The Year? Football Did It!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know:  author cares passionately –about several subjects, facts are checked, sticks to journalistic ethics, so this page may surprise. If you’ve never read it before: you will probably decide the author is nuts! Either way: I know what I know….

One evening while sitting in the bar of a restaurant, waiting for a table and friends, shortly after moving back to Los Angeles from San Francisco, I was watching TV.  I was able to move back thanks to the large check my last employer handed me, out of guilt when he eliminated my job.  It was Time to leave San Francisco, I had had way more than enough.  Specifically:  after art school I looked for a job –189 times.  I had so many interviews and follow-up correspondence, with so many people, I started keeping detailed notes so I didn’t get them confused.  There were no jobs, for me. 

But Los Angeles, with three interviews set up:  landed a plum –on my first interview, with a title, benefits, creative autonomy and perks; I had a car and, gulp, an apartment in Beverly Hills.  It was a very good time.

So I was watching the TV over the bar –a football game.  Table and friends appeared, game over.  I made a mental note, about the winner.  I kept thinking about that game all evening.  That week-end I went to the library and looked up past records. The same team:  had won that game the previous year.  I began paying attention.

Flash forward several years:  Majority of Americans had voted for one candidate… the no-longer supreme court:  blocked the doorway –stoped the clock they started –told disenfranchised voters, whose ballots were thrown in the trash, ‘too bad, get out of the way, it’s pay-back time to our patrons’ –then inserted their choice into the Oval Office…. 

It was stunning…I had fear….  I was so outraged I actually did something I never even thought of before:  I wrote to the no-longer supreme court.  The team had lost that year. The team had lost…I knew what was coming –oh, not the Specifics, but the gist of it….

Though I was too young to have any context for it, and the volume was stupefying:  I watched every second of the Watergate Hearings of Tricky Dick Nixon –and the re-runs late into every night.  But I Never ever thought I would see, in my lifetime, a person Actually worse than Tricky…but I could feel it…I Knew…. 

Hunkered down, I watched, barely exhaling –BAM  –they missed the catch in the end zone –last few seconds of the game…last few seconds –I groaned as I hit the “off” button –just as the doorbell rang. –Oh, the delivery men, bringing the long-awaited new sofa, just in time for Thanksgiving, great!  –Maybe:  It wouldn’t be true, this year.  Wrong.  After waiting for that sofa to arrive:  there were the men and the truck, on the promised day:  they had the wrong sofa…It had started…..  no-longer supreme sling-shotted their boy into the Oval….  And so it began….

A cat stuck in the crawl space between the ceiling and the roof…flat tires…hot tooth…so much more:  I stopped telling people, the volume was so great I started to sound, well, nutty.

The following year:  the team lost, again…I opened the door to my warehouse –water floated out –along with papers and some boxes –entire warehouse was flooded… no orders could be shipped, drums of spices were lost, antique rug, furniture, everything soaked…took three weeks to move out.

The next year:  the team lost…one of my parents died, suddenly, a few months later…. 

Over 3,000 Americans –unarmed innocent civilians, murdered. The team lost again…or vice versa…. The next twelve months, I barely moved, as I watched the news –all morning, afternoons, all night…when I did venture out, only for must-do errands, get back in the car –it wouldn’t start –completely dead, nothing wrong with the new battery, just dead –and stranded, so many times AAA wrote me a letter, they weren’t happy, neither was I…it rained on my head –in four rooms of my home…every thing with a nose: tried to get into my home through the gap of the breakfast room French doors leading to the garden –possum, feral cats, skunk, spiders, moths…endless parade…mail was stolen…then the mailbox….

Oval Office Occupant: lobbed the Nation’s Guard –out of the country, first into Afghanistan…where the Rummy gave ‘thumbs up’ on the order to shoot to kill –two entire wedding parties: murdereded, bad guys killed with them: zero….

There wasn’t any reason to watch, I knew, so I didn’t, I just heard it on the ten o’clock news –who needed to actually See the team loose….

Apparently the chair of the joints didn’t want to look, either, he actually told Bob Schiefer on “Face the Nation” –that he didn’t look at the Report he received from the International Red Cross –for several months –or even before he went on camera, but he did look at the pictures of Iraqis, detained, on no charges –humiliated –damaged —stripped naked –tortured…in prison under US military control –with ‘no one’ in charge –till they decided the female general they told to sit in the corner, mind her own buisness, stay out of it, was to “blame.” They demoted her, Blackwater
“contractors” –who ordered the grunts to do the “softening Up” walked away, un-caught –un-accountable –uncharged, un-named.

The team:  repeat ‘performance’ –for the next two years.

