’08: Obey Oprah -Iraq Infinity -Kennedy Kool-Aide? –The Part of “NO” You Don’t Get?

You gave away your vote –to one of three with the most votes?  Here’s a question for you:  Why?  –NO, not your Perception –the REAL “why”?

Which one:  voted to strip Americans of rights Guaranteed in the US Constituition?

…think you know?  I’ll wait….




Your guess?  Wrong:  ALL THREE –voted “FOR” “Patriot” theft of rights Act

–TWO voted “FOR” original version –without even Reading it, yet their leadership:  had copies of it –on their desks, for WEEKS Before 9/11.  They Didn’t Dare bring it to the floor for a vote:  Because it contained a clause –stripping Americans of the RIGHT of habeas corpus –the right to petition government for freedom after arrest, something nearly every country on the planet has, since it was created in England in 1215,  nearly 800 years ago.

–The newbie, AFTER Knowing —the outrage -lawsuits –detailed citing by Numerous groups that it stripped Americans of Guaranteed protections, rights in the Bill of Rights -in the Constitution:  voted “For” re-authorization of it, anyway.  Yup, he’s also a lawyer –who Should have known better….

You want clean Green –solar –wind –water energy?  So your choice is?

WRONG.  All THREE:  “open” to nuke power plants.  How did they get that way?  Dough –lots and lots of dough –from?  duh.  It’s OK with you?  So:  Toxic lethal waste –from nuke power plants will be stored –WHERE –for the next ten thousand years?  “Sombody Else’s neighborhood” –Doesn’t count.

You believe Americans MUST HAVE affordable health care –but you don’t want your wages garnished –damage award from medical injury cut –some left out?  Guess what, binky:  you’re screwed –those ARE the views of the three “leading” candidates, so:  Good Luck with that.  HOW did they get that way?  Health Care industry –got them ready for us….  Bought:  “a seat at the table, to educate them, to our point of view.” 

Which one has executive experience –managed/run –a corporation –a state –a city –large agency?  Sorry, you’re batting ZERO –“NONE” is the correct answer –ALL THREE come from the Crowd –just one part of over 500 –haven’t run a thing.  NO LEADER in this pack.

I heard Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. speak –long before he got “the change” –in October 2006, I was a few feet from him, probably about the time Oprah Decided to pick him, but long before Oprah decree.  A More boring speaker –I can’t think of any, until he got “the change” –of hiring speech writer for President Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Sorensen, to cram their words into his mouth.  –YOU want to believe those words –those vague ‘wishes’ –Good Luck with that, when He Can’t Deliver –he’s Clueless How to Actually Do –you will blame –what –who? 

Oh, you think his spouse will be “refreshing”?  –Compared to what?  Which Part of “refreshing” –a spouse with no class –describing the CEO of the country portrayed as “leaving his underwear on the floor”? 

DON’T YOU GET IT:  He is the PLEASANT version of Current Oval Office occupant –NO BETTER qualified.

Oh, you’re “for” –going into Iraq –STAYING –for next 100 years –forever?  So:  John McCain  “Plan” to RE-PAY the massive debt he –and his Republican pals have been party-ing on –will be paid HOW?  –NO, NOT from the wealthiest 1% –he and whatever supporters Mean:  to LEAVE “the tax-cuts” FOR the wealthiest –so the money will come from…You maybe?  –YOU don’t make enough?  Tough.  THEY:  have All the money –they want to KEEP IT –How did You THINK Exxon MADE 400 BILLION –in PROFIT –while YOU struggled to fill the gas tank?  Think the Greed Boys will give that up?  Dream on. 

–You’re “okay” –that the military-industrial complex –of worthless weapons –leaves vets with wounds: in the street, twisting in the wind  –leaves You un-able to afford to send your children to best/any college, pay a mortgage, see a doctor, have surgery –causes the US to be feared/despised by the rest of the world?  Really? 

Then keep on keeping on, with that third job, to cover the basics, cuz those boys MEAN:  to Keep on with the Profits –their Tax cut –the looting of Iraq.  But re-payment?  –Left for your childrens’ grandkids?

