’08 ALERT: Oh Lord…Last Hope…Going…

I’ve come to regret…listening to TV, but since 9/11, I can’t turn it off….  It doesn’t, hardly EVER tell me what I want to hear, it just Keeps on slamming me.  A few minutes ago:  the boob tube told me

“…John Edwards is going to announce today…that he is quitting his campaign for the presidency…at 1 PM in New Orleans….”

What the HELL happened to his PROMISE –vow –to stay in the race to the End?  Somebody took him into a room, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse –a threat –a warning –a vow???

I make a Vow:  Americans can hand over a Third Term –or hand over the country to the Worst disaster the US has ever known.  I Promise you…we are now left with choosing between evil –Serious Evil –Evil to be done….  This country:  is now Over as we have known it. 

We, Americans, America is:  DONE. 

If you are upside-down with a house:  find your banker –or a non-profit consumer councilor to help you and work it out –or walk away. 

If you have a car with payments:  give it back/get rid of it, then buy –outright, whatever is in Good Enough shape IF you Have to have a car, public transportation doesn’t exist/ you can’t commute with it.

TELL any creditors holding your debt, via plastic cards:  lower the interest or you won’t pay. 

Buy food –real food, nature-made, not processed -pre-made -frozen, directly from growers, at local farmer’s markets if possible, grown without pesticide or chemicals; cut out soda; cut way back on flesh –meat and cow milk; eat more nuts, citrus, berries, dark green -red -purple -every color to your menu to stay healthy.

Buy:  absolutely Nothing you don’t Absolutely NEED.  –And then ONLY for cash.

Then:  SAVE Every dollar you can –starting Today.   –Pay the most important bill First:  You.  I KNOW what I’m talking about.  THINK:  if you are figuring out –worrying how to pay for coffee –you bought two years ago, you are using plastic/loan card the Wrong way.  Pay:  Yourself –first –something –Every week –into a savings account, open one now if you don’t have one. 

KEEP shoving money in, $1. at a time if you have to, until you have the money in the account you would need:  to Survive for six months.  –Food, fuel, shelter, utilities, insurance.  Do Not touch that money.  Each Month:  interest will be added to it –that’s free money; don’t touch it, each month:  interest compounds.  THINK:  will the place where you bought coffee –got clothes -electricity -dinner to go, turn around and Help if you go broke?  Of course not.  Help Yourself.  Pay Yourself first EVERY week, no matter what else is going on in your life/around you.  Respect –for yourself, will rise, Fear will decline.  Then, whatever happens, you will have some security, your own Plan B….

But if you think Penta-goons getting Ten Times the budget of Any other country on the planet has been bad –for the planet –for every other country –for our “security” –cause of failure to feed -clothe -house veterans, poorest families, elderly –supply Proper universal health care –stop global pollution –stop hatred, torture:  you ain’t seen NOTH’N yet….

You may be “supporting” a candidate still in the running…you have been tricked.  NO daVine Remedy for what’s going to happen…or rather:  there is daVine Remedy, for all of it, but it is not going to be…there is just… crushing disappointment…more trickery… evil….   America as we have known it is Over…the people behind the scene:  have succeeded. 

May G-d help us all….


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