AT&T: Spying, Lying & Greed Were Good, Now–TODAY–They Want Immunity

AT&T has had a long history.  Once the nation’s premiere/only long-distance and local telephone company, one Judge Green put an end to that when he decided all their work, creativity, ingenuity, equipment and lines could be used by MCI, like a vulture uses a dead animal.

Flash forward:  today AT&T spams my TV non-stop –telling of their ‘wonderfulness’ at $29 –$39 –$129. bucks a month.  Somehow the spam leaves out a few things.

Some good ol Texas boys:  decided they wanted to ‘wire up’ Saudi Arabia.  They didn’t know anybody in that neighborhood, but they knew a good ol boy –who, somehow,  couldn’t find oil in Texas, even though his daddy was an oil man –and couldn’t make a go of a sports team, so he pulled out Just In Time, leaving all his investors to hold the empty sack where their money used to be.

The good ol boys paid:  the Bad Luck bear a ‘finder’s fee’ –a ‘gimme their address fee’  –said to be $900,000 –to get intro to the Saudis.  The Saudis just happened to already know the Bad News bear from papa bear, they had already given the guy a ‘loan’ –to find oil in Texas –even though They have more oil than sand and the ‘loan’ supposedly wasn’t, well, let’s just say they were pretty loose with the payment stubs on the ‘loan.’

So here’s a little crowd, all cozy, doing favors… and one day:  the Bad News –oops, Luck bear wanted a favor, sorta, so he called the good ol Texas boys –who by then had bought up what was once one of the finest corporations in the US:  Pac Bell, after that they swallowed AT&T, with a ‘little’ help from their friends.  So he calls his good buddies, who Owe him and they are Thrilled to help him out.  Of course, somehow, someway there’s some bucks in it for them. 

Who looses?  The good ol Texas telephone boys:  start shoveling e-mail and telephone calls into a little room –BEFORE they get routed to where the original person wants them to go, as a ‘favor.’  E-mail and telephone calls make a ‘little’ detour, where some friends of friends have a look-see –a bit of listening.  Nobody bothers to tell any court –any judge –any sender –any receiver –any body in the Senate –any body in the House where Americans’ Representatives reside, about the friendly little guy to guy ‘help.’

Just a ‘friendly’ re-routing, between friends.  –Until one day one of those people who is just unique to this country:  intelligent, ethical, smart, plays by the rules, puts his hand on a door knob –of a door that shouldn’t be there.  Unlike treasure-hunters or Ali baba:  he finds a nest –of vipers, cut-throats –thieves –people who steal privacy, rights, core beliefs….  He Does Not keep the secret.

When the good ol boys get exposed for the re-routing of e-mail and phone calls, they’re miffed cuz it gets a new name:  Theft of Privacy –because, gosh, it Violates federal laws.  dang…who knew…well, the good ol boys –and the Bad News bear who did the Asking.

So the Bad News guy likes to keep on the good side of friends who do favors, so he gets another bright idea:  he’ll just ask his friends in Congress to ‘fergit-abot-it’ –Hey, he’ll think of a favor he can do for Them, if:  those ‘Dem-crat Party’ people will just make a law –that the AT&T guys, ya know, can’t get into trouble Today –for what they did Yesterday, ya know, it’s no big deal, really.  –Just say:  nobody will like arrest them –prosecute them or anything, they were just being ‘loyal’ Americans –when they were spying on the entire country.

Flash forward to:  Thursday November 15, 2007Senate Committee Meeting, ten members, including Sen. Feinstein, to Decide –All those who spied –lied –invaded Americans’ Privacy but NO warrant, NO Court’s order –should be Given/Not Given Immunity from Prosecution –for breaking Federal laws?

Word…this author has received e-mail which says::  California’s Senator Diane Feinstein intends to vote FOR Immunity

If True:  Holy Freak’n Cattle –WHY would Sen. Feinstein Do such a thing?  If YOU broke federal law –could you get her to put a Bill on the Senate floor –get you a get-out-of-jail-free card?  Bursting California prisons say:  NOT. 

Thrust of the e-mail:  Sen. Feinstein Intends to vote FOR Immunity –Senator Harry Reid should REMOVE Sen. Feinstein from the Committee –replace her with a Real Democrat.  –Or At Least with one:  who HAS a spine –KNOWS the Difference between right /Wrong –Evil/good –Breaking /Obeying laws.

If You think AT&T is OK:  maybe you need a refresher.  AT&T:  the ‘good’ folks who want to put up a parking lot –and a super highway on the INTERNET.  —Those who:  pay them –advertisers (–giant corporations, they hope), will get to sit at the FRONT of the parking lot –waiting for those trying to get ON the Internet.  Those who Pay AT&T to get ON:  Users who pay will get on the ‘highway’ First –Fast.  

–Everybody else –who believes the Interenet should be FREE –since government-employees created it, who don’t pay –back of the line, sit and wait, in traffic, like the morning commute.  –That’s what AT&T wants from Congress.  So far:  Congress has said ‘NOPE.’  So the good ol AT&T-PacBell boys are mightly glad they~gotta~friend in the Oval Office. Doing favors for pals…just good business –at least:  until they get caught. 

Right-wingers:  will want you to know the “benefit” of ripping out the Bill of Rights –“protects” you.  –Better than Actually finding Osama bin Forgotten?

–Now if they could just get that dang committee to vote THEIR way, and stay out of prison, they could get back to work –spamming TV –forums –e-mails, shoveling money at members of Congress and working to get the Internet ‘highway’ uh, fixed.

If you believe we are entitled to the Rights listed in the Constitution, Bill of Rights –at Least the same rights as those for which we invaded Iraq to give them –Don’t want to be spied on –Lied to –Don’t want AT&T to invade privacy without Court Order -warrant -supervision –want to express your thoughts to Senator Feinstein: do it here

Fair Warning:  Senator Feinstein —ANY DemocratANY Republican who votes FOR Immunity for AT&T past crimes –needs to be targeted, replaced ASAP.  There is NO “immunity” for spying, lying, greed, stealing the Bill of Rights.  Senate Committee:  even worse than AT&T???  California…way not daVine any more…. 

Those who would trade Liberty for Security:  deserve neither.”  –Ben Franklin –send it to every right-winger you know of…. 

*                    City Tree...  I joined a pool called “City Tree” –trees in city setting around the world, so beautiful, so well done and since winter is fast closing in decided that, since cannot be put into Sidebar, to add at the end of each page, for awhile anyway… hope you enjoy these as much as me. This one:  Edmonton.

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