But his spouse –OK?  –You don’t mind having an ex addict –manage cultural, social affairs?  uh-huh…  So then the money he took, from the bank owner –the calls he made to agencies -regulators -investigators, to get them called off their investigation –the billions it cost US taxpayers when Lincoln Savings went down, with billions –saved by millions of elderly, doesn’t bother you either?  You’re pretty easy-going –with Other people’s money?  When You, your family, your country –even Worse off if he is in charge –you will blame?

Oh, You’re smarter –YOU think the other two aren’t smart enough –YOU want to Go –Back to the ’90s?  –Back to the “tested –vetted” Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife –to the one who asked people:  For their money –vote –trust –so she could turn around and use them –to get to another job? 

You:  Don’t have a problem –with abusing Other constituents?  You Want to go –Back to…NAFTA?  –Oh, sure you do, “NAFTA” is that thing her husband pushed through:  where the Jobs –that WERE Here –got flung OVER THERE –Out of the country –along with salary, millions of pensions. 

You, Americans, Haven’t had Health Insurance –since 1992 –because it was just a little mis-understanding:  when she got almost Everybody in a room –told them ‘it was her way –or no way –or get out’?  Oh, it’s true, she did “forget” to invite insurance industry –medicine –hospitals.  Oops.

Plus You’re not unhappy –with your phone –the phone mess –the rip-off rates???  Yup, that was Her Husband:  DE-regulated telephones –“Telecommunications Act – 1996” –Airline deregulation –NADA on people who Poured in, un-arrested, un-deported –violation of 1986-passed federal immigration law, and much more.

–Oh, that was Him –NOT her?  Well then:  SHE Hasn’t been:  “tested –vetted” –wasn’t ‘co-pres’ –Ain’t Ready.  She –and You, can’t have it Both ways:  Either She WAS part of harmful negative things her husband pushed through, we live with now –or she WASN’T.  If Clinton Wasn’t:  then SHE is “NOT TESTED –Ready”  Which is it? 

But you’re OK –with giving her spouse –a Third Term?  –You Actually Believe –the acting –the hype –the fake ‘husband defending his wife’ bit?  Okey-dokey….  Just so you know:  I Know –someone who worked for them, in 1990s, the tears:  utterly an Acting job.  Believe it –or regret it. 

Okay, so YOU:  Have Looked up their record –done the digging on the donors –Know the Facts?

Which One –to lead this country

  • Gets it, that invading country No threat to this one –on NO EVIDENCE –BUT:  Votes to FUND IT ANYWAY? 
  • Has Record:  Proof of belief –the way to “get security” is to TAKE Rights away from Americans –YOUR choice is? 
  • Knows How to Manage –handle Economy –International finance –shore up the sinking dollar?
  • HAS negotiated a peace deal –Anywhere in the world? 
  • Demonstrated Diplomatic EXPERIENCE? 
  • Knowlege –Experience in Any specialized field?
  • –Doesn’t work five days a week Now, but will handle SEVEN days a week –just fine, because Has made Dozens –of life-threatening decisions –Every day –all day –before? 

Your pick?

NONE OF THE ABOVE.  –The Correct answer. 

We need:  an Actual Leader –CANNOT be bought by lobbyists –Has Led –Knows How to Mangage –how to fix education –switch to non-toxic energy –WON’T embarrass us.

daVine Remedy:  How about WE go Back to the Future. 

We need an Independent –a Real leader –an Experienced person –NOT window-dressing imagery.  We:  need to Start Over.  If we don’t:  I Promise –You –me –Americans, are Going to Regret this…for ever.

Addendum:  No, Not even going to discuss/include a guy who:  wants to ‘run’ the country by dragging a religion into the White House –‘run’ by bankrupting the country with ‘shopping till we drop’ to pay for government –he would have to work hard to get UP to the level of a joke; he’s just an embarrassment.

* * * * * 

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2 responses to “’08: Obey Oprah -Iraq Infinity -Kennedy Kool-Aide? –The Part of “NO” You Don’t Get?

  1. I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.

  2. I highly enjoyed reading your article, keep on posting such exciting stuff!!

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