“Patriot” Act of theft –librarians silenced…FBI incompetence exposed: a translator detailed, on “60 Minutes” how her supervisor thought it was “perfect” opportunity –to get more money out of Congress, for translators. She found her previous day’s work: deleted in the morning, she was working on making Arabic messages useful to field agents, but she was working ‘too fast.’ FBI: had an informant –living IN the house with two of the killers of the 3,000. –FBI bureaucrats: permission to seize a suspect’s computer –Denied. –All Saudis: rounded up, across the country –allowed to leave the country day after 9-11 –the only plane allowed to fly –not a single one questioned. –Antiquated rules, protocol, computers. –The only agent who linked all the terrorists AND the Plan: fired merely months before the attack, for a petty infranction, murdered in one of the New York towers struck by torpedo planes.

“Rose petals and kisses” –morphed into garbage –toxic water –no electricty –museum –hospital –home –no school children or military or grandfathers or infants or heads safe….

US borrowing billions of dollars, every week, I told my aunt. She didn’t believe me, said she hadn’t heard anything about that, where was that happening. I told her the Only way the Occupant could run his fake war was to run weekly bond auctions–IF the Chinese showed up.

And so it went…I waited for reporters –every stripe of media to get into it –debate –public outrage –at least: Full airing of facts. But instead all: cowed by the fear of being ‘tainted’ with “un-Patriotic”….  Silence was defening.

Floods…tsunami…death…murder…incompetence…mendacity…piled onto more deaths..hurricane..bodies floating in sewage…lies, more lies and damn lies.

Then I felt it –I Knew, so I watched:  It was Thrilling. It was A Thing of Beauty. When it was over: I stood up and applauded, grining ear to ear. The team won…IT was Over!

What happened?  Nine –count ’em, NINE of those avaricious self-serving rats –“quit” –“retired” –shoved –pushed off the bridge –thrown under the bus –garroted. Exposed. Fired. GONE.  –NOT counting those who Got a whiff of what the “right” wing nutters were selling –and the stench that accompanied it, and jumped the ship before they were shoved, like the first Secretary of the Treasury.

The Dick, who spoke for NO raped military woman, stood up for NO returned injured -maimed -surgical patient who got the VA dance of death –protected NOBODY, except the bodies in the coffins at Dover Airforce –from a female photographer and from reporters –chair of the joints:  booted.

The little Nell, who worshipped at his feet, thrown to the “religious” wolves then thrown out the door when she didn’t perform.

The Rummie…who Ordered generals NOT to read hundreds of pages, written by the knowledgeable, on what would happen AFTER the “war” –the night goggles, water, Kevlar vests, hardened transport, maps, Exit Plan –NOT sent, got a sore bottom as his ass hit the tarmac, his face ground into the blame he EARNED.

The good little toadie tossed in way over his head at the Department of Justice –humiliated, revealed, exposed and turned out.

Every lie: exposed. Every incompetence: revealed. Republi-cants: loose control of the House. –Loose absolute control of the Senate. Occupant: rendered impotent.

The Team: won in 2006.

Wal-Mart “low” prices –to China –to Dafur: exposed. The Chinese have beve dropped communism –for the vast wealth, the billions hauled in by slave labor and $.71 an hour wages –which begot a wealthy class with a taste, then an addiction, fed by GM for oil –an Suddanese terrorists, who don’t have a problem raping, murdering –women, babies, children, all the men. –Exposed.

But the year also brought millions to foreclosure and bankruptcy? Millions more: can now afford to buy a home –at a Reasonable Realistic price, while the avaricious speculators, stuck with condos they never intended to occupy –deservedly stuck with mortgage bills.

It Also brought: drought –famine –200 new species added to the Engandered List?  It also brought: a Noble Peace Prize –for the Planet –to the man who should have been President.  –Affront to the Pres. of Vice and His oily boys network.  The Criminal behaviour of the Pentagoons and their sordid VA:  exposed –on the front page –getting cleaned up, the rat bureaucrats Fired.

It’s all Good. Nearly every lie: exposed. Lame and limping, with an eroded, shell-shocked base –millions more disgusted. Nature: does Not make mistakes… daVine perfect justice….

My entire household and even the entire garden:  was packed, moved, put in storage –I had to go live in a hotel –for two months –several things were stolen –I returned with 106 boxes, plus 18 more from the hotel, can’t find a dam thing, not ready for the holidays, way hope nobody comes over.  But: almost entirely repaired, don’t fear rain, everything is freshly painted, most things work –can see the squirrels chase each other in the 100-year old walnut trees, everything is clean.  Nobody in my life died or was injured.  Though my car was stolen, gone, I am Home.  I found maybe The Best lawyer on the planet, or, at least in the US.  I know who stole my car, we’re suing. Justice… daVine….

So what now….. Well: the Game is on –Saturday, December 1, 2007…USC vs UCLA…. Who will win that Game…what will happen in the next twelve months? I Think…I know…but it is not a Strong image…does that mean it will be Tie game? Dunno…. If you follow the Rivalry, you already know which team won/brought This year’s fortune…if you know nothing about American football, nevermind the LONG-standing rivalry, this may all seem Absurd….

Let’s leave it: Hope for the RIGHT team to win…I don’t think the country, or I, could stand another loss….

* * * * *

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