Malibu on Fire…and the Media…Part II

As I headed to bed I got the gist of the news:  Malibu on fire –again.  I knew what was coming.  Saturday morning, yup, scrub, trees, cars, houses –on fire, meaning: all other news, all programs  shoved off the air –local media doing ‘wall-to-wall’ dance to “cover” the story, the Only story.   Was it good for you –you’re “better” informed?

  • 10% tax attack on Los Angeles telephones –to haul in more dough to waste –thanks to Mayor V, who can’t be bothered to Lead –insist agencies get efficient, streamline, instead. –you won’t mind, right?
  • condo war –luxury Vs Affordable housing for small families -singles -senior adults -Minimum-wage workers –renters, the homeless –will live where?  –The Mayor, the Fraud Squad –lots of empty words –and lots of ‘donations’ from ‘developers’ –but: Where can everyone else live when over-priced UN-INSURABLE condos rise –where flattened reasonable-rent buildings used to be? 
  • 22% DWP soaking –about to be sprayed on customers who cannot escape Dept. of Water & Power already over-paid “managers” –who want a raise for doing Nothing New/More, thanks to “our” reps on the Fraud Squad, AKA City Council
  • –while the Fraud Squad uses laundered cash –to, e.g., finance campaign to lift their term limits but not for the office of Controller, currently held by best one LA has had in decades –ever(?), Laura Chick, and not for office of Mayor???  Laura Chick:  audits Fraud Squad, their pet projects, City spending.  –Our money –shoved into, e.g., buying more parking meters, that benefit the private corporation the Fraud Squad sold the parking system to, but the money to cut the sidewalks -to install -to maintain the meters?  –But “can’t” find the money to hire more cops…. 

Reported –on local media’s watch list?  NONE of the ABOVE is correct answer.

When local “reporter” bobble-heads–KCAL -KABC -FOX -KCBS–bother to report Any thing IN/ON Los Angeles:  weather and freeway speed of traffic, The End.  But, of course, Saturday morning:  they ‘gobbled’ –goggled –chewed on every morsel of:  FIRE.  Geeze, they’re contemptible.  I’m surprised they didn’t find a way to shove Dance Contest “news” between shots of the fire.

Fire…in Malibu…again….  Malibu has caught fire so many times over so many decades, four times just since 1993, it’s almost surprising when it Isn’ton fire.  It is a shock to loose one’s home –violent shock to loose the actual structure.  So Can someone Please explain to me WHY:   houses in fire lanes are NOT built fire-proof?

The “logic” behind:  building a wood-stucco structure with a flammable roof –that burns faster than a bonfire?  I’d appreciate knowing, Why structures aren’t required to be built of non-flammables –e.g., bales of hay?  Bales:  cannot burn –no oxygen can enter.  Thatched roof:  can’t burn. 

Palos Verdes is immersed, surrounded by old-growth and ancient trees, lots of vegetation –and red tile on roof of EVERY structure. –No red tile:  no permit/no structure –by their local housing code.  Mass fires there:  zero.  Malibu code –fire-proof roof only, hasn’t been changed because?

Fire-resistant materials –California Housing Code:  will be changed when? 

You, you live in Carson –Central LA –Lomita –Silver Lake, the Valley –don’t live in Malibu?  –Couldn’t care less where rich people live?  –You didn’t ride in those Bentleys, hang at the pool, dine in those houses?   What does wild fire in Malibu have to do with you? 

Oval Office occupant in Washington:  has blown such a massive hole in US Treasury, when emergencies hit, either he borrows the money to cover costs –or all of us have to cover the costs.  He doesn’t like to talk about it, neither does anyone else in government.  Federal government has so much debt:  we borrow millions –every single hour –day. There is NOTHING left for ‘rainy’ days –hurricanes –floods –wars –fire.

You don’t even live in California?  Too bad:  You are Paying for it. Any claim made to FEMA–and out-of-town firefighters –extra police –water –over-time and more –all:  come out of Everyone’s pocket.

One way and another:  everyone in California contributed to purchasing the mountains –parcel by piece, put together over decades, that forms Santa Monica Conservancy.  That land, now, belongs to everyone.  It sits above Malibu.  But wealthy Malibu residents:  want the Conservancy to prohibit camping in those mountains.  Paid for by everyone, open to all, but people who put up structures where structures Don’t belong:  want to restrict access, to protect their houses.  They are:  Dead Wrong.

Everyone else:  should unite and force Malibu resident dumbies to look through the telescope the Opposite way.  –Why should City issue permit to build in a Fire Zone –and impede enjoyment of Everyone else to have use of Santa Monica Mountains?

–Those? Not on local media’s “Watch List.”

Nobody Actually Discusses, Debates the Hard issues…–Really debates. The rich just use expensive lawyers to go get permits to build fences beside houses built on the beach –promising the public will ‘still have access.’ Then a David Geffen says: ‘my house, my fence, my gate, you can’t get to the beach through Here.’

How about for Once: we tell people who want to put up structures in fire paths “No” –No permits today, go build somewhere else, Today the Malibu & Santa Monica Mountains are for Everyone to enjoy –wildlife was here First, go live somewhere else.’ Just for Once. …daVine…

* * * * *

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* * * * * * * *
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