How Low Will Bomb-maker GE Go: Leno -Writers -You?

Did you —ever go to management at the end of the day and say:  ‘even though I worked all day, you don’t have to pay me’?  –Know anybody who has?  Why –would anyone NOT want to get paid for their labor?

Maker of carbon-sucking light bulbs and worthless weapons to  the Penta-goons who “run” US military and Treasury into the ground, GE will do –say –coerce whatever to get what they want.  what do they want?  Money

nothing too low for them
That is how they came to ‘consume’ Universal movie studio –and NBC.   Though zero experience -history -or even interest, GE ghouls didn’t hesitate or ponder their lack of creativity or journalistic background –but only sought the money that can be produced/extracted from the acquisitions.

Once acquired:  NBC flunkies changed –the rules.  Instead of reporting –ALL the Actual new stuff going on around the globe -Washington -Congress -Oval Office -in places where totals are kept, they decided:  to keep secrets. 

Now Americans get the warm and the fuzzy –NBC version of Truth –propaganda –evasions –facts, leaving out whatever might ‘offend’ their most important customer the Penta-goons.   –No In-Depth examination, of a thing –except trash celebrities famous for being famous; doggies and drivel.

Kicking over the rock –the apple cart –way not on GE money boys’ agenda.  –“NBC White Paper” –classical music concerts –investigative reporting –good writing –in-depth news –quality all long gone, along with staff who cared about such.

Reporter Tom Brokaw, inheritor of the legacy, mentored by the great reporters, looked around, saw the blue pencils and the bean-counters, said ‘No Thanks’ and split.  That left the flunkies anchor-less. 

So NBC flunkies did what flunkies do:  they looked around –their own studio, saw pretty-boy Brian Williams –and tapped/knighted him ‘sir reads-aloud.’

What was pretty-boy doing –when they ‘found’ their ‘star’ reporter?  –Waiting in the wings, for his Big Break?  Naw, he was a-typing –the letters into the Krohn, so, ya know, bobble-heads could like ya, know, have stuff to read when they’re like having cameras on them and stuff.  Williams didn’t write the stuff he loaded into the gizmo, he just t-y-p-e-d the stuff.  Ace ‘reporter’…  –You could be one too, with a pretty face.

So HOW low will GE go?  Recently They actually shoved Brian Williams –onto their now junk show “Saturday Night Live” —YEARS after it was funny, cutting edge, using their other un-funny flunky, Conan O’Brien and his little waste of an hour, to promote it.  Why?  –YOU would start watching the nightly “news” –because pretty-boy popped up on a vaudville show???  –You will watch the stale comedy show –because a pretty-boy who reads news appeared on it???  I Don’t THINK so.

Lobbing pseudo-reporter onto “SNL” –Then –now:  so inappropriate, tasteless thing to do, NBC flunkies Don’t Even Get how wrong –how Poor –how credibility damaging it was to do that.  Oh well.

Tim Russert –not a pretty-boy, just the weakest possible person to hold up a desk –at the end of a long line of some of the finest reporters, commentators –analysts that ever passed through journalism in the US –or any other country.   He “anchors” –now badly -inaccurately-named “Meet the Press.” 

Meet up with Timmy on any Sunday:  miss any/all relevant facts, info, justification, illumination –not an interview –no thing worth catching.  Why does it continue?  Got me, I give.

When tiny Tim doesn’t get an answer to one of his banal obvious questions?  He does something reporters –everywhere, were once warned Not to –got fired for –beneath journalism standards:  Timmy asks the question again –and repeats –and repeats~ again~in~my~ear –until the interviewee refuses to answer, gives irrelevant answer or changes the subject –and until I want to smack him.  Nearly always:  right over  Timmy’s head.  Then he moves on:  reads material –written by some print Real reporter –or old stuff a researcher dug up, instead of anything original.

Have you seen Bill Moyers’ PBS documentary on origin of Iraq invasion?  In it Tiny Tim looks into the camera and whines:  “I wish somebody had called me, told me what they knew, that there weren’t any WMD.  I would have gladly taken their call.”  gulp –Reporters Used to:  Go Get the Story.  –Like, ya know, get off the spreading behind, Move the feet –in the direction of the Info.  Oh well, maybe Tiny Tim skipped school that day, when “reporter” Explained to students.

