If you are a regular reader of this blog:  you are thoughtful…intelligent…rather creative, and think for yourself.  –You are better –smarter –sharper than the abysmal media that spams TV –buy up independent & financial newspapers –fling bobble-heads at us who can’t even read or understand what others wrote for them –lob trivial feel-good junk and sell-ebrats of dubious fame, but discard facts and news that matters –failing to inform –Stealing democracy.  

That you are a reader of this blog:  I thank you.

                                   gift with flower, ribbon

I would write this blog even if no one read it –if only one read it, but you cheer me, that I am not talking only to myself, lol… 

If you have not been a regular reader, followed my little soap opera:  my home needed repairs, holidays last year were so chaotic, I was impressed with myself that there were any greens in the house…then fridge turned into a hot box that immediately froze food gone mildew overnight…then my car was stolen…the ‘repairs’ grew –to giant size.  My entire household was professionally packed, moved, put into storage, while I moved in to a hotel suite, to chew my nails down to the bone, morning, afternoon, night.  A “painter” didn’t see a problem with using flat paint –then semi-gloss paint a few inches over, creating stripes, everywhere…and on it went.

The “professional” movers listened the same way the “painter” did –“Kitchen” numbered boxes put in the bedroom, “Linens” and “Bedroom” out in the garden… every leftover:  stacked not in correct room –but waist-high boxes –three and four rows high, crammed into the main room, with navigation only by turning sideways –capped by the rug, which should have gone, duh, on the floor…but just as well it didn’t, they ‘decided’ to put the pad, that belonged under the rug, into the trash, who knows why, long gone…. 

But the can opener, the mouse pad and top of the blender have, mercifully, all been found…best of all:  I found box marked “Bar” yesterday…whew I need a drink!  130+ boxes, packed the way these are “packed” –the tallest bookcase broken –it’s 7′ top shelf –missing, along with one of the 6′ brass poles to the antique bed, How is That possible, all given me a dull ache, right between the eyebrows….  But the home is repaired, stripes and all, and I’m back!

Mostly:  I post when I have something to say –and don’t when my passion gets the better of me –too angry to make a coherent sentence, lol…when Life interferes… when the leftover bugs in this blog, after system-wide meltdown this summer, are more than I’m able/willing to overcome.  Yet:  not even one reader has crabbed, about how slowly the posts appear…

                gift...      I thank you for that…

So, disregarding right-wing ‘Christians’ –I do not see the holiday as a religious day… but generic…whether you do or don’t –celebrate it –believe in a religion –in G-d, I wish you some peace, some pleasure, some cheer, wherever you are….

You:  daVine….

Note:  I’m working on pieces about the candidates for US president…the wretched, the wonderful…if I post them on another blog, I will put links here.

Merry Merry,


PS  I hit “Publish” after I finished writing this last night, but mystery abounds, this post did not appear…I don’t know why not, I don’t feel well and instead of verifying, I went off to bed…ah well, I still wish you good things….

* * * * *

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