’08: She -Back to the ’90s, He -Back to the ’60s -Back to the Future Instead?

I composed three posts and half of this one –but shoved this one in first and changed the point, because a few hours ago I learned some bad news:  with only a Tiny number –in two Tiny states having chosen their preference –for the moment, Governor Bill Richardson intends to stop running for president. 

–Before All of us have been heard in the voting booth:  The Best candidate to run the country –re-unite all sides –stop the ugly division –Actually solve our problems –deal with the Future, with intelligence, with people from all Parties and positions, is quitting.

Why is Gov. Richardson quitting the race?  It doesn’t matter:  what reasons he will give.  The Real Reason:  American media –reporters, print, network & local, serious & bobble-heads, all of whom come from working and middle-class, and owners of giant conglomorate corporations –and so-called “Public” network –made Their Decision. 

Media Focused on “The Woman” and “The Black” –for fun –for their own Amusement, because they are despicable desperate lonely money-hungry loonies.  –Ignored the original thinkers, the centrists, the serious and the candidates on the extreme ends.  They have the Gall to label all:  “First Tier” –“Second” tier of candidates.  They backed up THEIR Decision of Who Can Be President:  with cash –lots of cash. 

All of which leads me to ask:
         WHO the HELL are THEY to Make The Decision who will be president?

If Jim Lehr of PBS “Nightly News” –does round-robin questions of all the reporters –but talks about only two of the Democratic candidates:  WHAT does that say about Fairness –Impartiality –about OUR opportunity to be heard?

Ditto:  Charlie Rose –Charlie Gibson –Diane Sawyer –every boob with a microphone on every local station who mimics them?

Comments –by Chris Mathews: 1950s dated sexist junk, well-documented, Tiny Tim Russert and whatever pretty-face Brian has to say don’t count –they do, say whatever they’re told –whatever is good for NBC owner bomb-maker to the Pentagoons, GE.  THEY don’t matter.

But when Lehr:  “interviews” so-called Impartial mainstream reporters –without even Once examining Gov. Richardson, Mr. Gravel or Dennis Kusinich –or even asking questions about THEIR positions on issues –when each has millions working, supporting, donating to those candidates –THAT is inexcusable, dispicable.

After the New Hampshire “Primary” –all ANY of them could talk about –gag us with:  How Badly they ‘guessed’ the winners –How Lousy the numerous polls, that were Supposed to Predict –Tell them Who “won” –before the Polls opened, closed.  Diz-gusting.

What the HELL Happened tocounting the ballots –THEN reporting Facts –of which Candidates received the most VOTES?

THIS IS NOT A HORSE RACE.  The pretty faces:  Supposed to be REPORTERS  –Reporting –as in Telling the Factual information –After the event.  But no, every one of them:  gaga over ‘failure’ to Guess correctly.  If I want Guessing:  I’ll ask neighbors –or a palm-reader. 

This Has Made Me Think

  • Reporters” –failure to Report on All of the candidates –trying to tell us Who won prior to the Primary 
  • Writers of movie & television industry –refusing to lay down for mega-corporations who want them to work for small fraction of the money raked in on their work. 
  • Oval Office Occupant –spouting off on “the robust economy” –without Ever telling the Truth –about what he and his pals have done to the Treasury –what his fat-headed invasion of a country For NO Good Reason & failure to have Exit plan has done to the Future of the US –what has happened to the value of the Dollar, sinking against other currencies –all of those adding up to:  Recession coming.

What do those portend –for the future? 

If I paused, for a time, I could probably come up with a more apt example, but I’m too outraged to stop.  On studying history, Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England, after fighting -maneuvering –inspiring –pushing to win World War II, I remember being stunned, on learning: promptly after the War was over, he was voted out of office. I thought about that, for a long time. Over time I have studied this and, though it may be obvious, realized that during, after a Major event:  a kind of truth ‘floats to the top.’

After each World War:  Nothing was the same. The rigid caste system in England ended after WW I. –Jewish people said “Never Again” and created a permanent home, after WW II, as only two of many examples.

Our future:
-Abysmal media –Decides who will be each Party’s candidate, gets the Prediction wrong. I suspect: we will No Longer trust, watch American media or reporters. The Internet –will be our friend.  Media congloms: will Loose their power –stranglehold on OUR political process.

-Writers: strike will go on so long –it will so effect what does, does not come out –in movies, on TV, that we, viewers, will no longer tolerate the congloms producing crap –violence, semi-porn, vapid trash and market targeting 14-year old boys in “mega” ‘busters-of-blocks’ cartoon ‘entertainment’ when the strike ends.

–Or hook toddlers onto junk “food” or stupid toys on TV. –Adults will un-hook from ‘desperately’ needed erection and other “disease” drugs. Movies and TV will not be the same, when this strike/war is over.

-Oval Office Occupant –as lies float out of his mouth, every time he opens it –as he tries desperately to stab at cleaning up his ‘legacy’ with “making” ‘peace’ –as he arrogantly tells European Union to let in Turkey (wow), while the Nation’s Guard keeps getting lobbed out of the country –to go protect oil –for his pals –while price soars to un-justified $100. bucks a barrel –majority of Americans work harder for less money, less future –he continues to rob grandchildren yet unborn, from a decent future, as he and his pals suck on the Public trough.  –Will our contempt be so great:  a Third Party is formed…?  Glaringly seen by ALL –for what he is:  THE Worst thing that EVER happened to the United States.  –Somebody, Really, should tell him:  NOBODY is “debating” –‘deciding’ if the First President was a good one, duh, the Capital is named for HIM –he’s On the ONE Dollar bill, sheesh, we Don’t put Dufus Morrons on our money.

I’m plenty unhappy about Gov. Richardson not continuing to run for the White House, with stinking media –with lousy empty talking heads –perverted political process.

Clueless, I have NO idea, right now, whom to support –open to suggestions, please post in Comments. 

I Do Know:  Save your money –pay the only bill that matters:  yourself –first. –Read books –and blogs!  At the end of the day:  put on your jammies, snuggle in with some hot cocoa –and wait for the Good Things to roll in, after the tide rolls OUT …daVine Remedies….

* * * * *

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