Oprah Decided: You Are Too Dumb to Decide? Pt II

un-skilled un-educated sexual predator molester into –Something Palatable.

Oprah Winfrey:  pimped a candidate for elected office without giving Equal –Any airtime to The Mess’s opposition.

Hmm, she lives, broadcasts out of Illinois, but election Not in Illinois….

It was “okay” to do that –because…uh…Because her “friend” asked her? –The Mess paid –off those whom he had molested?  –She doesn’t know what happened to Frank Sinatra after he got involved with “friend’s” distinguished family?  –Viewers are sheep –to Oprah, she wanted to Prove:  she is a ‘herder’?

–Laws are for Other people?  –Ethics Not important? –FCC is impotent, now, they wouldn’t do A Thing to her?  Oh?

She has said she was sexually abused, raped, in childhood –but The Mess wasn’t the rapist so…he is “OK”?  –So what, if —well-known around town, most women had Refused to go to work –if The Mess was going to be at the same workplace? 

Other peoples’ molester –not –no nevermind to her? 

Not important?  Among Many other issues:  If The Mess’s people –nazis (daddy was life-long card-carrying member), had Succeeded:  taken over the US –black people would be –dead.

–Viewers –just sheep?  –As long as The Mess a “celebrity” –Oprah decided –Sheep wouldn’t mind?

It was OK –to use Public’s airwaves –to shovel up a candidate for out-of-state elected office –But NOT HIS OPPONENT???

–Fairness?  Attempting to influence outcome of an election???  WHO calls her on this crap?  W H E N?

Stunned. Livid.  –I Focused on that rat’s nest shovel-“show.”

All those women he molested?  Her “friend” Just “Knew her husband” –the Classic non-denial denial.  Uh but he –Admitted it –by way of ‘Apology’ –in Public –right after LA TIMES located several of the women he molested.  Some un-delighted with sudden public spotlight, were able to use ‘apology’/admission as evidence to file suit, since, they knew, they were unlikely to get hired ever again.

Who will stop her?

Expensive real estate she occupies.  The “friend” and The Mess –got what they went for –now squatting in Sacramento California:  Governor Ahrmpit, nazi-lover, sexual predator, right-winger, all cleaned up –disguised as a…as a…Democrat! –whitened teeth –gray hair all dyed out –forehead bo-toxed to the max!  All those women he molested?  Oh the money paid the women –out of court settlement, probably uh, helped –clean him up.  –To Some.

Number…who were paid off –quietly?  Oh, you think:  the Only thing The Mess did was molest –not rape?  Hmmm…well everybody:  entitled to their opinion….

Left over
Has he got enough money –and secret sugar-daddies –to buy up other things? …Oh well may be we’ll all get a look-see:  IF –he tries to knock off a Senate seat –gets booked back –for Another show & tell fest.  Oprah will do char-woman duty again?

Costly clothes –but No class.  OUR airwaves –No ethics.  –Conservation –materialistic.  Close-ups of children –exploitation ad nausea.

Next Project
Now Oprah Winfrey has Decided: You aren’t Smart Enough to Decide –for yourself –again. Who should be next person to occupy the White House? –She is going to go for the Gold –lift –shove –tote YOU around –until YOU see it –Her way.

Now:  her weight –her money –her followers –her “friends” –her Famous Persons –her houses –Our airwaves –all going to be flung…at her bidding?  –All Doing what she wants?

Well, she Already proved:  the Sheep didn’t mind –the first time….

So she will get what she wants the sheep to do –a second time?  –Oh Oprah, Over My Moldy Body.

She’s a person who figured out How to:  fling celebrities and haul in dough.  Period.  She’s got an opinion. Who Doesn’t?

HER opinion –More Important than –yours –mine –your SO’s? –Your parents’?  I Don’t THINK So.  Uh…she Does.

Even though she ain’t G-d –a shrink –political strategist –diplomatic advisor –economic maven -Pope –Anointer, Royal or expert –on A Thing, she just plays one, on TV.  IN Real Life:  She Has Decided to Go for Mac Daddy of contests –using her club –full of fans.

Rack Em Pack Em and Fling Em
–Who should be the Next President. It’s a full Smorgasbord on offer, to choose from –from soupy to nuts.  Over 100 have filed with US Elections Commission to run. Which One?

Choices:  A governor –two exes –ex mayor –the first female –oodles from Congress –doctors, ex diplomats, farmers.  –One from the “mature” column?  –Who’ve seen it all, knows How to deal with the state and federal bureaucrats who do the actual work and the heads of state all over the globe?

Eenie Meenie?
Naw…. Skipping right over Libertarian, Green, Peace and Independent Party candidates…of the 17 Democrat and Republicant candidates –16 white ones –one female, Oprah has Decided.  She picked:  the male black one…. Uh, why.

She picked:  newest on the block one, who knows the least –people –government workings –on budget balancing –on Pentagoons –on terrorists –on how to set Priorities that Can get thru Congress.

Oprah Has Spoken
She Decided:  she wants the guy with the leastest.  –She Decided: YOU aren’t smart enough to decide for Yourself.  She Decided:  to haul in Famous Persons and their checkbooks in her Decision.

