’08 CA: URGENT ALERT Independent -DTS Voter

UPDATE  If you registered and voted in California election February 5, 2008 as “Declined to State” –Independent, unaffiliated voter, and voted with a Democratic Party ballot:

–the end/tear-off portion with numbers, corresponds to the ballot you cast.

You can:

  1. Call the Registrar of Voters for your district:  verify if your ballot was cast correctly for “president”

     2.  Find out If you failed to ink-in top portion correctly.  If so:  your vote

          for “president” was not read by the scanner

     3.  There may be either:

  • Candidate challenge
  • State Legislature involvement
  • Machine OR Hand re-count of  ballots
  • Lawsuit filed

Keep ballot end-stub, tell everyone you know to keep theirs.  Will Up-date this page with further information.  If you wish to Bookmark:  https://davineremedy.wordpress.com


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