WordPress Blog: Which Photos –Next?

In the past 12 months:  we have had less rain fall than in past 117 years, in Southern California.  –It got exported to Texas…to Africa….  (WHO ordered That???)  Then it got warm in May, when it shudda been cool; then Griffith Park caught fire.  (sheesh)  June:  NO gloom –not cloudy –no fog.  Then when temp started to climb:  I got edgy –when it hit 98 degrees:  I got a dis-ease known as:  melted-brain.  When it kept on going –106 –109 –then BAM:  112 (yikes) –actually yelled at some jerk in a Food Forum (lol), after I asked:  How could I MAKE something Cold to eat without an ice cream maker…fool posted a recipe –how to make ice cream, with an —.  

Got desperate –to SEE Photos –of water –of The Beach. 

The Whackiness continues…barely two weeks later:  it got cold –strong wind –temp dropped –and TaDa:  Rain!  Lightening!  Things caught fire.  I couldn’t see them, though, or the front door:  storm took my electricity –whole community went dark….  But I live in a community where Important Parts –of the Fraud Squad (AKA Los Angeles City Council) live –they’re up in the hills –with Direct Phone Numbers –so power outage:  didn’t last –as long as it did next door, in Echo Park.  (DWP said –when I Finally found the phone, that they had been dark for 14 Hours!)

It’s a Good Thing –the Oval Office Occupant says ‘what global warming’ –can you imagine How much worse it would be –IF Global Pollution was affecting the weather???  (lol)  The World’s pesky scientists will just hafta go annoy somebody else, with their “theories.”  –So What, if September should be Summer in Los Angeles, serious storms only in January -April….

So, What we have Here:  Bi-polar situation.  (–I Apologize…I adore puns… sorry)  Even though the Weather nerds say:  temp will be back to the high 80s next week (SheesH), It is Time to ditch –‘The Beach.’ 

Even though this wedge of WordPress is still loaded with bugs, that makes it tres difficil to post, I am going to put up New Photos.  But which ones?

Had photos from a group, about Nature, for many months.  I asked, casually I thought, to skip photos of snakes and diz-gusting bugs.  One would have thought I said:  ‘Murder parent of their choice’ –from the reaction!  So they are Toasted, from this blog. 

But FEW things as much fun:  looking at Groups of photos.  –So much fun:  I cannot Decide What to put up next.  So I thought, maybe, You would like to, uh, vote –sorta.  You can Have Your Say –in Comments, below.  Considering the Wacky factor weather conditions, these are what I am thinking:

-Cottages –Thatched Roof

-Tree –single –no structures or “disturbances” in the photo

-Books –antiquarian

-Flower –one single

-Flower –multiples

-Art Nouveau –architecture? –one artist’s work?

Do any of those appeal?  Do you have something on a Wish List?  Speak Up!  –Or I choose!  Until then:  I’ll up-load –something….  Hey!  ‘Nekkid peeps’ —Wasn’t one of the choices!  So have your say, below.   

Note:  IF I don’t Reply right away –Please assume electricity went out again…in daVine Los Angeles….

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3 responses to “WordPress Blog: Which Photos –Next?

  1. Poppy

    Thanks. Thanks for commenting. What do you think of this group of photos? Have any requests? I’m open! –Looking at Group Pools is so fun, addictive –wouldn’t mind going back for more! What country? How did you find? Glad you did.


  2. Want to start your private office arms race…?


    Marko Fando

    “Marko Fando” You are disturbed –but already know that don’t you, and so does the host that blocked then deleted your account. Was your mommy mean to you –or you’re a german little weasel? Well get back under your little rock –don’t come out until you figure out how to join the Human race.

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