’08 LA: Proposition “S” –for Sneaky, Slimy

Los Angeles Proposition “S”  –boiled down version:  do you want your phone used –to make EXTRA money for the county of Los Angeles?

–No, NOT ‘pay for’ services –Pay EXTRA money.  –Believe it:  the county has a few Billion bucks to Run ALL the services, we will loose Nothing if you:  vote NO on Prop “S”

Our Charter says:  Voters have to approve tax increases

  • Voters were NOT asked if they wanted to pay: 10% tax on telephone bills
  • Tax imposed –and collected, anyway —illegally
  • Los Angeles was sued:  they lost, LA phone users won, BUT: 
  • the county Continued to impose the tax –illegally –we have been paying it since 2003
  • Mayor Villaraigosa decided to put the tax on the ballot –ask voters to approve it –but in a sneaky way
  • Mayor is “offering” to “reduce” ILLEGAL tax –by one per cent —IF we approve it –AND:  if we do
  • We will be taxed for:  Internet accesscell-phonesAny new thing that enters the marketplace involving phones
  • Telemarketers:  get to pay 5% less –why???
  • Mayor has Failed:  to cut waste –abuse –fraud –over-lapping wasteful agencies –Believe it

YOU:  don’t HAVE to Pay anything –not 10% –not 9% –If you Vote NO on “S”

–Don’t believe:  the ads with Police Chief Bratton, they are FALSE.  –Police -Fire -911 have PLENTY of money to run those services –and Fifty OTHER General Fund budgets to pay for Everything.  VOTE NO on “S”

If you vote for tax:  9% tax will be slapped ON TOP of ALL your phone bills –in TEN DAYS –INCLUDING:

  • Internet line
  • re-connection charge for disconnected phone AND on Penalty and Security charge
  • cell-phone
  • Blackberry —ANY hand-held or land-line
  • and on now-free Internet phone calls —in ten days

DON’T be tricked into voting for illegal tax  –way Not daVine…  Read up on the Voter Pamphlet proposition.

Update – election result.

* * * * *

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