EVENT! Nightlight, LA: October 20

It started in Austraila.  San Francisco grabbed the idea –then Los Angeles didn’t want to be left out.  If you don’t either:  Saturday October 20, 2007 turn off all the lights –computer –tv —unplug every electrical appliance and gadget from 8 PM to 9 PM –home, office, studio, garage, loft, highrise building.  Then:  go outside –look up!

You, family, neighbors will be able to see –for the first time in decades:  stars!  The goal of this grassroots idea:  awareness –how much electricity we use/waste.  –How valuable it is, how inefficiently it is used and the harm all that electricity is doing to the planet.  Plus:  it’s just fun! 

Personally I’m just tired, of all the negative.  It is hard to see what this “administration” has done –to aide the oily boys and their network –while claiming they “care” about the environment.  It is hard to see –the evidence, because the President of Vice slapped “CLASSIFIED” on the minutes of his meetings with 180 oily boy energy producers, within months of getting sling-shotted into the White House, by corrupted no-longer supreme court “judges” — pay-back to their patrons.  Yet The Dick:  couldn’t find any time to meet with a single environmentalist or group, EPA head or Sierra Club lobbyist –to talk about Conserving –preserving. 

One can watch such assaults –such greed, only so much, so long.  One needs a break.  A bit of harmless fun:  that shows the oily boys and their clown, their lobbyist, that not all of us are pacifists or indifferent, way cool.

A bit of fun, silliness.  When this idea appeared in LOS ANGELES TIMES:  I noticed it soon after it published and read the few comments.  When I looked back:  you could easily think one of the Amendments to the Constitution was being ripped out –for the comments that showed up!  Right-wing nut jobs:  decided whole charming idea is a Conspiracy –to Take Away electricty!  Or:  Brain-washing –government orchestrated compliance to get the masses to Conform.  Hilarious stuff.

Instead:  it’a bit of frivolity –chance to actually see the stars –without driving out to the desert –to do without, for only an hour –to appreciate what we have….  If those reasons aren’t enough:  unplug, turn off –stay INdoors –see what it is like to live that way –for people in Iraq, every day –all day, all night –those NOT inside the Green Zone bubble –for those in Afghanistan.  We broke their systems, but good. 

“Lights Out, LA” –way not government conspiracy or plot!  The electricity has already been produced, it’s true –but it will not be ‘spent’ –for just an hour.  Perhaps:  it will matter most to children, even if you don’t care for it. 

The group that decided to do this:  will do it again, next year –across the whole of America.  If you participate tomorrow night:  you will have bragging rights, to say ‘you were first.’  Enjoy, Los Angelenos, we can take a break, for an hour….daVine…. 

Hey!  No fair looking at the cell phone or the Blackberry!  Yes, shut Off the video game too.

Note: You might want to Bookmark this page, if your Saturdays are like mine, it’s easy to forget such a brief event. Also:  the City is participating –things like City Hall, LAX pylons, some highrise building will all go dark. Brush up on those constellations –while it’s still light out, in case the short ones ask questions! 

While you’re out doing errands:  pick up a power strip.  With appliances plugged into it, flipping the switch:  WILL cut off electricity to the appliance, easily.  While plugged into wall socket:  current runs through the cord, whether the appliance is turned on or not.  (–That, actually, is why electric coffee-makers can, do burn down houses; they overheat, and so does the dryer.  Power strip:  makes it easy to reach the plug.) 

Of course, if you have a fish tank:  don’t make the fish suffer –or turn off any in-use health-related appliance.

This seems goofy, to me, but they sent me:
Take pictures and email them to pictures@lightsoutla.org.

“Lights Out San Francisco”
http://www.lightsoutamerica.org in March 2008

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