’08 CA: Prop 93 –Let Lobbyists Run the State?

You’ve seen the ads –the LOUSY –the phony –biased ads?  Ignore.  The REAL question:  did YOU ever start a new job –and be Good at it –in a week –a month –a year?

We –California voters, voted to Terminate the length of time a candidate could represent us.  We BOOTED them –just when they got Good at the job.  THEY didn’t –Couldn’t form any loyalty to us, they knew they were getting booted.

Who filled the gap –got VERY good at pitching –GETTING –WHATEVER they wanted?  Those with Zero loyalty to Californians:  lobbyists.

Lobbyists –for special interests –big interests –oil companies –developers.  –Anybody with the bucks to hire a mouth-piece.

WE:  have to UN-do what we did.  WE:  shot ourselves in the foot –state is bleeding money –running rampant with LOBBYISTS –who GET Everything they want.

VOTE:  FOR Prop 93 –to GET BACK our state.  Period.  If –IF you don’t LIKE who represents you –they aren’t doing a good job:  vote them OUT.  –Complain –Send e-mail –get your neighbors together and organize.

Till then:  VOTE FOR PROP 93 –daVine….


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