’08 CA: ALERT Are You Registered to Vote –For Sure?

WARNING:  Spam Not Tolerated – Akismet is ON –if you spam:  Your ID, Location, E-mail auto-forwarded to FBI -to foreign authorities– Spam at your own risk.

UPDATE  – To verify you are registered to vote, where, etc VotePoke nearly 11,000 ‘poked’ it, tool has expired,  instead use Los Angeles Registrar of Voters link to check your status:  https://lavote.net/SECURED/VOTER_REG/ secure link 


Other California County: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/registration-status/index.htm

Have you done your homework? Who is Best person for All Californians: Take the Poll once only
Governor: choose one
Senator: choose one
Tea Party: choose one

Results: come back after November 2 – see how your vote matched up with other Californians.

Election Day
Propositions Want to give a billionaire billions??? Read ballot pamphlet -websites carefully. Find out: Who put up the money to get it on the ballot?

Bring Your Voter Pamphlet: poll workers quickly find you in the book; use it to mark ballot/vote quickly.

First Time at your Polling Place: bring ID –with photo –California driver’s license, passport, etc., and something showing current address, e.g. bring some mail (utility bill). Note: If you don’t have valid ID with you, Poll workers cannot refuse to let you vote; they will give you Provisional ballot. Keep receipt number to check later if your vote was counted.

If you aren’t listed in polling place book –or for any problem: request an Emergency ballot.

If poll workers don’t have Emergency ballots –they offer you a  Provisional ballot:   use it.  Then: Ask for and  KEEP receipt of your ballot.

30 Days After election day:  call Registrar’s office, give ballot receipt number to see if your vote counted -registration valid.

Polling Place Problem:  Be polite –rudeness, temper won’t change -help a thing;  poll workers are your own neighbors, they enable democracy.

Not Sure –how to vote –a Candidate -Proposition: then skip it —don’t vote what you don’t know, we can’t afford any more mistakes.

Verify You are Registered to Vote in California HERE:

Use VotePoke to make sure you can vote

Click Here SEE above

NOTE  –IF You didn’t do your Homework on candidates -propositions:  I’d rather you DIDN’T vote –than help you vote for the harmful.

PRIVATE –I cannot see your information –every link here is just like any link in a Blogroll –I cannot see -keep -verify -sell -pass any information.  If you don’t believe -worried, don’t ‘Poke’

–Not sure you can trust:  over 10,900 people have ‘Poked’ this page since I first published it, my most popular –not even one has written complaint about privacy.

Southern California:

LA County Registrar-Recorder Headquarters

12400 Imperial Hwy, Norwalk

Contact Registrar –Before 5 PM week day:  562-466-1310 or 562-466-1323


Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. –To be Certain you can vote, you must be registered before Deadline:  15 days prior to election.  If not already REGISTERED:  register pronto, you way don’t want to be in with the last-minute crowd for November election.

Election to decide President and one Senator:  first Tuesday of November (every four years).

To Register:  You Have Choices

You can register to vote:   Internet -or- In person/hard copy


a.) Click Sidebar link –under “Californian – vote” ====>

b.) Google it yourself:  “Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters

c.) Haven’t voted in a while –not sure if voter registration valid?  MoveOn.org sent me an e-mail with a cool link they created, to verify if you are registered.  –If you aren’t:  it has a link to register on-line.

Verify here:

MoveOn.org:  Use VotePoke to make sure you can vote

Click Here SEE  Top

NOTE MoveOn.org form doesn’t allow “mailing” address; to use both “residence” and “mailing” address:   pick up a hard copy

NOTE If you Register on-line:  you still need to sign registration formwatch your mail for the sig card, return promptly; don’t receive within ten days:  call Registrar’s officeNOT valid -not allowed to Vote until Registrar has your signature.

Note Links —No, I don’t make any money from clicks –No, I cannot see your information or  anything else, they are just links as in any blogroll, there for quick convenience.

~Register in Person

Pick up the Voter Registration form:

-Post Office

-most libraries

-Department of Social Services office

Call first to verify they have forms

-Registrar of Voters office, Norwalk –for Los Angeles county residents

-Fill in the form —on the spotEVERY LINE

-MAKE SURE: SIGN it –no signature NO registration

-mail it immediately on leaving the building

Then You can decide method to vote:

Polling booth in your neighborhood on Election Day or

via mail before Election Day.  Additionally, vote:  up to one week before election via electronic vote machine, various locations; by Provisional ballot; in an emergency – SEE Sidebar or Registrar of Voters website

Want to vote–

–on your schedule –at kitchen table?

