanity. But pointy-headed head: Missing in Action.

    Eleven million from nearly every country died. Head of Catholic cult: ‘moved’ to say NOTHING over the SIX years, though many begged him –face to face. His silence: not golden –bought.

    Vile suspected-closet homosexual phony Mahony: tried to raze an historic building in his way –in the middle of the night –had to be stopped in court; used cult money to put up marble-clad monument to his ego, while poorest of poor go hungry, un-sheltered –repeated thousands of times over cult’s 2,000-year history. He scampered into hospital beds –when the press asked hard questions; used other people’s money to pay off the wronged –admitted Guilt 660 million times –to escape.

    They: acknowledge no wrongs –use guilt, fear, G-d to manipulate all –to rake in the dough. They have escaped prosecution but not condemnation.

    Of all this, You: find fault –with grammar???

    If YOU –enabled Employees to rape more than 400 children –lied to police: committed same crimes as Roger Mahony, your ass would be in Prison –for the rest of filthy life, until other prisoners meted out justice. What “style” is that?

    My top post: more than 10,700 readers; this one of topic-three: fifth-best read of my blog. Millions of bloggers would like to have ANY PageRank. —This blog : has fallen two points, solely because WP probs make it difficult to publish; Ranked higher than many long-standing websites after only five weeks of going live.

    Hey pal: Get sodomized by a ‘religious’ sicko, Multiple times –life view forever twisted –faith in G-d destroyed –Betrayed –THEN Ignore content, comment on: “writing style.”

    “Bob” I’m only surprised: your kind hasn’t shown up sooner.

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