Proof Los Angeles Full of Media Morons: KABC –THIS Morning- Pt I

Sunday Mornings, US:  political shows air, in Los Angeles, stupidly, all at the same time –so Sunday mornings, over here, RESERVED.  Don’t have a problem admitting:  I plan week-end around seeing all the political talk shows, ever since December 9, 2000 and September 11, 2001. 

No-longer supreme court: got out their own sling-shot, inserted Their choice into the Oval Office, over the objections of Majority of Americans –those who were Able to have their ballot Count; coward cowering in a cave: used his sling-shot –put twenty+ who had a future, straight into the tops of office buildings & prison, taking out life of  1,000+ passengers –3,000 innocent by-standers, 343 who went to rescue them and countless more rubble-searchers, respectively. 

I never want ‘surprises’ like those again –about what feds and politicians are up to, on the quiet –ill-informed that such Could happen.  So:  I watch All the political shows, on all the regular non-cable channels, all week-end.  Nope, no cable, no TEVO, no tape –eyeball to screen.

KABC, Local version of ABC News:  airs “This Week” –on Sunday morning. This program was superb when it was headed by David Brinkley, I sorely miss him –wish he were here Now, now that I have perspective, could appreciate him even more. 

Yet George Steppanlopolous: got the job, after writing a book, many considered a betrayal, a ratting-out of his previous boss, Bill Clinton, former President. I resented the loss of Brinkley, so I resisted watching, for long a time. But –vastly better than that towering cup of Jell-O, Tim Russert of “Meet the, uh, Press.”

He does a brisk, cutting, heat-seeking job –with a lead interview, then discussion of the week’s events –with rotating reporters, commentators, columnists –giving background on stories, from their sources’ in-put.

Variety of reporters.  Though some –like the bleeding hearts and Donna Brasil (sp?), the ex campaign “chair”–of Senator Kerry’s attempt to rescue all of us–Should be embarrassed to show up, don’t add much; and the omnipresent right-winger George Will, perpetual nope-sayer and occasional wit, ditto.   Lately the superb “Face the Nation” half-hour has been aired half-hour before the others, which helps. –So even though I hafta switch constantly from KABC channel 7 to the others during the hour, it is a well-done good program. 

That is, Usually.  This morning:  fierce Santa Ana winds blowing in Los Angeles.  So what.  So they blew through Malibu –bone arid dry…then a power-line snapped –a fire started, then two more further up the coast.  Result:  the little twinkies at KABC deemed it ‘necessary’ to junk the regular programming –to run with the fire.  Think about that.  IF a person Lives IN the fire area:  do you imagine they are tennis-matching their head –out the window-TV set –TV-out-the-window?  Or:  a fire headed Your way –you would be moving –headed The Other –running for your life?  —NOT watching TV?  duh

WHY weren’t power lines —buried underground –throughout Los Angeles –originally –decades ago, like in pristine Palos Verdes?  There would be No Fire now.  duh, The ocean is Right There —WHY isn’t the mega-water-scooping/dropping plane Being used –instantly quash the fire?  –Why is it easy to see people watering –sidewalks –in Eighth Year of drought? –WHY is Oval Office Occupant on a Quest to Further engorge the pockets of the oily boys and their energy polluter cousins –indifferent –impotent –to do Thing One about the environment, pollution, toxins in the atmosphere? Listen, I’m angry enough as it is, will deal with DWP, Los Angeles City Council stupidity; drought, waste, corruption some other time.

Everyone NOT in the line of fire, who is watching TV –expecting to see, duh, the Political shows —NOT a fire.  KABC media morons:  NOT bright enough to Figure That out/don’t care –on a quest to win an Emmy award? –pushed their little bobble-heads –to ‘Cover’ That Fire!  The Point:  I have NO Idea. 

Why, precisely, Didn’t they run the political show –THEN spend time running at the mouth on the fire –All day, if they wanted to, when they Would have something to Say–having gathered, duh, facts –details –relevancy.  Now:  their little whirrly birds are spinning around –and so are their helicopters, spinning the inane.  Drivel –non-stop.

I called KABC:  –“very sorry, we know people want to see the program, that’s why we are running it at 10 AM on ninety(-something)point two.” 
Excuse me???  Which channel? 
“Doncha have hi def” she says. 
Uh, nooo. 
“Oh so sorry” she says, “then you’re outta luck.” 
I Can: write to your advertisers. I CAN boycott their products. I CAN file complaint to FCC. I CAN vote for people who WILLput power Back into FCC License law –so morrons like you CAN loose your current License to use OUR airwaves to spew crap. I CAN: blog on you.

You assault our intelligence –you disrespect Everyone Living in Los Angeles –Every day, every evening –all week long –with who-got-shot-latest-car-chase and those Earth-shattering “reports” on nutritional breakdown of various foods –all in KABC’s drive to re-create yellow journalism of 1930s –1950s –manipulate, to get viewers. News –of local Fraud Squad in City Council doing –City Hall doings –agencies, departments of Local government –informing –stuff that Matters to people? Paleese.

KABC: gave a microphone and a camera to a twit –who stands in front of the Capital building, using them, blathering about the Irrelevant.  Period.

Do I WANT to spend $3,000 bucks–on a boob tube –“dialed” in to their crap –because They have the money to pay a toady to go “lobby” my representatives in Congress –to get THEM to make “law” that Regular television will be out-modeled –irrelevant —NON-WORKING in 2009?   I do not use, permit obscene language, so:  feel free to make up your own answer to that question –that behavior –those elected representatives’ –on behalf of Media Moron Thugs….

There is no “This Week” in Los Angeles…this week didn’t happen…people in Los Angeles:  got canceled along with politics –we Don’t Matter –to those who do the count.  But:  Even the slimy Fox balls –paying zero attention to the fire –when there is opportunity to use Los Angelenos to make money –off of Football….  THEY didn’t cancel their one-sided version of the week’s political news….

KABC: the opposite of daVine….

Can Somebody Please tell me:  WHERE is My lobbyist? 

* * * * * *
Note:  took just thirty minutes to write this, but over three hours to publish it…this wedge of WordPress: loaded with bugs, still, from the August melt-down…still many posts from August, September to publish…dunno what to do…sorry…I may try: switching to a different Template design, so don’t be shocked, don’t have many other ideas, and tired of the frustration….
* * * * * *
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