–Your county will use the vote-stealing electronic ‘touch-screen’ “ballot” machines

–you will be temporarily outside the US on election day

–getting to polling booth will be physically challenging

–you’re military posted outside the US

Vote by mail:

~Request Mail-In ballot form here

-when you receive the form:  mail it in

-ballot will be sent to you, with deadline for mailing it

California Primary Election:  February 5, 2008. –Which means register no later than January 21. NOTE: Monday January 21, 2008 is US national holiday, federal & state offices closed in California.

If You Are Curious…

Party Affiliation: choose one

To be candid, California rules have changed –so many times, I’m not clear any more, but it used to be:  if you select “Independent” –you are not allowed to vote in the Primary election.   But:  Changed, again.   It’s not fair or smart, but I can’t fix it and neither can you, so to be certain you can vote:  check BOX next to a main Party, e.g. “Democrat.”  –“Republican” Party:  doesn’t allow Independent/Decline to State voter.

UPDATEIndependent” –Primary Election

I slogged through a lot of fine print; currently:  if you register as “Independent” –Decline to State (DTS), you cannot vote in the Primary election –with one exception.  Chairman of Democratic Party states: “Independent (DTS) voter welcomed –allowed to vote.”  Not so for “Republican” “Libertarian” or “Green” Party.  So:  to be able to vote in California election check box next to “Democrat.”

General Election

–“Independent” –not allowed to vote in Primary election…Yup, it’s goofy, unfair, probably should be illegal; but in General Election my polling place: always has a booth for “Independent.”  If you want it changed:  write to your representatives SEE Sidebar for contact links.

For more specific info: write to Registrar of Voters at the website, but don’t expect quick reply, they are swamped.

All of which proves:  parties have locked political choice –freedom.  daVine

Remedy:  I think EVERY resident (–entire country) should re-register –as

“Independent” –force ALL candidates and parties to step Up/work harder/offer Genuine choice/fight to get Each vote.

Address read this carefully:

Under California law:  you have the right to use a “Mailing address.  USE IT –if you have:

-identity theft problem

-court order protecting you from someone

-a stalker

-don’t want paparazzi/media weasels to find you

-any good reason to protect your residential address –But NOTE:

-You MUST also write your “residential” address on the form, though it will not be used –you won’t receive official election pamphlet or campaign advertising at your residence. –Voting material will be sent to “mailing” address.  Believe it. I receive all election material at my “mailing” address, not at my “residential” address, for nearly two decades.

Use Common Sense

If you fear someone will find your “residence” address from the form -you want it confidential:  use someone else’s address, But write it down. Future:   for anything connected to voting you will be required to give it on the phone or on-line.  –Give the wrong “residence” address and you won’t get any help –considered ‘not registered.’

-If “residence” space blank:  registration not valid –not registered to vote.  That’s not fair –to students, homeless, new-job transferees, newly divorced, etc., but that’s California Life.


If you do NOT list a telephone number:  registration NOT valid –Believe it.  I’ve done voter registration:  workers cannot even turn in forms that don’t have “telephone” filled in.  Don’t have a phone?  Too bad, government isn’t up to speed on Reality/ doesn’t care.  Registrar workers:  will toss the form.

What happens to your phone number?

Campaigns –allowed, do call registered voters.   To receive calls from pollsters, supporters and invitations, etc:   use the phone number you won’t mind receiving such calls.

You don’t want any calls?  Hmm…well, you could use my phone number… care to guess what it is?  –You did NOT read that here…lol….


If you don’t have or don’t want to give e-mail address:  not  required.  But if you do list it:  expect to receive campaign e-mail –by law it will include a link to un-subscribe.

NOTE Ex convictDON’T be too sure –you MAY be eligible to vote.  SEE:  Sidebar link or Registrar of Voters website.

NOTE Military –posted out of the US?  –Register NOW anyway, so you can vote in General Election.