Ann Curry, another ace reporter –drips –emotion, from A to B, so hard:  if one is eating when she pops up with “in depth” hard-hitting piece on shoe shopping -weather -gift wrapping –or latest trash swiped from court TV cases, owed warning.  Warning:  watching Curry drip –can trigger reaction in the throat area, causing one to gag, violently. 

Latest GE foray into scooping up the bucks:  blackmail. 

People who write –the Stuff on which the Biz part of Show Biz makes the money –sells the air time –to drug-makers –car makers, etc., hoping You are watching –will buy the crap –for which they charge the advertisers Serious Bucks –so they can pay themselves Serious Salaries and throw the left-overs to investors –all done using our air waves….

Without Product –shows, movies, GE’s cash-cow NBC ain’t got noth’n to show –to sell.  The people who produce such stuff:  writers –who want to be paid, not just by the piece, but for royalties, like most of the rest of the creative industry.   GE/NBC:  said nope.  –The corporation can/does make mega-bucks when they re-run –reproduce the material to sell it again.  They don’t wanna share the money they make when they do that.

People who make music:  recorded it, made records, CDs. –then others came along and put it on the Internet.  They shared it, at first for free, then charged to share it, leaving the music makers:  all out in the cold –un-paid.  They didn’t like that, much.  Who would.  So the music-makers sued.  They won.  Music isn’t shared –for free, anymore.

Writers –of TV shows –of movies don’t like it either, not getting paid for their work –for additional uses of it.  They asked for a tiny slice of the giant pie –they created –on which producers feast, keep on feasting, over and over –off the same original work.  Producers:  don’t wanna share –they said ‘nope.’  Writers stopped writing. 

Bomb-maker GE:  doesn’t like it, when people go into business for themselves –stop producing what makes money for them.  So bomb-maker GE:  tried blackmail, on one the worst comics going:  pimp Jay Leno.  Bingo!  It worked.

GE told pimp Leno:  write –your own jokes –go back to work NOW –or everybody gets fired.  Leno, being a pimp and a wimp, caved.  Pimp Leno:  ain’t real smart in the brain department.  IF he had one, and used it, it Might have crossed it:  IF GE fired all the people who used to work on Johnny Carson’s old show, WHO Would they get to replace THEM –when the strike is Over?  duh.

So the guy who pimped for a candidate for elected office who loves nazis and apologized for molesting at Least Eight women, but “couldn’t” find air time for his opponent, has caved –again.  –A “comic” as ‘tough’ as tiny Tim is reporter.  Leno:  pimping himself –January 2, 2008.

NBC, GE –cheap –shoddy –unfair use of air waves –twist democracy –candidate favoritism –pimps.  Do NOT forget:  those bums were part of the gougers –who made campaign ‘donations’ to Oval Office occupant, who re-paid the ‘favor’ by twisting FCC rules –to allow them to own television AND movie studio –in the Same market.  –Fewer media voices, no local coverage of Issues –facts, that matter.

Pimp without ethics, character –flings donuts at picketing writers –and willing to cross their picket line –walk over writers who want a fair share of the pie they created?  NBC –bomb-maker GE, doesn’t want to pay –for the labor –the creativity –the product, on which THEY make money??? 

daVine Remedy:  one of the sharpest, funniest, wittiest people on the planet —Dave Letterman –and Craig Ferguson who follows, both owned by Letterman, negotiated –IS paying writers.  –Though he doesn’t have the Billions GE has, swiped from US Treasury via the penta-goons and worthless weapons.  Watch HIM on January 2.  –NO blackmail –NO crossing picket line.  Respect.

daVine Remedy:  Don’t turn on NBC–until –unless GE Pays writers what they want.  Don’t watch pimp Jay Leno, Conan the bore O’Brien.  Boycott the products they fling.  –Those are OUR airwaves –OUR Treasury GE is using. 

Use your power:  boycott GE, NBC –Universal.  –daVine Remedy for starting the New Year.

* * * * *

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