Oprah Decided: You Are Too Dumb to Decide? Pt I

Miz Oprah Winfrey threw a party in Santa Barbara, CA tonight. What is that to –you –me –you’re not a US citizen –don’t like junk news –don’t know who she is –not even sure why you opened this page? Believe It: what happened in Santa Barbara is not going to remain in Santa Barbara.  Every man, woman, child, village, town, city, metropolis on the planet has an ‘oar in this pool.’

Oprah on the Air:  O –O –O –O –O
If you were still in diapers –not in the US when Oprah began trek thru the drek: she went on American television in 1986 –overweight –over-anxious –over the top –over-in-love with celebrities.  I didn’t watch much television in the 1980s and ’90s, I was extremely busy, but on the rare occasion when my 9″ portable and she were both on:  she was so bad, as in lousy, I would spring like toasted toast to turn her off.

A few years later I was surprised to see:  she was Still sucking up valuable time on Our airwaves.  Didn’t seem to matter to –Ms. Housewife –American black women that she was lousy.  SHE was their new Toy, All Hail.  Which in turn made her:  “popular” –to white males –who run TV stations, sell ad time, do syndication deals.

Oh My
Oprah Winfrey:  is not a therapist.  She isn’t a psychologist –psychiatrist –or an analyst. Somebody said -ate -bought -spent -did -drove -dated -married wrong?  –Zigged instead of zagged?  Oprah isn’t a shrink, but she plays one on TV.  Ready or Not: Everybody on the show and everybody off it gets Oprah Edicts –Decision –Pronouncement on The Right Way.

Bored With the Lord
When producers sense watchers have way Had Enough of Wrong Way Winfrey, She switches into:  Over-drive. –She flings ‘sell-ebrity’ meat.

Gotta book –TV show –CD –movie to flog?  Agent/publicist/manager calls New Best Friend –to get on the show, which is Fine with ringmaster Winfrey, she wants that good Ratings Juice –that comes with booking sell-ebrities.

OH –movie isn’t very good –lousy –stinksso bad reviewers are doing comedy bits about it?  –You’re furious that you dropped $11 Bucks each on that dog –plus parking –plus babysitter?  Makes No nevermind to Over-the-Moon Oprah, her New Best Friend is in it –she got rating points –she helped a brother –she gets to hang with the less-than stars, so it’s Okay.  Too bad on you.

“O” doesn’t stand for:  Optimum.

O –Schizophrenia –Au Contraire
She flogs “experts” to do:  How To Save –Conserve –Cut Grocery bills –Get Out of Debt shows.  Then Shows:  tech toys –couturier clothes –extravagant ‘pop tarts’ for foodies –Must Haves to wear -take -carry -use at the beach.  –More shows:  How To Decorate Small Apartment –IF you’ve saved a Year’s salary just to cover the expert decorator’s Fee.  TEN YEARS of saving average or even high salary would not cover:  Millionaire’s Wedding –shows, featuring her very-good-friends the choreographers of those spectacles. More shows making fun of couples:  who want a lavish wedding.

Favorite sport?  Playing ball –with corporations.

Preverted…Watch Her Jump
How many know: the stuff “she” “gives” away –given by the corporations that produce the stuff –just the old trade-in-kind –for advertising? Way cheaper –than buying ad spots on her show, factoring in All that free publicity. Oh well: she takes her cut –and The credit. –She flings, Sheep get flogged. Our “hero” corporate shill.

‘Philosophy’ Vomitus Ad nausea
Oprah Winfrey did a show on:  children exploited on the Internet –with two adults who put pictures of their child on the Internet –Dozens of pictures.  L’Oprah Didn’t Have a Prob:  with showing –the adults –the pictures, child dressed in provocative clothes, in sexually enticing poses –the child –up-close face shots –over and over –and more pictures.  Bet It was Fun –for the child at school the next day.  –For the pedophiles watching?  More pictures.

She showed So Many pictures and close-ups of child’s face –viewer was put in the odd position of feeling outrage and voyeuristic.  It was Nuts.  When I saw where she was going:  I hit “mute” changed the channel –going back occasionally to see where she would wind up.  –Any child advocate, DA, health care provider, parent who saw that show & tell garbage had to feel livid –at Oprah.  Oh well.  She Had a Show To Do.  If a child says “Yes” –she gottsum! –on camera, up close and personal. 

Children are not capable –of deciding such –comprehending consequences?  Oh well.  No nevermind to Miz Oprah –she Got Her Show.  I Got Desperate Need for a shower.  I Got a mission:  find a way to stop her.

