Election ’08: Don’t Mind Loosing Your Rights? Vote for the Newbie

The people who founded America:  decided –it is a given –one cannot gain Security –by giving up rights.         

 “Those who would trade liberty for security:  deserve neither”

      —Benjamin Franklin

People who represented us in Congress believed that also, right up until September 10, 2001.  Six weeks later:  they were presented with the “Patriot Act” –written, supposedly, in only six weeks, by a lawyer working under Attorney General John Ashcroft, extreme conservative John Yu.*

…actions such as this and legislation such as the Patriot act and the new Military Commissions act are the precursors to a military dictatorship.

“And remember that the first draft of the Patriot act that sat on Ashcroft’s desk before 9/11, and also remember that Ashcroft was flying around in a private jet because he was told that there was going to be a terrorist attack with airplanes, so all this had been planned.

They were going to move to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, which is all that really separates us from a police state. And that is what they have done now with respect to enemy combatants.”

Habeas corpus:  the human right granted in the Magna Carta nearly 900 years ago, in England, in 1215 –adopted by nearly every country in the world, because it is the right to petition government for freedom.  –The demand for proof government should be allowed to hold one’s body under arrest. 

Without right of habeas corpus:  a policeman –elected official  –anyone with a badge, could throw a person into prison –without rights or legal representation –Indefinitely –not to be heard from again…like those detained at Gitmo, in Cuba –and in secret prisons?

It could happen —to any one of us.  –That is the definition of a police state.  Loss of liberty –makes us secure?

Where is he now?  Teaching his views –to law students –at Berkeley.  That was the way the nazis took over the courts and the legal system in germany:  first they installed people who shared their views –into classrooms.  Then those taught young people:  to accept their views.

“Patriot” Act  hundreds of pages long –ready –same week as US attacked –but delivered to members of Congress only the night before the vote –why?  How many members of Congress –read the Bill –before voting on it?  As widely reported:  none. 

How many voted “FOR” “Patriot” theft of rights Act?   In the Senate: 

  • one Senator, Mary Landreau of Louisiana, did not vote
  • one Senator, Russ Feingold, voted:  “No”
  • 98 Senators voted:  “Yea” for the “Patriot” act of theft
    –including the Senator from New York:  Hillary Rodham Clinton –without even reading it, without even knowing what it contained.  Do You sign things –without reading first?  Senator Clinton is a lawyer.

Two did know what the Act was about, what was in it:  they had a draft version on their desks –several weeks before September 11.

Leahey and Daschel:  why didn’t they bring it to the floor for a vote –long before the attack?  Because they knew:  they would be voting to do away with habeas corpus.  Unthinkable.  They refused to take it to the floor.

Yet They Decided:  wiping out the rights granted even to citizens of small countries –was justified —after the country was attacked.  Justified?

Only countries with dictators would dare wipe out habeas corpus –dictators –and the United States of America.

Among the provisions:  “Patriot” Act orders librarians to report certain activity to the FBI –without a warrant, no court order –a librarian can be arrested for even revealing that they could be arrested for giving information on a patron’s activity.

Federal agents free –to wiretap —spy –on e-mail, phones, fax –seize property –people –papers –without proving justification to a judge.

Many Silenced –on threat of arrest –without warrant, any court’s approval or supervision, even though a secret court was set up for just such secret warrants –in 1976, where evidence is not public information. 

The Administration:  doesn’t want to bother with any judge –revealing if they have evidence –justification –to get a warrant –to spy on American citizens.

Defensable?  Try it:  if you protest, express outrage –to a conservative, a right-winger?  The response, always:  ‘if you aren’t doing anything wrong, what do you care’ and ‘have you personally been affected by “Patriot” Act (of theft)?’  –As though it was written down in a manual for them –or they all meet in a clubhouse somewhere, get told the answer. 

Well a.) HOW would anyone KNOW if the feds considered some ordinary innocent activity “suspicious”? 

Since the invasion of Iraq:  plenty of new words have popped out of the penta-goons.  If you, someone using your library card, looked up several of those words –looked up map of Iraq, Middle East, etc. –at the library, to learn more, YOU could already be on a List –not know it.

b.)  That:  identical ‘argument’ used by corporations –heads of studios –defense contractors –demanded American citizens “prove” they were “loyal” –by signing an oath during the witch hunt for coomunists in the 1950s.  Those who were appalled, reserved their rights asserted in the Constitution:  put on a Black List –secretly –which made them un-employable.  –At least until the vicious drunk in the Senate, McCarthy, was ‘outed’ –by outraged Americans.

