Iowa? sheesh…

Holy freak’n cow…. 

I began digging –doing homework, some twenty months ago, on some of the seventeen who have interviewed for the job of CEO of the US. 

I examined –experience –judgement –record –small details –large donors….

A tiny fraction of the residents of a tiny state just stated their preference for the job.  It is apparent: we used VERY different criteria….  –Or:  None?

HOW is it Possible –to look at the field –but choose…?

I should probably not recount this story, but it’s apt, so I will (–personal stories isn’t the point of this blog).  One day when I was a small child, in a new school, at the beginning of the term, the teacher, whom I did not know at all, told us to get out our crayons and draw a picture of a spear.  I thought that was most peculiar.  But being new, not wanting any attention, decided not to ask any questions, drew the picture, handed it in.

The teacher gathered the stack and turned over each drawing on her desk, as we watched.  She stopped at a drawing in front of her –clucked, lip curled and in a sneering voice said “somebody drew a picture of a s-p-e-a-r –I didn’t say “spear” I said “sphere” –like the universe –up above.  Somebody didn’t pay attention, didn’t listen.” 

I rolled my eyes, chuckled to myself, ignored her.  We were not, obviously, on the ‘same page.’  I day-dreamed, alot, in school…so much of what I was supposed to learn –seemed  irrelevant –to the Really interesting things –to the things I wanted to know… nobody ever bothered to explain –why I should learn that junk…..

People in Iowa –got their head turned –their ego massaged –their Common Sense blinkered??? –Weren’t paying attention???

It is Obvious:  Iowans do politics up-close & personal. –But the way, in the proverbial example, three blind men examined the elephant. –Each came up with their version of what it was they were ‘looking’ at –wind up:  way far off the mark.

It is amusing, somewhat –to watch them, up to a point. –It stops when one Realizes –what is at stake –How critical the choice –how un-funny their ‘judgement.’

To make a bouquet:  one needs to look at the flowers –not at the non-flowers.

It is Clear, now.  Residents of Iowa:  irrelevant.

Footnote:  one day, several grades later, we, every student in every class in every school in San Francisco, was told to draw a picture, turn it in.  A few months later:  I was ordered to the principle’s office, but…as I walked s l o w l y down…down…the stairs to her office, I wondered which ‘crime’ had been ‘discovered.’  –We weren’t told –the drawings had been entered in a contest.  I won –first place –over every kid in the City.  I flew back up-stairs –rudely popped my head into That teacher’s room, grinned, shut the door and ran off to gloat and prepare for the awards ceremony, on television.  Sweet.

I know what I know, know when I’m right.

I don’t give up, I never quit –when I want something.  daVine Remedy….

* * * * *
If you’re wondering:  yes, this wedge of WordPress, still loaded with bugs, still difficult to write, to post.  I will persevere, the issues are too important to go elsewhere and start with a new one.  Thanks for sticking with this blog.  Much more to follow. 

* * * * *
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