NOTE Request Absentee ballot if:

-frequently out of town

disabled, elderly/infirm

-live in remote/rural area with less than 90 residents

-poll place uses electronic “vote” machines –unstable in bad weather; vote can be altered, secretly

Not sure if your polling place will have electronic “vote” machines?  Order: Absentee ballot

We lost excellent LA County Registrar:   she quit over those easily-hacked criminal machines, and of course Democrats and Al Gore lost 2000 election because electronic “votes” in certain important districts were altered.  Repeat 2004 Election:  in seven states more votes were changed to “Republican” than the number of registered voters in those states -documented:  “US Census Bureau Report to Congress on 2004 Election.”    In California:  Registrar  has approved “vote” machines for some counties; others:  refused to allow election-stealing machines into the district.

Absentee Ballot:  When you receive your election pamphlet:  turn to back cover –fill out the form to request “Absentee Ballot

Democratic or Republican Party:  candidate –can easily defeat the will of voters with:  electronic touch-screen “vote” machines –NO PAPER trail –EASY to break into –EASY to alter votes –NO WAY to PROVE how many votes candidates received.

Don’t believe your vote can be/will be changed?

SEE “US Census Bureau Report – 2004 Election

and “GAO Report to Congress 2004 Election” –documents:  votes were altered –leading to Oval Office occupant “elected” to “second” term (he wasn’t elected first time, either).  But, Oops:  his pals changed too many –more votes “for” him than registered voters in seven states.

If you care enough to Register:

Do a better job than the media

Do your homework before you give away your vote.  LOOK at record.  Pretty words -scripted emotion -promises without history and proof:  ignore.  Read candidate’s Positions on Issues –and between the lines, it Matters.

Who is supporting your choice?  –Listed on the candidates website; who isn’t –but should be?  —Moneylobbyists special interest group –interests you don’t agree with?  Those Won’t get ‘better’ —after the election.

Emotion:  doesn’t count

Look at blogs –read what opponents say –website of other Parties, about the candidate you’re thinking of choosing?  There probably hasn’t been an election this important since 1930s, during Great Depression.

If you aren’t willing to make Informed choice:  don’t vote.

My view: best vote method Inka-jet

–Voter makes a black dot in the hole of selection, vote counted by bar code scanner. Recorded quickly, paper trail, easily repeated for re-count. ALL voting in the US should be done that way –but it isn’t, in states where one Party intends to steal…. In some US states: voting is actually worse than in primitive small countries…. WHERE are media stories about THAT –while they fill OUR airwaves with “news” about deeply over-paid/under-worked cele-brats.


Registering to vote:   Yes, your name will be put into pool to draw for jury duty.  Register a car with DMV:  also gets your name put into jury duty pool. That’s grassroots democracy –how we get “fair, impartial jury of peers.”  Would you rather have a bureaucrat –a politician decide who goes to prison -gets justice -compensation?  Don’t register.

Send this post –to family –friends –neighbors –co-workers –PTA list –childrens’ teachers –your e-mail list, to make their life easy, make sure Californians have their say –on state and national options daVine Remedy… https://davineremedy.wordpress.com

* * * * *

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77 responses to “’08 CA: ALERT Are You Registered to Vote –For Sure?

  1. Mac

    You seem to know what you’re talking about so maybe you can help me. I registered to vote online in early Jan. but I never received any thing in the mail and since the cut off date has passed my right to vote has been taken away. I emailed the support email on their web site and they replied

    “Thank you for your recent email. Our records show that a voter
    registration card was processed. It is unclear why you did not receive

    Unfortunately, the close of registration for the upcoming election was
    January 22, 2008 so it is too late to use the online system for the
    upcoming election.”

    I feel cheated and robbed of my rights. Do you know of someone else I could contact or have you heard of this before?

  2. Poppy

    Hi Mac

    Feb 5: I checked my e-mail
    Feb 6: Your Comment: posted at 12:49
    but I only received notice (just now) of your e-mail –TIME: 20:49 –seven hours later
    –almost 24 hours AFTER Polls closed.

    If it took seven hours just for me to receive Notice that you wrote a Comment, imagine how long it took for Registrar to process thousands of on-line registrations –per Day. I can surmise: your card was shuffled to a wrong stack/lost/missing an item –that needed follow-up.

    If you didn’t receive INSTANT/auto-reply that Registrar received it: you needed to do it again –until you did receive reply.

    If system didn’t work on-line: you needed to pick up the hard copy registration –at library, post office, fire house, etc.; or the telelpone, to the Registrar’s office and ask for one.