“Conservatives” never quit –they like to keep everyone ‘in line’ –except themselves, of course. Current Administration’s “Patriot” Act of theft:  old dead horse, dressed in new clothes.

FBI, CIA: free –to do whatever they choose –unhampered by laws –unwatched by court –for –“Security”?  That is the stuff of germany, before they made war on the world –of communist countries, to take control, to put down any who rebel.  Spying:  effective silencer. –That, the definition of:  Police State.

When the public learned, understood –our own representatives had voted for stripping rights –direct violation of provisions of the Constitution –without even reading what they had approved:  Americans were stunned and outraged.  

How, many asked, could we get security –become safe –by loosing our rights?

The “Patriot” Act:  was then amended, somewhat, with sunset clauses. –Certain parts:  had an end date –to continue in force Congress had to re-authorized.

Provisions:  up for a vote –re-authorization last year.  Despite Americans’ outrage –illegality –having heard the outrage —knowing what it contained: 

David McNew/Getty Images

     Barack Hussein Obama Jr. voted  “Yea”  
     to reauthorize “Patriot” theft of rights Act.

    Though new to federal government, to the Senate:    
    Mr. Obama is a lawyer.  Can he claim:  he doesn’t
    understand what the “Patriot” Act means –what it       contains?

The junior Senator from Illinois –must have known about the outrage, heard the criticism, read newspaper editorials –knew about lawsuits filed to prevent loss of rights –to stop the “Patriot” Act.   He had the opportunity to vote “NO” –but:  he joined the crowd. 

Without knowing content –without time to read –debate, why didn’t Senators ask their leadership –to put off the vote?   Remember:  the Senate and the House –both controlled by Republican Party members.  So why didn’t members –Democrats, ask –their leaders –what was in the “Patriot” Act –before they voted?  Good Question.

Why don’t YOU ask those who voted for it –those who represented us –those who want to be president, now –why:  they voted to strip rights granted in the Constitution –voted on such a Bill without even reading it first?

Congress:  stabbed Americans in the back –voted –to give the Administration what they want. 

How is Mr. Obama any different from Republicans?  So much for rights.  So much for “change.”

To know How a thing will turn out –to dispel doubt:  separate pretty words from fact.   –Ignore the words, the speeches, the quips, the convoluted ‘answers.’ 

The best indicator of the future:   the past.   Look –at his record.   

Mr. Obama:  took an oath to uphold the Constitution.  Then Voted:  to take away Rights granted in the Constitution.  –That’s who should run the country?

A person who goes along with the crowd:  a leader?

The Democratic candidate who didn’t vote for “Patriot” Act?  The only candidate with executive experience:  Governor Bill Richardson .    He isn’t part of the crowd —didn’t vote to give away power –go to war –nor fund it. –The person who Really can make changes.

Gov. Richardsoncan reunite the country, work with all to solve our future –the same way he has done in the past. 

Gov. Richardson: HAS negotiated with North Korea –Iranian rulers –got Americans released from Saddam Hussein –HAS balanced budgets —worked with members of all political parties in his state, during two terms.

Gov. Richardson:  antidote to division —daVine Remedy to restore our rights, make the country secure –without loss of liberty, spying, lying or greed –without massive debt.  –HAS diplomatic experience, HAS negotiated with dictators and enemies, successfully. He will bring the troops home.

We are Lucky Gov. Richardson is in the race.   Let’s Choose Real change –choose quality.  —daVine Remedy

*UPDATE:  John Yu –I checked, the first time, but got it wrong, apparently.
My mistake, please excuse, not: John “Yu”
The guy who decided that torture is “okay” –no need for Americans to obey the Geneva Conventions on torture, that we signed, decades ago, drawn up after world was horrified at torture done by nazies–was:  John Yoo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Yoo
–Worked in the Justice Dept.: gave the Oval Office occupant and the President of Vice “legal” justification, AKA “cover” for torture –citizens of other countries tortured, to “protect” Americans –via his intrepretations of US Constitution no other scholars have expressed in over 200 years; moved on to: a neo-con think tank; now: gets a salary from University at Berekely and Lord only knows why. Additionally shameful: Public television, CPB, has actually had him on “Nightly News with Jim Lehr.”
If you are right-winger or conservative who believes Yoo’s ideas on torture are correct:
it’s not enough –to say ‘his interpretations have “prevented” another attack’ –to just put away your passport and stay home; pray no US military person gets captured. —Yoo: exposed ALL Americans to possibility of torture. –Nevermind human rights, If Americans don’t even honor the treaties we signed, why should citizens of any country respect any of us?

* * * * *

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