UPDATE Football…O…Lord…

Two major Los Angeles universities have fought over a piece of pigskin, every fall.  It is a rivalry that stretches across decades, generations.   A long time ago I discovered a correlation:   when one team won the football game, the following twelve months –good things for the world -US, California -me.

Believe it, or don’t.  The stress:  the opposite has also been true, for decades.  When the other team has won, bad times, bad things happen. 

No?  First six years of this century –terrible Oval Office Occupant –until last year.  Last Year:  the good guys won the game.  –Ever since:  every lie –half-truth –plot, plan, scheme, contract, twisting, manipulation –telephone -internet company lying, spying –incompetance –abetting insiders, oily boys, super rich soaking poor, middle-class, school children:  exposed.

When I woke up day of the game –even before the lids were up, I read the above headline on those lids….  Dreaded turning on the TV, couldn’t avoid looking…had no escape from watching…the future…had a bad feeling….

UCLA: lost the fight. The brats:  broke out the bubbly.  The chef of the pigskin melee:  fired.

So what?  Next year:  elections in the US.  Be afraid.  Or not.

At least:  be defensive.  Make a list of gifts you “must” give to people for Chanukah, for Christmas, any hostess gifts or birthdays during the holidays.  Write what you intend to buy –intend to spend.  Then:  picture:  would you purchase those –spend the money, load up the plastic loan card –if you had no job –no way to get groceries, gas, keep a roof? 

Need to get a gift for family: why burden yourself, and them, with another vastly over-priced electronic whatever –forgotten, dated, tossed by next holiday season?

Slash the list and the amount, then cut the budget again.  Look at the list and see which gifts could be Made.  –Hand-made cookies, hand-wrapped; a picnic basket, you make the table cloth –heavy cloth covered with clear self-adhesive vinyl shelf paper, pull cloth thread edges to make fringe, find food & condiment containiers at the flea market, second-hand shop, $.99 store.  

My favorite present:  a garden.  –Whole family can participate. Assemble ingredients: 
-large basket, second-hand, charity shop or flea market
-egg cartons -left over frozen food packaging like pot stickers, for starting seeds
-bag of potting soil
-water pellets –they swell to ten times the size, holding water, slowly released
-popsicle or tongue depresser(!) sticks, for plant markers
-seeds –two packages are a bargain at the $.99 store; choose a theme, like: all the ingredients to grow for salad –lettuces, radish, cherry tomato, garlic, parsley; radish is excellent for a family with young children: seeds sprout in only a few days
-addables: gloves, small trowel, plant food, small watering can –$.99 store also has

Another fun family present:  kites –assemble all the ingredients to make –for each person
-tissue or rice paper
-child’s water color set, with brush
-slats of balsa wood, dowels
-roll of twine
Flying kites: one of the nicest things for a family to do together –fun, healthy, creative, exercise –everyone can participate without special skill; making one’s own kite fun; or: buy kites in local Chinatown.

Skip the plastic
Think a “gift card” is a good idea?   Think more: such cards purchased past two years over $2 BILLION bucks. –Cards redeemed?  Receivers ‘decided’ they’ll choose later –but later was: too late, card expired; had an ‘opening’ fee –penalty deducted for using 60 days after purchase –not covered; some cards: bought in stores where $25. equalled only partial price of merchandise, like electronic stores. What happened to the money spent for the card?  PURE PROFIT –for the store or for the mall, the worst kind of card. If your goal is to give a present without choosing it: skip the plastic cards –use cash to give a Money Order. MOs cost under $1. at the Post Office, and insured if lost, at only $3. –all other MOs cost $12. and up if lost.

daVine Defense survival
Republican Plans have already been made –to screw with the 2008 election. –Requiring ID, that poor or rural people cannot supply –booting voters off of rolls –electronic “vote” machines, the worst of all, easily hacked, votes changed, as they were in 2004 election.

daVine remedy
Vote by mail –Absentee Ballot. If you live in Southern California:  find links to get a ballot in the Sidebar of this blog. In every US state: Google “voter registration” to apply for a ballot, see requirements –NOW. Some states have changed the time needed to mail –and many states will have their Primary vote only one month after the holidays –so Don’t put it off, if you care about voting.

Write a letter to your local, state, registrar of voting and Congress reps –demand electronic “vote” machines:  removed. 

To influence them on an issue takes: only 100 sincere letters –but they seldom hear from constituents, but see lobbyists weekly.  Network to get 99 others to join you to demand electronic “vote” machines –smashed, removed from your voting system.  Republicans:  already know that most Americans are disgusted with the greed, waste, incompetance –will support the Democratic Party nominee.  They intend to thwart that choice –steal democracy –again.

Up, down
No matter where the stock market goes: 
Get a bicycle;
eat all colors of vegetables, fruit –grow your own, in containers –skip eating flesh
buy vitamins
sign up NOW for company retirement plan, if not:  it’s Your money you are leaving on the table
–pare down, save up –expect the worst and prepare for it.

The money you originally intended to spend and what you do spend: put the difference into a savings account. Do not touch.

If your financial situation doesn’t get worse: you will still be better off, no loss. If things get difficult –your community doesn’t have enough of anything because home foreclosures means revenue from property taxes evaporates –your job gets lobbed out of the country –the next office-holder of the presidency decides first Priority is Figuring Out How to pay off Ten TRILLION dollar Treasury debt hole, blown by the current one, instead of improving the country, you will be able to survive. Latest electronic toys, new clothes, etc. will not help –anyone.

Yes, dragged my ‘feet’ posting this…words become reality…besides: I was bummed, had been hopeful…. Oh, well…we can still do the right things –fight the Karl Roves, the “Christian” religious zealots…the dictatorship–spying, lying, greed IS coming to End. Free will still exists…bees will return…we will figure out  how to save the planet –with or without GM, Ford, oily boys, president of vice…daVine….

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