Do tell:  EGGzackly WHO would say ‘gosh, sorry got other plans’ to the Miz Oprah invite?  WHICH would offer Pea Brain answer –when Oprah Might/Will be needed for that Next project?

–Just Everybody get on-board the Oprah train, she’ll tell you What’s Good for ya. Uh, her Choice will —do What about –Immigration?  –47 million without medical insurance?  –Hospitals going bankrupt –busted Treasury?  –Military so desperate they’re training illiterates, gang members and drug dealers –gang bangers with sharpshooter training, who Will be coming home, one day….

–The 411 on aging US infrastructure –nuclear waste storage??? –polluted oceans –melting glaciers –weather-flattened cities?

His Plan –falling rate graduates of high school –shrinking/disappearing middle class? –country full of starving, destitute people, so massive opium out of Afghanistan?  –Crack soaring throughout Mid-west –pot and Mexican drug cartel?

Hmmm…What About –hedge funds –too powerful corporations –off-shore tax havens?  Stop-Loss Plan on Social Security, Medi-Care?

He’s ready to talk to China about toxic toys –but they hold all our debt –so
–What to say to North Korea –Russia –Syria –Pat Robertson and his crowd? -Orthodox Jewish community? –Next appointment to fill a vacancy on highest court bench –should be?

Hmmm…Uh…he’ll get back to us on that….but first –he wants a check –from his new best “friend” Oprah –you –your family –your neighbors, both sides of the block –then he’s just Sure he can come up with –something uh, new….

And Maybe some:  experience?  I Don’t THINK so….

Clever? Smart?
Just in case you’re wondering: Yes, this author has met him/heard him speak –up close & personal –last fall.  A duller more boring person/ speaker:  you’d be Hard-pressed to find.  ONE well-written well-rehearsed speech:  does NOT a leader make.

She got away with it –once
IF You are thinking of Giving Up your power –doing Oprah Winfrey’s bidding: THINK about her ‘qualifications’ for Deciding.  THINK about her Choice. THINK about her Decision –to get You to Do what She wants.  THINK…about arrogance.

Fool me twice –shame on You.

Entire World: zigging and zagging –at the Whim –of a person who hasn’t got Clue One HOW to deal with war –other countries –military –farmers –drug-pushing/makers –manufacturers –auto-makers/workers –or a Thing on which Everyone Else’s life depends…?

Oh Hell
EVEN IF she had picked a Good One…who the hell is SHE to DECIDE?

Americans –You? –sheep —wonder why US invading Iraq isn’t a Good Thing now?  How Many –HAVE –Written –Protested –YELLED about Media’s FAILURES –FCC impotence –Shoving sell-brities into News –allowing single candidates on entertainment shows –unethically?  WHAT-Where did Any Imagine such would lead?

Our ‘Hero’ –Opportunist…?
He and she used a book he was flogging –to get on her show.  He ‘wasn’t’ a candidate then.  IF she does it again –before You get to vote: You better Complain –Loud, Long to FCC, your Senator, your local, national newspaper.

If You don’t:  Expect MORE media manipulation from Oprah –BUT Not Fairness –Ethics –or ALL the other candidates on her show/Our airwaves –obeying laws meant for ALL.  And You WILL be:  part of the Sheep.

You can find FCC link on the right ===>

Miz Oprah Winfrey:  YOU way Do NOT Get to Decide. You got an opinion –that’s all.  –A poorly-formed one. You have shown:  bias.  –Ignorance, Indifference for political process –devoid of fairness –ethics –judgment.

So take your money your “friends” their checks your Opinion and put them –back, where the sun don’t shine. WE in the Real world will Decide –who does and does NOT get to use OUR airwaves.

You want respect?  Try:  Giving some.  Now climb down off that tall horse you’re on. You could hurt yourself up there.

Reeling in the sheep, the media and the money  [opens same window; or hover for “snap”]

UN-qualified Oprah Winfrey Deciding, using OUR airwaves –for her purposes:  far from daVine

* * * * * *
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Note: took 4 1/2 hours to publish, on top of 2 1/2 days of trying to make this stupid thing work…maybe if I punch out the monitor it will work better…I’m close to finding out…. …day 5…


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4 responses to “Oprah Decided: You Are Too Dumb to Decide? Pt II

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  2. Very good web forum, great work and thank you for your service.
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  3. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  4. Poppy

    Maximus: Thank you for commenting. If you mean more about candidate Obama: I’m about to post on him –and each of the other candidates, my take, what I know –from long memory, on one of my other blogs. I’ll link it here.

    One part on candidate Obama: if he was white –every schlock reporter and op ed writer would be saying ‘WHAT is HE doing running’ –but because he is black everyone pretends: the emperor IS wearing clothes.’ He is not qualified to run period.

    If you mean more on Winfrey: I’m so angry at her actions, I’m actually putting off posting on her, for awhile, till I can put it in more neutral ways. In my view: she is hypocrit, racist, harmful –as materialistic and phony as they come. HER past is no record anyone should be following now. But I’m too livid to put that in a post anyone could follow/understand, lol. I appreciate your comment.

    What/which are you wanting more about?


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