    No, I’ve not heard of receiving reply that ‘registrar received your card’ –but not registered to vote. Once registration is received on-line: I believe the next step is sending a form –for Signature, which must be mailed back, so signature can be compared, if ever necessary.

    But you needed to do all this long ago. “Early January” was Plenty of time. But in California –election day…after polls closed…. Who could possibly enable you to vote now???

    It is good that you are angry –that indicates you will be a good voter, we need more like you.

    If you are a resident of Los Angeles, then I am also disappointed:
    -The Mayor: LIED on Prop S –ignorant people will now –in ten DAYS–get their phones slapped WITH a tax THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY AT ALL
    -talk-radio: destroyed opportunity for state to have REAL representation, ignorant voters FAILED to do their homework
    -four Indian tribes: begged to be allowed to rip off ENTIRE state, ignorant dumb people said ‘okey-dokey’

    What you “lost” in “Presidential” Primary:
    choice between ex-drug user with zero experience and “ex”insider loaded with baggage –neither a Leader, on one side.

    On the other side: one -openly wants to drag a religion into Oval Office -one wants use to Oval Office to fund secret militia, decimate working -middle-class –one wants war into infinity. –NONE a Leader.

    –“Robbed”? AMERICANS were robbed.

    Whom did I choose? I will be posting on that.

    Contact –now? No one can change your status, except you. Immediately: pick up the registration form, fill in, Sign it, send in NOW –so you CAN vote in June Primary and in General election.

    Bookmark this page so: ONE WEEK after you mail the form click on Registrar’s website and Call to verify they received. –And get Date: they will send you Acknowledgement and Date voter pamphlet will go out. IF you don’t receive the first: STAY ON IT till you do.


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  4. Thanks for visiting my blog . Yours is pretty interesting too!

  5. Poppy

    Don’t remember visiting your blog, sorry, but thanks for popping in. Did you “vote” in the poll?

    Thanks! Sorry for delay in responding. –Along with keeping up my other blogs and semi-managing Life, this page of this blog has gotten so many readers, over six thousand six hundred, it’s been keeping me hopping with up-dates.

    Not sure exactly, why so many. Californians have had ten months to register. After registration submitted: Californians receive confirmation from Registrar of Voters. But I’m delighted to help, hope each becomes a successful voter and returning viewer –for remedies daVine.

    Next up: ballot propositions. –If you’re a Southern Californian, come on back for those updates!

  6. Lewis

    hey there

    I’m REALLY upset. Like every other procrastinator, I mailed my registration in ONE DAY before the deadline (Oct. 20). Unfortunately, I still haven’t received my ballot and I just checked my status online only to find ‘no information found’ for my name/address.

    How do I verify I registered??? Is there any way I can still vote???

    I’m so mad at myself! At the same time, I DID register on time.

    What do I do???



  7. Poppy


    Basically: this isn’t the day to beat up on yourself. I haven’t been able to log in and stupid WP dashboard probs, so I replied to you in e-mail –check your in-box.

    -Find polling place address for your residence –see Sidebar links or Google
    -Take photo ID
    -ask for “Emergency” ballot, vote
    -get recipt of your ballot

    After election day: call Registrar’s office to see if they have your registration; if so, they can look up your ballot from recipt numbers; tell you if it was counted.

    For anyone Not registered: do it THIS WEEK. –Next election, in Los Angeles: will be far more important than this one. –Feds can’t jack up utility bill -take your home -fail to give textbooks -decide who will be mayor. –But local politicians can -do suck money, directly affect your life –and how many parking tickets you get. Register this week.

  8. Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I will necessarily subscribe for this blog. http://lowsalego.com/map.html

  9. Poppy

    Thanks! Though, lol, not sure why Amsterdam resident –wants to read about local voting rules, glad to have you as a reader. I do post on US, California, Los Angeles politics. Enjoy. Thanks for commenting.


  10. Nice blog I really like your writing style,it is really interesting to read your articles.

  11. Poppy

    Thanks for popping in. I write on subjects I’m passionate about, and even though I include at least one Remedy, it’s hard to know –how it’s received. Recently someone commented he didn’t know why anyone would read anything I wrote! –But I suspect: he’s a fan of the pope, didn’t care for my un-fan views, lol. Oh well. I welcome all feedback. Thank you for comments, I appreciate.

