Murder –Suicide..? hmm…None of the Above! That’s the Ticket!

HOW Ah-mazing is that…a woman went to have a drink –with a man she just met….  But instead of a drink:  she put the barrel of a gun in her mouth. 

Hmm…well, women are fickle, right?   She pulled the trigger –cuz she was bored?  –Cuz she didn’t wanna mess up her apartment –cuz it was Tuesday –Wednesday –Thursday?  Oops, she didn’t write a note –like ‘please feed the cat, see ya later, don’t hold up breakfast for me, send my stuff to –.’   Oh well, she prolly just fergot, women are kinda dumb, right?  It is kinda strange though, ya know, to mess up her face like that…ya know, cuz she like fixed herself to go out –including her face, so if she was SO unhappy –that she wanted to kill herself, why did she bother making herself look pretty?   Gnaw on a gun barrel –well maybe that was so she could show:  she was spontaneous. But then, Really, is it so unusual –for a woman to wrap her entire mouth around a gun barrel…How many women –since records have been kept –have done that….  –Two hundred –Seventy-Five?   Two?  –Any?  Well, maybe the record-keepers just didn’t do a Good Job –of finding any, who offed themselves, thataway.  There must be –at least one, somewhere….  Oh, ya –there Is!  The woman who got dressed up for the evening and went to a stranger’s home for a drink! 

Oh, well what woman hasn’t gone on to a man’s home and had him Insist she stay still, ya know –while he rests the barrel of a loaded gun –on her forehead….  –There must be oh, five, six women, At Least who had that happen…it is odd, though, how it happened  –to each –with the same guy.  Hmmm.  Well and all still, a tiny guy, with the money and the really small head, holding teeny tiny itty bitty brain…just big enough to think up Why a beautiful healthy woman would Want to Pick his house –for her Last Scene.  How Clever of him, to figure that she Thought it was A Good Place…to die. 

Hmmm…wonder how she knew –what it looked like, since she had, ya know, not ever been there before.

Then along came a bunch of confused people…confused by it all…the kind:  when G-d was handing out the brains, He just walked on by…and without even the Common Sense He gave chickens…they clumped together in a room…wondering…which way was Up.

Plucked from the pool…that Somehow figured out how to register to vote –NOT HOW TO THINK…. 

You were wondering –how the LA School Bored were do’n –How Los Angeles teachers were do’n?  Really?  Guess What:  Whole Crop –even dumber, not Taught How to Think –on their way –to a business –shop –block –gene pool –jury…near You.  You do realize, don’t you:  the Stupid procreate.

Hold onto your hair, the Future is going to be a bumpy ride…well, Maybe:  we’ll All get lucky, find somebody who just happens to have a loaded gun handy, that we can gnaw on, so we won’t be around –when the Stupid take over. 

May G-d help you RIP, no thanks to “jury.”  May the rest of us –Get at Least ONE person who Knows How –to prosecute –a stinking weeny Murderer.  …and some daVine justice…

* * *   * * *   * * *

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