The Lump & The Frump? Or: Bring Back Stephanie!

This author has been thinking about the holidays –rain –tiny imitation humans who run Southern California TV station KTLA and what they did to the “Rose Parade”…and to a splendid person.

On the Weenie-track
On a tear –to Prove –they are men??? –station Weenies have so little respect, regard for people in Southern California:  they hired a female so dull, tedious, witless –so utterly without apparent reporter credentials –or a single reason to listen/watch her, it is a mystery why she was hired.  If you haven’t heard/seen the bore, Believe it, If she was walking down a sidewalk or doing an interview –IF she knew How, you couldn’t pick her out –utterly blends in with…old wallpaper patterns –you could easily figure:  she was subbing –to help out the crew –till the Reporter showed up, then she could go back to sorting paper, making coffee, running errands, whatever.  Dim, Dumb, Bor-ing.

Supposedly:  the Weenies hired the Frump –to “appeal” to Hispanic viewers. How –by boring Them into stupor?  –They need naps?

The Weenies shoved her into the booth –above the bleachers –on Colorado Blvd, on New Year’s Day.  What happened to the person who was sitting there –for nearly two decades? 

Maybe the most original, funny, intelligent, fresh, sharp, bright, personable delightful person on TV:  Stephanie Edwards –got shoved OUT the door, INTO the bleachers.  –There to do Parade “color” in heavy pouring rain. uh, WHY? The Frump couldn’t move her super-sized butt over –make room?  The “director” didn’t have even a scintilla of class –brains –decency?  It was Diz-gusting.

What did the Frump do?  She Proved:  she’s also missing in the class department. What did the Frump have to say about the shoving?  Nada. Squat. Zip-lipped.  Why wasn’t there any room for Stephanie?  Who was sitting in the other seat?  The Other basement-bargain:  The Lump

Once upon a time: huge department stores used to put un-sold merchandise down in the basement –sell it at deep discount –to great aunts and grandmas on a quest.  So who was The Lump –bought for stale-merchandise price? 

A person who wouldn’t be hired today by any station, even at basement price:  fav of the Weenies, a stale old Bore –who got caught telling an anti-Semitic “joke” into a live mic.  Some people:  have short memory.  MANY:  remember  his “joke” –told to Michael Moore and his film crew –on camera.  WHY do The Weenies think it is “okay” to Hire a person who tells anti-Semitic jokes?  Why do the Weenies like:  The Lump no other station would hire, has hired in decades?  WHY did they shove the superb Stephanie Edwards OUT of the commentary booth?  WHY into the rain? 

Good question. But if you’re a Weenie, doing ‘programming’ on the cheap –don’t even Know what Quality is –don’t give a damn about respect or viewers –want to ‘conserve’ bucks in that race to the bottom –you hire the cheapest things going:   The Lump & The Frump.

Race to the Bottom
KTLA isn’t even down/up to the level of the Fox-imitation-news affiliate. Is this author alone in that view?  Even the reporter-anchor Carlos Emesquis (–sp?) bailed outta KTLA and went off into the tall weeds of Fox, saying in an interview:
‘Yup, KTLA was always trying to figure out how to “beat” Fox.’                 How low can a goal go?  LOL, what weenies.

Those are Our airwaves those Weenies are using.  Let’s Boycott Channel 5 if they won’t:  Bring Back Stephanie!

Why don’t you send off a letter –an e-mail –pick up a phone and Ask The Weenies:  why a Frump, who isn’t good enough to get a job at TeleMundo, and an old Lump, who hasn’t worked in years –both So Boring nobody –not even a remote South or even North Dakota or Texas boondocks station wants them, is “better” than the wonderful Stephanie? –OK to flog at the start of New Year –for the plum “Rose Parade” –again –but the brightest person going is not? Ask:  why the disrespect. 

Ask the Weenies Who’s airwaves are they using?  Where is respect?  Class?

Here ya go:  KTLA Channel 5

Contact Station Management
• If you wish to write
station management

Contact News Entertainment Department
• If you wish to contact the KTLA entertainment department (Sam Rubin or any entertainment producer)
click here

Contact the KTLA Programming Department (other than News)
• If you have a question about Programming
click here

News Fax Numbers:

Assignment Desk: 323-460-5333
Entertainment Desk: 323-460-5404
Morning News: 323-460-5404
News@Ten: 323-460-5333

A hard-copy letter may have more impact/cause them to Think how they are USING our airwaves, send to this address:
[Station Management]
5800 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

This author isn’t the only one diz-gusted with the Putrid Factor Channel 5 Weenies:  they use OUR airwaves for trash –Jerry-low-life-scum-Springer, vile ‘Partners’ pandering peep show junk and fourth-rate sit-coms Nobody else would even Think of showing –all more Important than Actual or Hard news:  –And broadcasters worry and  ‘wonder’ why generations coming up don’t want Anything to do with their ilk. 

It is a Local station –Where is the coverage –Board of Supervisors weeklymeeting?  Los Angeles City Council:  meets three times a week –when does that coverage Begin?

Stephanie Edwards –for the “Rose Parade.”
Stephanie Edwards is a part of what makes the Rose Parade special. If Weenie loosers don’t bring her back: another station should hire her.  Then Everyone should Boycott KTLA Channel 5 and their Advertisers.  —KTLA Channel 5:  Weenie headquarters. 

Bring Back Stephanie!  …daVine!

If they keep on using Our airwaves to show trash –re-run old trash –don’t want to Inform –do quality Local news and Fail to Bring Back Stephanie Edwards, REMEMBER:  there is an election next year.   —We CAN elect someone who WILL put power, authority and LICENSING Back into FCC.  We Can get the Weenies dumped –OUR airwaves used properly –local coverage and respect for viewers —daVine Remedy!

Lots of short peeps: will be out, about  –dashing across dark streets in quest of Treats on Halloween —Slow WAY downLOOK for them —Before you buzz on through, for a happy Halloween.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
Note:  I spent an afternoon trying out templates, in search of de-bugging this blog. No go.  I’m sorry to say:  other templates didn’t solve the problems; plus:  it’s easy to tell male techies picked all those others.  –Whew, from gross to cold to ugly to black ground, P U, lol, my opinion.  So you & I are gonna hafta live with backwards quote marks, typos, misspelled words I can’t edit.  –Be glad you aren’t on This side –with all the bugs you can’t see; they’re driving me bats, crashed my ‘production.’  Sorry.  Don’t know how to resolve.  –Dumping this template, it’s the best of the Lot, but not anywhere as good as the other one, else I’d ask you to vote.  Sorry.

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