EVENT ALERT! Choking on Plastic Bags –and LA Supervisors?

Some things are just sooo Obvious….  Oil:  supply dwindling…price soaring.  World:  planet dwindling…plastic soaring. 

Petroleum:  used in creation of cheap plastic bags –not cheap to clean up.  If Humans stop –making, using plastic bags –which wind up in land-fills and oceans, then plastic will stop poisoning planet –oceans –fish –humans.  duh….

Plastic bags:  twenty minutes on the hip, 500 hundred years on the scene.  This is not higher math or difficult to grasp –except by:  supermarkets and Supervisors of Los Angeles County, it seems.

Heal the Bay:  had an understanding with Supervisors, specifics, to reduce pollution –of land –fish –ocean –plastic bags.  Supervisors:  now backing off.  –Did the three Democrats –suddenly decide to join –right-wing of Republican Party —a lobbyist, or twenty, decended on staff –‘donations’ to “campaign” accounts –magically appeared?  The agreement is slipping away –into “postponed” vote?

Have Your Say
Heal the Bay –wants your body –dressed in red –downtown 1 PM Tuesday January 22:


For the past nine months, Heal the Bay has been advocating to curb the County’s 6 billion bag per year plastic bag addiction.

Now, the LA County Board of Supervisors is threatening to weaken aggressive reduction goals to curb plastic bag use that had been agreed upon earlier this week. Our agreement as of Tuesday with several Board of Sups’ offices was that reduction/recycling efforts must reach 35% by 2010 and 70% by 2013; and if not — the Board would consider a bag ban.

Today [Friday January 18] we found out the County is proposing to FURTHER reduce those goals. It’s latest proposal is just greenwashing and only does lipservice to the blight and environmental damage from plastic bags. Recently China, Australia, and cities throughout CA have proposed/adopted plastic bag bans. It’s a sad day when we have to look to China for environmental leadership.

Because of Heal the Bay’s opposition to this additional weakening, the Board may AGAIN postpone a vote on this critical decision. Please attend a rally on the stairs outside the Board of Supervisors hearing room, and attend the hearing to make them take the RIGHT action.

WHAT: LA County Board of Supervisors VOTES on reducing Plastic Bags

WHEN: Tuesday, January 22nd, 1pm

WHERE: 383 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration 500 W. Temple Street (Downtown LA)

HOW: Make Your Voice Heard! Wear RED!

VISIT http://www.healthebay.org/baghearing for more details!

Bottles, bags –you tossed in 1980s –STILL here.

Supermarkets’ wasteful ways, I have been asking, calling, writing, begging Crabbing about them since the 1980s.  It is because of THEM –water, soda put into plastic bottles –groceries into plastic bags –for their convenience. 

Fish: don’t know that. They eat the bits of plastic –that gets blown, dumped into holes in street curbs -travels through sewers -spill into the ocean –into fish, choke, die. –Into ground water –killing us –chemicals in plastic bags disrupt hormones, prevent pregnancy, generate cancer.

People in San Francisco –smarter than residents -politicians in Los Angeles??? THEY banned Plastic bags, WHEN do we?  Are you Listening Trader Joe’s -Von’s -Ralph’s -Safeway -Jon’s -Rite-Aide -CVS -Wal-Mart?  Supervisors?

We have watched you vote and spend –$90 MILLION trashed on “fixing” a hospital, closed –unKnown Millions of tax revenue from a for-profit “developer” building commercial property on county-owned land, waived –millions to worthless consultants, employees who lied, fired.   But child protective services –over-crowded emergency rooms –jails –streets? 

WHEN do you Get a spine? “Postponed” vote? NO Free Lunch here.  Intended or not:  There are Consequences, to what you do –and Don’t.  WE…who watch…and wait, also vote.

–Should we Wait –until view of the ocean:  sea of Plastic –there aren’t any fish –or humans without plastic residue in their bloodstream?

daVine Remedy: WE can bring re-use-able non-Plastic bags to grocery store…we Can get a proposition on local ballot…New smart Green representatives….

We Deserve:  representatives who are at Least as smart as those they represent…daVine remedy…GET on board –or GET out of the way, Supervisors.

Have Your Say
Plastic bags…Express your view with Heal the Bay –dressed in red –downtown 1 PM Tuesday January 22, 2008

Send this page to friends, neighbors –now:  https://davineremedy.wordpress.com

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