’08 CA: Are Some Indians Spamming My TV –for a BIG Rip-off?

It started nearly Five MONTHS ago:  the First time I saw an ad –in OCTOBER 2007, with California Indians I Knew.  –They wanted something –whatever they wanted, was going to be Pricey –Hidden –Loaded with emotional garbage.

Then:  the gooey fake slop of ‘Christmas with the “poor” “helpful” Indians’ –who were ‘willing’ to part with some cash, amount unknown, “for” California –showed up –NON-STOP –“for” some other tribes.  But, duh –didn’t they ALREADY promise to spread the wealth?  WHY are some tribes AS POOR as before SOME were allowed to have gambling casinos?

The Indians took a ‘break’ from their ‘feel-good’ ads ONLY:  when Malibu caught fire.  –Well, to be more accurate:  the media suspended ALL advertising, for a week, so they couldn’t get on OUR air to pitch us.  When fires were out:  Indian begging –phony stories –pitching Back On.

I COULDgive you long song, polished dance about THEIR propositioning of us, but I’m NOT going to.  What SOME Indians want:  to rip off Cal-ee-forn-eya, thanks to and With the help of the nazi-loving admitted sexual molester squatting in “governor” office. 

We:  CAN do better than the shaft that guvn-idiot pulled.

Do I KNOW what I’m talking about?  If –IF you had NOT voted “FOR” the nazi-lover:  California Had the PROOF –to WIN lawsuit against ENRON –to GET BACK the $9 to $11 Billion bucks ENRON ripped off Californians.  But:  YOU voted to let a guy with Zero experience, skill or knowledge get into the governor seat. 

–FIRST thing he did –the REASON he “ran”:  he settled California’s suit by signing a statement —accepted $.05 –five cents–for every DOLLAR they ripped off/OWED us.  THAT is WHY he was Put up to run.  I posted this on as many places as I could –warned –begged NOT to give away your vote.  People didn’t listen.

Listen up now:  nazi-lover made these deals Also WITHOUT the Legislature.

VOTE NO Way —NO how, on Proposition  94  95  96  97

If you vote For Indian propositions:  Do NOT whine –sob –beg when your grandparents are ill –but you CAN’T get any help.  –When SCHOOLS don’t have books –supplies –good/decent teachers –when roads –bridges –levies fall apart. 

VOTE “NO” all Props 94  95  96  97  –or Keep your mouth shut –later, after you SEE what you’ve done.

* * * * *

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