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    • Poppy

      Hi Casey
      Thanks for commenting.

      I’d LUV to do Something to un-funk theme for you, but truth to tell I’ve been searching /up-dating/doing “fixes” for over a month now, on some kind of new, odd probs, with Zero results. Though I’ve changed all my passwords & run all my ‘safety nets,’ still cannot scan & defrag, fix a thing, find source of the problem.

      I’m way not on newest o.s. or IE, but am crazy wild for this (The Best!) theme, and you’re first/only one to say it’s a prob, so perhaps: enabling Firefox or Opera (my choice) browser would be a daVine Remedy? Thank you for popping in, reading, commenting. You’re welcome here, any time. Happy New Year,

  13. Hey, I think your mostly on focus with this, I can’t say I am completely on the same page, but its not really that big of a issue.

  14. Many thanks for your information!

  15. Here’s a comment. Great advice =) Thanks

    • Poppy

      Thanks! Glad I could be of service. Did you use VotePoke?

      I’m working on next post: the Gulf oil monster, check back, let me know what you think.


  16. Thanks for the advice. Will put it to work. Tom

    • Poppy

      Welcome, Tom.
      Every election matters, but this November: could mean House and Senate who represent voters or
      those who gave them money for “special” interests. –A Republican who apologized –to the corporation
      destroying the Gulf, for making them pay for cleaning up the mess –as shocking as all the money
      he’s gotten from oily boys. Every American Needs to get informed, vote.
      Did you ‘Poke’?

      Republicans: Used to have Environment embedded in their platform….

    • Poppy

      Thanks. Are you registered? Will you vote? Consider getting: Absentee ballot. No rushing around, no line, no waiting, vote at your kitchen table.

  17. I’m waiting for the store bought frozen lasagna to cook and I found your article. It’s a decent read. Thanks

    • Poppy

      Thanks. But if you’re not in California: why did you bother? Are going to vote in November? What do you make of the Tea bag people? Whom will you vote for in Philly?

  18. Does this blog correctly display smilies? Because my site does not :(

    • Poppy

      I think it is possible to enable smilies here, but since I don’t like them, lol, don’t know/never tried. lol, was there anything else? Do pop in again.

  19. Thanks for sharing. Share is caring after all.

    • Poppy

      You’re welcome. Did you click the verify link? Will you vote in November?

      I’m working on a plan: get more to vote in November election. Did you know: Los Angeles has the largest number of Democrats –who AREN’T registered to vote? If 100 people in each state –had NOT voted: John Kennedy would not have been elected President.

      Voting: Matters –especially when candidates run mud-slinging ugly ads —trying to Suppress voters.

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    • Poppy

      Thanks! Yes, and I am VERY unhappy: host, WP, is going to delete it. I know some of the problems/reasons for delete, but I’m still unhappy. This site has looked this way for nearly five years. Oh well. Will you still read it if it has a different look? I’m dreading the change. If you do/don’t like the new look: will you be specific in Comments –I’m going to want feedback.

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    I am searching ahead to a lot more details about this

    • Poppy

      What do you want to know?

      If you click on the link and it comes back “not registered” then: pick up a registration form
      –at post office, library, or DMV office. Make SURE you sign it —no signature
      no registration. You can post questions here –I’ve kept Comment section open.

  22. best acne treatments

    Hey, just wanted to let you know: I’m having trouble with the links up top. Do they work or is it just me?

    • Poppy

      Gosh –links “don’t work” –for YOU –but they DO for the other eleven THOUSAND people who have read this post??? Hmmm, could the “broken” links –have any thing to do with your SPAM handle??? Well I’ll get right on fixing those “broken” links, on the 12th of never.

      So: did you enjoy the Voting info? Where will You be voting? Voting for?

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    • Poppy


      How come I get the feeling you ONLY Commented so you could spam? Hmmm, from the link in your “handle”? oh well, lol, I deleted it for you –so you WON’T loose your Internet connection getting Reported for spamming. You wouldn’t want THAT, right?

      Could you do me a favor, if you AREN’T interested in VOTING: tell your golf pals to stay OFF WordPress –if they DON’T want to get booted off the Internet –permanently. Go ask your weeny spammer pals: where to get a J-O-B

  24. similar in the past? Let me know your thoughts…

    • Poppy

      –You’re that desperate to promote your little site, this is what you do? Sad little spammer person…. Way hope you AREN’T a Californian, we got enough problems.