A child living –in utter poverty –in the street –out of a dumpster –without enough –alone –in foster care?  –Raped Beaten Stabbed Kidnapped?  –Parents –addicts –abandoned –in prison –committed suicide –murdered?  Get Good Close-up

Say, wudda call for Arrestess on Hostess Exploitus?

Oprah ain’t G-d
–but she plays it on TV.  –Judgment arrives every afternoon –across US hair salons –nail shops –desks –supply rooms –kitchens –lunchrooms. WHO:  calls her on the Crap?  When?

Truth or Dare
“I’ve never had cosmetic work done on my face.”  Uh-huh.  Now:  pull the other one, as the Brits say.  Hey Oprah: –How did your nose get Narrower / Turned up? Magic?  How did Those deep lines around your nose-mouth go?  –The Tooth Fairy took em? 

No?  Look: at the 1986 face.  Look:  at the lie.

Tech toys –cars –gourmet goodies giveaways –the Famous Person –the “spiritual”  –the ‘Good Works’ –the exploitation –all a network in service of a goal –gather up Power?  Get –fame, more power?

Humble to Pie
Oprah Winfrey:  learned How to Read a Tele-prompter –and Ms. USA Average’s mind –wants –desires and turned that preverbal empty pot she started with –into Gold!  The more sell-ebrities –child faces –Wrong/Right –rags/riches, confessions she flung at the public:  the more money she made.  The more she Exploited people:  the more the slot machine paid off.  She be:  oh so Quick study.

–If I didn’t watch much television –how do I know
I watched Oprah Winfrey Show repeats at night, occasionally, after she made
‘announcement’ –she wasn’t going to do any more:  exploitation –scooping under the dirt shows.

Then I saw show –original thinkers, journal writers, an ex Marine ex thug who is probably the greatest philosopher in the US [sorry, his name escapes, starts with a “Z” –will see if I can find], spiritual guests as they began showing up.  Not a lousy actor in sight.  Mission:  I called a ‘truce.’

Then: I Heard a reporter actually scream…. 8:46 AM EDT –dawn, my time…I was in the Same place as the rest of the country…at the computer, at home, TV on, non-stop…for days…like everyone, beginning September 11, 2001….

When regular programming resumed:  I watched –David Letterman –actually ask to be forgiven for going back on the air –wept not, only because he worked hard at it, yet caused the watcher to weep….

I Watched –Oprah Winfrey Show –yet I refuse to be embarrassed to admit: Fully Expected to see philosopher –poet –shrink –personal safety expert…Zen…Buddhist –spiritual guests….  –Coping skills…experts, academicians, maybe ex agents –discuss –explain –Who had been doing What, that we were so hated. WHO hated us?  Middle east experts?  All:  MIA.  A fashion show ensued.

Oprah Winfrey had nothing to say.  Noth’n.  –As though Nothing had happened. Trash/irrelevant she threw up on screen.  –What was going on here?  A fashion show ensued.  I was appalled.  The spiritual –the journal writers –the philosopher: Miz Oprah, apparently, Decided her viewers weren’t smart enough to understand. All:  banished *poof* –not seen again.  A Person –talking “harder” –more work to put on –than strolling fashions???

September 11 happened.  Oprah Winfrey:  had a fashion show.  Stunned –I started monitoring that exploitation pit.  –Daily.

‘Troops’ were assembling, anger was mounting –her pubic “neutrality”/indifference appalling.  Then she dropped:  a boulder.  My war with Miz Oprah:  back to the future –switched to “On.”

Oprah Winfrey Loop-de-Loop
She books –Famous Person –to fling at the public –to get ratings.  People watch Famous Person perform—oh look he’s going up-down-up on her sofa—which catapults Famous Person and thing they’re hawking high –higher. Famous Person then professes “Love” for Oprah, cuz gosh, look at all the dough roll’n in. –Who wouldn’t love it, uh, her.

Then Famous Person and Oprah Winfrey stroll down the path –of her newest 50-million buck manse/home –in Love –with the airplane the multi-bedroom multi-car garage estate the servants the custom-made clothes the goodies —the public –Each Other –that made it all:  Possible.

One path-stroller:  a “friend” from a distinguished family, a married “friend” –married to a person in Desperate need of a Makeover, an Oprah specialty.  This particular Mess:  needed Massive Over-haul.  The “friend” used:  celebrity and Oprah. –But good.

Oprah Winfrey used her ‘skills’ and Our airtime:  to do Make-over for her “friend” –turn a nazi-loving no-experience

—continued— Pt II
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  1. I like the statement you said about teens being dumb!!!!!!!!!!

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