’08 Los Angeles: Are You Too Stupid to Vote? Pop Quiz


Famous Person says:  “We need more money, here are the benefits you could get/how we could use the money, so If you vote “Yes” instead of 10% tax will be 9%”


  • A.  Don’t know, busy, not sure; read up on Proposition before deciding
  • B.  Don’t know, extremely busy, think they wouldn’t lie, want benefits
          and lower tax, vote “Yes”
  • C.  Don’t know, busy, don’t have time look up Proposition, don’t vote on it


Correct:  A.

But if you answered:  B.  –You voted “Yes” on Prop. S
Get up from computer, go down the hall, turn into the bathroom, go to the sink, line up directly in front of the thing above it then say: 
                          “I am too lazy and stupid to be allowed to vote”

What’s the difference between:  “dumb” and “stupid”?  “Dumb” isn’t too smart, but “Stupid”:  KNOWS better but does a foolish thing anyway.  How foolish/stupid?

-How is “9% tax” less than:  0?

-Tax currently:  0

-You:  voted TO TAX yourself –AND everyone else, what was NOT taxed

-Proposition doesn’t say: “can ONLY, MUST ONLY be used for… purpose…categories.” –The Money that will now be collected:   can be used Any way they want –put into Any one of the Fifty General Funds.  Nice.

When the US Constitution was being written:  there was a big fight –over whether only owners of property should be allowed to vote –because They would be more careful, more responsible in casting their vote, than average citizens….

It wasn’t –a popularity contest, You had an Obligation, a Responsibility.

If –IF you had DONE your homework, you would have learned:  the City MUST get permission from voters BEFORE imposing Any/All tax.  City failed to Get voter permission for “communication tax” –got sued –lost in court.  A judge ordered the City to STOP>  But:  City Continued to impose and collected ILLEGAL tax, and WAS Going to loose it.  –But to Keep on Keeping on pulling in the money:

Mayor Villaraigosa, who didn’t want to Loose the Illegal money, wrote the statement that appeared on the ballot –mis-leading voters, with “10%” Vs “invented 9%” tax –but NO tax –NOT any amount is legitimate –without our vote, simple majority.

NOW:  You voted to let county of Los Angeles USE every phone –every phone line you have, AND everyone else’s, get slapped WITH a TAX –that didn’t exist BEFORE you gave “approval”

-all hand-held –cell-phone, Blackberry, etc.
-currently free Voice-over-Internet phone calls

Your phone was disconnected?  Guess what:  reconnection AND security charges –will now be slapped with 9% tax On TOP of those charges.

–HOW Stupid?  Charge begins: TEN DAYS after the election.

HOW Stupid?
9% TAX: will be added to ANY NEW thing devised in the future, appears on the market involving telephone, telephone line.

–Too “busy” to do your homework:  will now feed the City an EXTRA $43 million bucks –into the GENERAL FUNDNOT into library –police –911 –or parks fund, but Spent Any WAY, ANY Purpose the Fraud Squad, AKA Los Angeles City Council, and the Mayor CHOOSE to spend it.

Who doesn’t have to pay? 
News groups, Red Cross –which is a PRIVATE corporation NOT a charity; usual exemptions of senior adults, disabled, etc.  And TaDa: telemarketers get rate of “5%” –why???

Mayor Villaraigosa:  used the Chief of Police and together they tricked you –counted on You believing them.  You:  fell for it.  Los Angeles Prop S results. Thanks bunches.  Thank yourself, also, you Thought you were busy, before, now:  you’ll have to work Harder –to pay NEW tax.

Waste –fraud –abuse –Mayor has cut?
As long as CRA, Community Redevelopment Agency, exists: believe it, NONE. I once worked at that agency.  If I wrote ALL that happens inside that agency:  you would think I was making it up.  I’ll say this much: 

1.  CRA is the agency the Fraud Squad uses to seize property –for eminent domain –for condo conversions, when developers want pay-back for “donations” to City Council members who are Supposed to be representing us –residents –stakeholders –their constituents, voters.

2. CRA managers, staff:  come into the office, sign a time card, leave –for the day, don’t return.

3. Some CRA staff:  LIVE in housing meant for the homeless, rent-free.

Now:  you enabled the Mayor and the Fraud Squad to ‘bulk up’ some more.  WHY should they do ANY cost-cutting?  WHY should they pay attention to Controller Laura Chick?  YOU Didn’t.

daVine Remedy for deceit? 

Listen Up
-Antonio Villaraigosa, it is heavily rumored, wants to be the governor of California.  When he comes around, looking for your vote, saying he ‘understands how hard it is for people to pay their bills….’  –You?  Will forget?  –Remember?

-President of Fraud Squad Eric Garcetti:  rumored to want to be the next Mayor of Los Angeles, why Else does he hug the Mayor’s elbow –in EVERY camera shot?   –When he comes knocking –looking for votes, donations?  –You will remember, you already gave –to your phone?

BOOKMARK this page —Remember this, when they come around looking for your vote –again, Hoping you haven’t learned.https://davineremedy.wordpress.com

Next time
 If someone asks for your vote: BEFORE you give it away, look up their RECORD. –Pretty words, pretty promises Don’t Count. –What they Have Done, does. Which lobbyists –they have taken money from –which industries –did they lead or follow?  FIND OUT –before you give someone a job –BEFORE you get a tax slapped on yourself, everyone else –a dumpsite dumped in your neighborhood. This Stuff MATTERS.

You’re ‘too busy’ to find out, to do your homework:  DON’T VOTE, the rest of us Can’t Afford you.

Next Election:  June.  If you need to register or If you change address –name –Party affiliation:  re-register BEFORE April 30, 2008.  If you “declined to state”  (“Independent” –DTS) party affiliation, but you checked off “American I. Party”:  you registered with segregationist, racist party of dead George Wallace; might want to:  re-register, soon.

* * * * *
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