  25. similar in the past? Let me know your thoughts…

  26. Why does this site take a long time to load? I’ve been noticing its getting slower and slower every day :(

    • Poppy

      Wartrol! I can’t begin to tell you how useful that is to know –I’ve NO way of knowing how the site is for anyone else, so big Thanks for the feedback. WP has a tool (gizmo?) to ‘speed up your space’ but haven’t downloaded because site loads okay for me, nobody has complained.

      I could use your help: I’ll research the How to -enable it This week –come back and tell me if it makes a difference? If it isn’t faster: the other things to do for faster load time are, gulp, way past this author’s skill set…I’d have to look for help. But: this design: is going to get ‘killed’ by the Host, don’t want it –and don’t know when. It’s going to have Total overhaul. Maybe: that will engender speed?

      Thanks for comment, for returning. Was the Voter Verification Tool helpful? Are you in/will vote Los Angeles County?

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      Thanks Monty! Glad you like it, (me too) had it several years.
      I’ve added many things, to make it unique: it’s a template choice –of host WordPress –but, gulp, VERY sad to say it is about to disappear. The original designer has done things which cannot continue, so it will be ‘killed.’ I’d be pleased if you: would come back and give your opinion –when I have to change it –to something else. Will you?

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      Thanks, porno!

      You’re welcome here, any time. Feel free to Comment –all views welcome (–spam and, lol, porn not!)

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      Julian: Thanks for letting me know you have prob. I’m barely tech literate, way not clear how to/what you’re wanting, So: I’ve asked for help. Please check back, maybe 1 -2 days, I’ll try to have reply for you.

  31. Do i repost this on my personal blog? I’ll try to drop you a backlink. Let me know, bless you!

    • Poppy

      Helena beer??? Are you guys together –drunk? –Or it’s just ONE commenter, with a bunch of beer handles? Last week: it was golf guys –desperate to “thank” me….

      If you’re for real: yes, you may copy the Properties –post a link to this on your blog. What do you plan to do on Election day?

  32. Congrats from a single brainiac to yet another.

    • Poppy

      Whoa, lol, Thanks bg monitor.

      What do you think you will do on election day? Are you in the Angry-voter boot the Dems –or holy cow we better finish the job crowd?

  33. Thanks a lot for breaking this down for the other percentage of all of us. We need an increased amount this! Thank you.

    • Poppy

      You are welcome, best micro, lol. Have you been sampling the product? –That’s two Comments –are you guys all at a meeting or what, lol?

  34. Continue the excellent job guys!

  35. Thanks a lot for breaking this down for the rest of us. http://boyswhitedressshoes.com We start to use more from this! Thank you.

    • Poppy

      You are most welcome, jumping!

      What do you think you will do on election day? Pull five neighbors -co-workers -friends to the polls to make sure everyone votes –or stay away and let the Angry decide for everyone else?

  36. Congrats from one brainiac to another.

    • Poppy

      Thanks, montana –my pleasure.

      Were you able to verfiy registration? What will you do: on election day? Can you tell me: what’s with all the micro-brew Commenters today? Well dinkers or not, you’re welcome here. Always feel free to comment –all views welcomed.

  37. Can I just say what a relief to locate someone who truly knows what theyre speaking about on the internet. You definitely know tips on how to carry an problem to gentle and make it essential. A lot more individuals have to go through this and comprehend this aspect from the story. I cant consider youre not extra well-known due to the fact you undoubtedly have the present.

    • Poppy

      LOL, Thanks, Brad
      My pleasure to help. Were you able to verify or register to vote? Will you vote in November?
      I check links, regularly, but let me know if any probs.

      You’re probably correct –not much well-known, lol, I write essays –on people -topics -issues AFTER they were “hot” –way NOT “cutting-edge” blogger here! –Rather boring for the “Now” reader, lol. I do a lot of research before I post on anything, stick to journalism standards, careful about attribution, facts, etc. Though I WILL admit: some people are so wrong –have too much influence –DO so much wrong that I do have, uh, non-newspaper names for a few people, corporations…. As angry as some people get me, I will look at entire subject/issue before ‘ripping apart.’ Ahhh, the pleasure of writing, of Amendment rights….

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