’08: SSSSSt –Thompson is Done!

Tricky Dick Nixon, the worst thing that ever happened to the US, prior to 2000, How bad was he?  If you have forgotten -weren’t around:  the anti-Semitic foul-mouthed mental paranoid used IRS and FBI –to spy on Americans who didn’t want any more death, destruction in Vietnam –tapped reporters’ home phones; lied –committed illegal acts; culminated in stupid burglary –he ordered of Watergate building Democratic Party Headquarters –but blamed, fired his own Republican staff members.  He destroyed Americans’ core belief in government; nearly put democracy into the trash, Disgraced the office, the only one ever forced to leave the office.  So believe it when I say:  he was horrendous, I still despise him.

So it is with some amazement/amusement that I actually agree with Sleazy on something.

On exposure, the Senate formed a committee, chaired by superb senior Senator Sam Ervin, to investigate, known as: “Watergate Hearings.” Comprised of Democratic and Republican Party members, on the Committee, who knows why:  Fred Thompson.

Watching Watergate Committee televised hearings, Tricky Dick said of ‘Senator’ Fred:  “dumbest person I ever met.”

–Not “stupid” –not ignorant –dumb.  Amen!  Only a non-English-speaking viewer could have missed –how dumb Thompson’s irrelevent editorial-‘questions’ were.  For context:  I came to admire, respect Republican Committee member Senator Howard Baker; still do. —He would have been a fine president.

When ex-Senator ex-lobbyist Fred Thompson announced his intention to run for president of the US, I giggled, and kept on, at his subsequent ‘pronouncements.’  Lobbyist?  “Conservative”?  Once had the view:   50% of American population had the right to Decide what to do with their own body –about abortion.  –Until:  he decided he wanted to be president and his potential voters didn’t like his view.

Purposefully, I have kept silent, about Republican Party –candidates –issues –race.  I have my Hopes, Wishes –no intention of putting down words that could influence.  –At least: not publicly.  I wrote to members of group I belong to, last summer, my prediction of the Party’s nominee..

But I certainly have enjoyed watching –the buffoon –try to enter rooms, without his ego blocking the doorway.  –His arrogance, “jumping” in when he felt like it, after ordering his supporters to ‘raise the dough’ for him to pad around –in style.  –His affirmation, that he’s a ‘gen-u-ine’ Ronnie Reagan clone –faithful believer, in right-wing ideology.  An original thought –statement –idea –sentence???  Not even on the horizon!

But alas, Today, January 22, 2008: Freddie’s newest ‘I quit.’  Thompson Drops Out   –So sad, Too bad!  With his pandering –to a small minority of minority Party, I looked forward –to watching him –try to bend the other way –to Appeal –to Anybody Else IF he got his Party’s nomination.

Too bad –he didn’t spend some of that dough on ‘wake-up’ pills –memory speed-course –or speech-making.  Or:  maybe he just needed naps!  SO boring:  it was difficult to focus on even short sentences –by listeners!  So dull:  when he spoke with some energy two times in a debate, “reporters” pronounced him:  ‘having some spark’ –‘reviving his campaign’  –‘catching fire.’  Hilarious.

Less amusing:  those same “reporters” can’t be bothered reporting on ALL CANDIDATES –omit Positions of ALL –label some ‘second tier’ –actually block some from appearing, participating, in sham ‘debates’ –fail even to mention poll, vote, delegate count of each.   

Who the Hell are they –to Decide which candidates Can/Cannot be seen, heard?  Do you even Know:  candidates of “Green” or “Libertarian” Party?  –Those are recognized legitimate Parties with millions of supporters –so Why aren’t they represented –on camera –in debates?

Superbly-qualified candidate Gov. Bill Richardson:  forced out of campaign because “reporters” –INCLUDING Public Television–didn’t report his Positions, statements, solutions —Ignored him.  So much for “fair and balanced.”

If you don’t know:  most main-stream media ‘reporters’ so jaded, bored, self-absorbed –they are slanting reports –news.  Some:  have even Admitted –they want to see candidates fight.  They want both traditional Parties:  to have  knock-down drag-out Convention to choose each Party’s nominee.  –‘Better’ –for them –for ratings.  Media –Reporters –deciding Who gets use –of OUR airwaves.   –While media owners:  have given donations to candidates of Both Parties, hedging their ‘bet’ –making sure, whomever wins, They get a seat at the table. 

e.g., Sly Fox Rupert Murdoch, Republican, owner of Fox multi-media:  has given money to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  Candidate Dennis Kucinish has stated:  executives of Disney Corp. have donated to several candidates.  –Disney is a media network –reporting on campaigns, what the hell is management doing lobbing money at candidates?

Ergo:  Stealing democracy.  ‘Sound-bites’ –NOT the way to ‘interview’ our next CEO.

daVine Remedy…
YOU –have the Last WordIF you do your Homework. 
USE the Internet –go around “main-stream” media.  –Read –blogs –candidates’ Positions on their website.  —Who is donating?  –Lobbyists? –Views, negatives of those Opposed to your choice? 

Nobody can be a victim –without giving Permission
Silence: NOT ‘golden’ –as Gov. Bill Richardson and Fred Thompson learned. If you Allow yourself to be manipulated by the media –without complaining:  Don’t complain when you’re unhappy with the outcome of the election. 

We get: the government we deserve. Remember: we got the guy –Lots of people said they voted for ‘the one they most wanted to have a beer with.’ How many of them: have shock, awe to legs -arms -hands -eyes -brain? –Aren’t alive because of that ‘good ‘ol boy’?

–Protest –write to FCC –to reporters –to media that don’t report on ALL candidates -positions -events. daVine….

* * * * *
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